Gun Gale Online: Cerberus


First off for those of you who have read my other SAO fanfictions such as "Demon Lord Kirito" and "Kirito: The Black Knight", I apologize since I have abandoned them.

I have decided to take a different in writing my SAO fanfictions now, since whenever I use Kirito as the main character I don't deviate from the original storyline much and that in my opinion is worthless and will make fanfiction readers disappointed.

So to force myself to think more creatively I have decided to replace the original Death Game of Sword Art Online with Gun Gale Online!This I will be forced into being more creative or die trying (not that severe). Personally I think that's ingenious.

If you don't know what Gun Gale Online is, it is the VMMORPG that appears in volume 5 and 6.

Anyways since GGO (Gun Gale Online) will be the death game I will change some features of the original game.

Anyways for this fanfiction I'm going to try to put more effort into making the characters feeling and the darker nature of the situation, while keeping some humor in it, of course it would at the expense of Kirito.

Anyway I have to thank ToumaFF and his SAO fanfic "Prince of Swords" that motivated me to write SAO fanfics again.

Anyways I will apologize ahead if my new fanfic has any similarities to his. Some of those similarities might be coincidences and may have already appeared in my past fanfictions.



Game Terms-«Photon Blade: Hades»

System Announcement- -congratulations-

Passive Skills: Divinity

Disclaimer: I do not own Sword Art Online, wished I did though.

Chapter 1: Master of Cerberus

It was dark and gloomy. The surrounding of the dirt road consisted of nothing but ashen trees with a few occasional boulders near them. The animals were monstrous looking mutations of what was normally seen in a forest trail. Even the greenery was grey and unhealthy looking.

The sky was filled with dark grey clouds covering the night sky, or was it daytime?

The player who walked the road shook his head, no one could really tell unless they had the clock from the menu tell the. There were some small differences in lightings and the movement of animals, but that was far too small for most to notice.

Well for most, for the beta players it was much more obvious as they had already experienced.

The player that walked through the road was clad in a black long coat that was opened. He had a silver belt that held several magazines for his semi-automatic gun, the «FN Five-Seven», that was placed on his left side for his left hand to use.

On the other side was a sliver tube like object that was three centimeters in diameters and twenty-five centimeters in length. On each end there a metallic ring that increased the diameter and on one side that was facing down there was a black as if to discharge something. This was «Kagemitsu G2», it was essentially a weakened version of the «Kagemitsu G4».

He had black pants, fingerless gloves, and boots all with some defensive properties that fitted his character level. There was a gauntlet like armor on his left arm and a metal breastplate on him.

His face was quite feminine and it was only increased by his chin length hair and bangs that reached into middle of his eyes. And although you couldn't tell by the black visor that he had on he had onyx black eyes.

The player's name was «Kirito», currently one of the strongest player if not the strongest of «Gun Gale Online» or GGO for short.

Three weeks ago, when fifteen thousand players logged on, they were trapped unable to log out.

Kayaba Akihiko trapped them into this game.

Only if they had «Key» could the trapped players escape. No one knew where it was but they had to find it in this post apocalyptic world. The world was created after World War V destroyed the earth as we know it with nuclear weapons.

Everything was in ruins and the only humans surviving were in Starting City». Located in the center of the giant continent the players had to start from there to expand and explore.

Monsters littered the «dungeons» or rather the mutated beast that used to be animals, some had even gained «Intelligence» comparable to humans. In other words «Bosses» with more complicate AIs that players have to defeat.

So far no one had moved any further than ten kilometers from «Starting City». The reason was because of the «Territory Bosses» that were placed in each region to guard it and unless they were defeated players were unable to pass them.

The world was made of many regions some small others larger, generally the larger the region the stronger the territory boss was. So far no one was able to even defeat one, it led to a stasis on the advancement of the players. The region where Starting City didn't count as it was the only boss free region, well as far as anyone knew.

Kirito was planning to break that stasis, alone.

If you asked other players about Kirito's action, they would call him foolish and suicidal. However Kirito was also known as the «Strongest Fool» for a reason.

The reason was because of his choice of weapon, the Kagemitsu G2.

It was a sword.

This was a game of guns.

Guns always were superior to swords.

Unless you were Kirito

He was the man who had used the Kagemitsu G2, otherwise known as a «Photon Sword» and the only fictional world where the weapons were based on the real world equivalent of them, to slice bullets for kendo practice during the Beta-testing!

And he succeeded too!

The other reason was because the photon swords were known as the strongest weapon however they were incredibly dangerous to use as they had the shortest range when it was much safer to use guns.

Normally Kirito wouldn't go after it either but since the start of the official release extra features were installed to increase the chance of survival. They were known as «Passive Skills».

