Chapter 3: Eggs?!

I woke up the next morning and checked my surroundings. Nope, nothing different… I took a few stretches before remembering yesterday. Dad was going to bin all my equipment! I had to do something! And I knew just what! I grabbed my bags and rucksacks and quickly stuffed as much as I could into the bags before climbing out of the window. There was a large tree outside my window so whenever I wanted to sneak out I would climb down from the tree. Also my house wasn't that far from a forest which was supposedly sacred.

I rushed towards the forest and up a tall tree with a strange symbol on it. I had found this when I was seven and originally lived here and had claimed it as mine ever since. Up this tree was a large tree house which was gleaming with life. I had decorated it to my own design to make it a bit homier, something was different. On the bean bag that I would usually sit on were two eggs? One was a vibrant blue with the same symbol as the tree on it while the other was a light violet with a music symbol on it. I carefully placed the bags down by my desk and slowly walked over to the bean bags. I knelt down and poked the purple egg. It was warm? So, does that mean it has a life inside? You know like a chick. I checked the blue one and it was the same.

I placed the eggs onto higher ground so that I wouldn't crush them whilst I unpacked everything. I placed everything in an appropriate place until I came to the end of the last bag. I felt something, it was soft and comforting. It was my special white beanie hat. I looked at it for a moment remembering all the times I was able to play my music in peace and be myself. I put it on my head. I heard a noise from behind me and turned around. It was the purple egg; it was wobbling from side to side for a few seconds before freezing. I checked it again but nothing seemed to have changed. I walked over to my second wardrobe and picked out some comfortable clothes. I had decided that today I was Rizume so I wore a red shirt with the words "Love your life" In big bold letters, a blue frilled skirt with a thick black belt, a long pink cardigan, my special white beanie and my red flats. I grabbed a little side bag just big enough to fit the eggs in with a blanket to keep them safe.

Nagihiko POV

I was walking down the forest hoping to pay respects to the spirits that swarmed here when I spotted something from the corner of my eye. It was a girl. Not just any girl, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was climbing down a tree, here purple hair with that one pink streak running down the front blowing in the breeze. I had to talk to her.

Rizume POV

I hit the bottom and turned around to see Nagihiko on the main path. He was staring at me. Oh no had he figured it out?! He began to walk over to me and I froze. I was scared. How do I react? Do I be myself or Riz? I then heard a noise in my head. Like a little voice in my head. Similar to the one the other day but different.

"Be the girl you want to be!" It whispered to me.

Nagihiko POV

Some kind of white arm band with a purple note appeared on her arm. She grinned and began to run off climbing the trees at great speed. I needed to follow her.

"Nagi! Let's do this!" Exclaimed Rhythm

I character changed with Rhythm and followed after her, climbing the trees and leaping from branch to branch. She was fast but so was I.

Rizume POV

What am I doing? This isn't the normal me? I'm not like this! Stop!

And like I asked I stopped, as if whatever possessed me was obeying. I gained control again and could move and think like normal. Thing is I picked the worst moment to stop. I was on a very thin branch that I was really supposed to jump off but I was now too scared. The branch snapped and I fell. I was so high up and scared. I closed my eyes and brought my arms and hands into my chest waiting for the end.

Nagihiko POV

She suddenly stopped. I looked closer only about a branch away and noticed that the arm band was gone. She was shivering in fear.

Suddenly the branch that was holding her snapped and she was left to fall from the extreme height we had climbed. I had to do something. I quickly transformed into Beat Jumper and jumped off the branch charging towards her.

Rizume POV

I suddenly felt a warm pair of arms grasping onto me. I opened my eyes to find a boy with a white beanie and winds on his shoes carrying me. I looked closer and realised that it was Nagihiko. But how? He had been wearing just some casual clothes not this. We safely landed and he let me down.

"Are you ok?" He said kindly to me.

"Y-Yes, I'm fine thanks…" I said in my normal voice

"Hey, Riz?"

I was scared. I didn't want to move again. I had to think and quick.

"Um Riz is my twin brother."

"Twins?" He replied giggling slightly.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing, what's your name?"


"Cute name, I'm Nagihiko"

He then held his hand out for me to shake. I held back for a moment and then gave in and shook it. He then turned back to normal with his previous clothes on. I then saw it again but closer. That little figure floating above his shoulder. It was a little person with long flowing purple hair, a white beanie and a purple body warmer. I just looked at it confirming I wasn't imagining things. Nagihiko obviously noticed where I was looking.

"You can see him?" He asked rather surprised

"Y-You see him too? I thought I was going mad!" I exclaimed

"You're not mad, you're special. This is my guardian chara Rhythm"

"Guardian chara?"

"Yea, do you have one?"

"No not that I know of"

"That makes you extra special" He beamed. It made me blush with a smile

I then remembered about the eggs.

"Oh um I don't know but do these mean anything?" I said opening the bag and reviling the eggs.

"There eggs!"

"Well duhh I know that!"

"Oh sorry *chuckle* there chara eggs, they hatch into Guardian charas. You have that ability"

"So they will turn into something like Rhythm?"

Rhythm then floated towards me and gave me a thumbs up

"Yay!" He exclaimed

"Hehe you're a cute little thing aint ya?" I said holding my fist out for a fist pump. He accepted laughing.

"She's a cool one Nagi!" He said

"Nagi?" I questioned

"Oh it's just what my friends call me" He replyed

"Ok then, Naagiii" I chanted cheerfully

"Hehe oh yea what school do you go to?"

"Seiyo elementary" I blurted out with accidently covering my mouth after

"Really? I've not seen you around"

"I'm pretty good at hiding…" I said not wanting to lie to him

"Hehe I'll find you"

"To be honest I'd rather you didn't…" I whispered to myself

I then realised the time and said my goodbyes before rushing back home.

*5 minutes later*

"Riz where is all that equipment?" Asked my father

"Oh err I realised that you were right and binned it all myself…"

"Really? Good, I'm glad you see it clearly. Keep on working at sports" He said quickly noticing that I was wearing female clothes.

I walked upstairs and placed the eggs in a small basket next to my bed. I wondered what they would look like as Guardian charas…