Hey guys. This is my very first fanfic. I've been a reader on this site for a while and decided to write a story. I'm no sure if it will be any good so please tell me. Basically this is a Clato story Of how they met and in the games and such, it will have an alternate ending just so you know... Well I'm going to shut up now.

Disclaimer: I own nothing... It all belongs to Suzanne Collins unless it is a character or idea or whatever created by me... But I wish I was Suzanne Collins!


Clove P.O.V.

For the past year I had been so excited for today. I am now 8 years old and old enough to begin training at District 2's Athletic Academy. Here in District 2 you can choose to go to the academy to train to either volunteer or become a peacekeeper. If you didn't volunteer at the age of 18 you would become a peacekeeper. I was going to volunteer when I was 18, I just knew it. I still had 10 years to train and I would make it. And I would make sure nothing would stop me.

After I got checked in I said goodbye to my mom and my 3 year old sister Chloe. Since this was a boarding school I would only get to see them at winter and spring break. Once they left I went around looking for my room, room 207. Finally I found it. I wondered who my roommate would be, most likely another 8 year old. As soon as I walked in I saw a girl, brown her like mine but her eyes were brown instead of my hazel.

"Hi, I'm Kelly Irving. I'm guessing we're roommates"

"I guess so. I'm Clove Kinsey by the way."

"I was waiting for you to show up, do you want the top or bottom bunk?"

"I don't care honestly, which ever you don't."

"I guess I'll take the top."

"Cool." I secretly was overjoyed. I was hoping she'd take the top. I wasn't about to admit on my first day I was scared of heights. But only if they were less than 15 feet up. I could live with 100 feet, just not 10.

"Dinner is in like 5 minutes, you want to go down together?"

"Ya, sure."

"Do you know anyone here yet?"

"No not yet, do you?"

"Just one person, Cato Harter, he is a really close family friend, I've known him since we were babies. He is 8 too."

"That's cool."

After about a 2 minute walk we made it to the cafeteria. Immediately after we got our food and sat down Kelly called over a boy with blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

"Hey Kelly," he said.

"Hey Cato. Cato this is my roommate Clove, Clove this is Cato.

"Hi Cato."

"Hey Clove."

"Does anybody know what kind of food this is?" Kelly asked.

"Ummm it looks like some sort of meat, I'm not quite sure what, but it tastes good." Kelly and I both laughed at Cato's response.

"If you're so sure, Cato."

"Of course I'm sure Kelly. When am into sure?"

"Good point." Already I was having a real good time at the academy, I was sure I would love it there.

After finishing our food, Kelly and I went up to our room to rest. We did start training tomorrow.

The next day we started training. Luckily, since the classes were alphabetical, A-D E-G H-K L-N O-R S-U V-Z, (Harter, Irving, and Kinsey) Kelly, Cato, and I were all in the same class. The three of us were the first there so i took the time to look around the gym. it had a track surrounding it and a bunch of dummies, targets, and weapons lied all around. By the sword station there was a tall man with a dark tan, large muscles and dark hair who I guessed was our trainer. All the classes were taught by previous trainees (If you didn't volunteer and were very good at weaponry and survival). Our trainer was a man named Bronx with a booming voice. He seemed to be strict but helpful. He worked with us each individually to see which weapon we had a knack for for about 5 minutes each. In those 5 minutes you tried out bow and arrow, spears, swords, and knives. Bronx evaluated you and then you would find out your main weapon after lunch so you could work with the trainer that specialized in that weapon for all ages. Since we went alphabetical, Cato went first. He seemed ok at everything but there was something with him and the swords that stood out, there was no doubt they would become his weapon of choice. A few people later was Kelly. She couldn't really seem to adjust to anything but manages to hit the target 3/5 times with a bow and arrow. Finally a couple more people later was me. The spears were to big for me (I was only 8 and very small), and the swords to heavy. The bow and arrow I could somewhat manage but I excelled with the knives. Hitting the target every time and narrowly missing the bullseye one time I did the best in our class. After everyone in the class went it was time for lunch. Today we were getting served sandwiches, which they said we'd get every day for lunch so we stayed healthy. Once we got our lunch and sat down we immediately started talking about our day so far.

"That went by really fast," I stated.

"It did, I wonder what weapon ill get."

"I'm sure you'll get bow and arrow, you did great with it."

"Ya Kelly, you did. Way better than me. I could only use the knives everything else was too big."

"Thanks guys. Clove you still did really good with the knives. And Cato you did awesome with the sword."

Right as Cato was about to reply Bronx called us back into the gym.

"Ok boys and girls now I am going to announce everyone's main weapons." I didn't really listen to any other names except Cato, Kelly, and my names. Cato got swords, Kelly bow and arrow, and I got knives, just like we guessed.

"Now we are going to start actually training. For these first 3 years you will only be learning your main weapon. Then you will be spending the afternoons of the next 6 years learning new weapons, 2 years for each. Your final year will be devoted to your weapon of choice. We only train weapons Monday-Friday but on Saturdays you will work on things such as running, swimming, agility, weights, etc. Sunday mornings you will work on survival skills. You have Sunday afternoons off. Each year you will have a new head trainer. There are also trainers that specialize in a certain weapon that work with all classes in your age division. The training center is open 24/7 but required training is from 7am to noon and 12:30 to 5:30. Any questions? No. Good. You may begin training." And so I did. It turns out I had an unknown talent for throwing knives. It somehow just came naturally. I even hit the bullseye a few times during that first day. It was nice throwing knife after knife and I was sad when it was time for dinner. Cato, Kelly and I ate together again, laughing the whole time. Soon it was time for bed and by then I was exhausted. It had been a great day and I was excited to spend the next 10 years.

Let me know if you like it! I hope it's good... I had no idea what so was doing as I wrote it but I took a chance. ~ClatoIsReal