Such abilities weren't affected by «Levels» rather they «Ability Points» were given in proportion to the amount of experience gain.

There was no set limits on the amount of passive skills a player could have, but having too much skills would result in inefficient abilities in the higher levels.

So far Kirito had invested in four skills:

Night Vision: 59

Searching: 99

Tracking: 49

Hiding: 60

The skills were incredibly boring to master, and they could only be fully master at 1000. Normally a player wouldn't have four already, but instead have one or two and rely on a partner or team to have the other essential skills.

But for a «Solo Player» like Kirito it was must. Besides thanks to his fighting style he easily took down monsters down with his photon sword and was probably the highest level players there was.

Besides the Passive Skills there were other skills known as «Crafting», those skills were used to make or modify technology. For example a «Semi-Automatic Gun Crafter» could make semi-automatic guns of higher qualities than normal monster drops and make specialized bullets with special effects for those types of gun. However only a few took Crafting as the formulas they needed to know were extremely hard and not to mention many other factors that must also calculated.

Stats were also an essential for players, the stats consisted of:

AGI (Agility) - determines movement speed of a character

VIT (Vitality) - determines health of a character

DEX (Dexterity) - determines accuracy of a player and ability to hit targets

STR (Strength) - determines the carrying capacity and ability to wield certain guns

DEF (Defender) - determines the ability to defend against an ambush attack

Well the Vit stat didn't exist anymore, as the health was now connected to a player's level. Kirito suspected that it was also again to increase the probability of survival as before many players neglected the Vit stat and died.

In fact it was very easy to die during the Beta-testing, but Kirito noticed that it was harder now.

Kirito had thanked the design because now he had more stat points to focus on increasing the other stats.

AGI: 65%

DEX: 0%

STR: 25%

DEF: 10%

Kirito had chosen such a distribution was mostly due to his fighting style. He needed speed to be quick and move when he used his primary weapon the photon sword.

The strength was not only to increase the power of the photon sword's attack but also allow him to equip and use his secondary weapon, his handgun and currently his FN Five-Seven, effectively.

The DEF was used to alert and protect him long enough to either run away or strike back. Kirito was quite confident at his natural abilities through years of kendo to protect him at such times.

DEX: Wasn't increased because Kirito was a close range fighter, not to mention his aim was already good. He mainly used his handgun to attack the weak points of the monster or to distract at a distance he would never miss unless something happened.




Kirito came to stop as he stood in front of a large black gate five meters tall and two point five meter wide. It had intricate engraving with one single large skull in the center.

This was one of the «Gates» leading to the territorial boss. Each and every territorial boss were located behind such gates, at least most of them that were defeated during the Beta-testing.

Kirito braced himself as he pushed open the gate alone thinking of how he had gotten into this mess in the first place.

-Flash Back-

Kirito, or rather Kirigaya Kazuto his real name, held back a yawn as he watched the headmaster of his school finish the graduation speech for the senior on how proud he was of them, how he wished them luck, and blah blah blah.

Kazuto was one of the seniors graduating that year. It was quite an unusual age to graduate as a senior, but Kazuto was a known prodigy that could accomplish anything he set his mind to.

But because of this, he also incited the jealousy and envy some of his fellow school mates that were several years his age. But Kazuto didn't care, and the jealous students were too afraid to actual do anything since that incident.

One of the more jealous student grouped together and tried to attack Kazuto on his way home, knowing that they couldn't outright do it as he was a favorite of almost all the teachers.

They just forgot one little important fact.

He was also kendo user and one of the top eight kendo nationalist.

He always carried his shinai (the wooden sword that kendo users used) with him.

They were beaten…badly.

And even then they tried having the school expel him, they weren't successful due to being the teacher's favorite. And none of them would believe that at the time thirteen year old could defeat three other students several years his age. And even then if it was true, the teacher would turn a blind because Kazuto's presence in the school brought them great prestige.

Ever since then, none of the jealous students tried anything. But that didn't mean Kazuto wasn't popular, in fact he was rather popular with his frail looking body stature despite all the lean muscle he had, girl like face and polite personality, especially among the girls.

But he was never really close to any of them, despite what the students wanted to say, he could never really bring himself to get close to any of them.

"I'm back." Kazuto said as he opened the gate to his traditional Japanese home.

"Welcome back Kazuto." His mother, Kirigaya Midori, said from the kitchen. Well even though she was his mother, she really was his aunt. His real parents died when he was a younger and Midori the sister of his father adopted him.

And his foster father was overseas working so he rarely saw him.

"Where's Oji-san?" Kazuto asked after he placed his school materials into his room.

"Ah, he's out with some friends." His mother said as she continued to work in the kitchen. "Even though he's not here you shouldn't be lazy and not do your kendo practice even though you're the national champion."

Kazuto said "Of course" as he went to small dojo in the family's property to practice. His grandfather was a famous kendoist, and had wanted his son to continue. Unfortunately Kazuto's father quitted kendo once he left high school.

As a result the grandfather pushed all his hopes and dreams on Kazuto. And Kazuto was spectacular at it just like everything else he actually tried to do. Although he didn't particularly like it or hate it, he preferred computers to kendo any day.

Kazuto stood in the middle of the dojo in his blacken gray dougi and black hakama, he had two shinai one in each hand. The one in his right hand was slightly longer than the usual one and the one in his left was half the usual size.

Kazuto's right shoulder was facing the front with his left shoulder almost directly behind it. The right shinai was held in front while the left was also held out behind the left shoulder with his feet crouched a bit.

This was Kazuto's standard starting position for his two-sword style, an incredibly rare style that few used, mostly because of the difficulty and impracticability of using it in a real match.

Unlike most kendo starting positions which had the user use two hands to hold the shinai with the front facing the opponent, for a two-sword style user it was not the same.

Kazuto started to do his katas, at first slowly but as time past he gradually began to move faster until his movements was a blur to regular people and amateurs.

This was his daily practice, usually his grandfather would spar with and with Kirito losing…yeah Kazuto's grandfather is a monster even at that age.

Hell he only used one shinai compared to Kazuto's two shinai, although Kazuto was able to last longer every time they sparred now.

After thirty minutes of nonstop action, Kazuto had a thin film of sweat on him. Fifteen minutes later Kazuto decided to stop and take a break.

He took a small hand towel from a rack in the dojo and wiped the sweat from his face and neck. After that he took a water bottle from another rack nearby, opened the top, and drank greedily from it.

Those racks were placed here by Kazuto for himself and his little sister to use during their practices.

Having down the last of the water, Kazuto threw it away as he began put away his kendo practice gear.


The sound of the sliding door could be heard as a Kirigaya Suguha, Kazuto's little sister but who was in reality his cousin, opened the door already dressed in her white dougi and black hakama.

"Ah, Onii-chan!?" She called out in surprise.

Suguha was a girl of thirteen years and with a athletes body with lean muscles due her kendo training like Kazuto. She had black, chin length hime style hair that complimented her cute boyish looking face.

"Have you come here to practice too Sugu?" Kazuto asked his younger sister with smile.

"Of course, my goal is to be able to defeat you after all!" Sugu replied energetically.

Ever since Suguha and Kazuto have started kendo together, she had always wanted to defeat her brother, as far as she knew, since he was always better than her. However unlike Kazuto she loved kendo with a passion.

It was because of this that Kazuto didn't quit and as he didn't want to insult her by saying that he was better at her in kendo even though he was impartial to it. To this day he was waiting for Suguha to surpass him.

"Don't practice too long or it'll be bad for body okay?" Kazuto said as he patted Suguha on the head.

Suguha made a pouting face as she balled her fist Kazuto in a threatening manner. "Geez Onii-chan I'm not a little kid anymore!"

Kazuto just chuckled as he walked out of the dojo intending to take a bath to wash off all the sweat before he did anything else.

-Three Days Later-

Kazuto was smiling from the giddiness waiting for the clock to strike one o'clock. 'Today is the day!' Kazuto thought.

What day is it?

It was the official opening day for Gun Gale Online, where guns ruled the world, well mostly that is.

Kazuto normally wasn't the type of person to play a gun game but this was the first VRMMO to ever exist, so no matter what type of game it was he would play it.

But of course he found a way to use a sword in a world full of guns. At first it was just basic thought during the time he Beta-tested it but soon it became his fighting style. It was during the Beta-test that Kazuto decided to use the photon sword as his primary weapon.

Kazuto honestly loved his style, using his sword in his right hand and a handgun in his left to fight against gun users, it was unique and fun.

But that wasn't all due to his «experience» in slicing bullets in the game his perception had increased drastically to the point that the world seemed to slow down when he was in combat mode. Kazuto credited his win in the national tournament to spending the Beta-test slicing bullets in half.

Oh did I mention that he loved the looks on the «PKers», or player killers, face when he slices through them with his sword. Nothing could describe their faces.



The alarm sounded as the designated time arrived. Kazuto shut the alarm off before placing the «Nerve Gear», the console that makes virtual reality to life, onto his head before lying on his bed.

"Link Start." He said as his sense of reality was warped before settling a floating sensation in black space.


A holographic screen appeared in front of him asking him to input the basic details for character creation.

Having already done this once before, Kazuto breezed through the process and soon he found himself appearing in the center of «Starting City» along with many other players.

Kazuto became Kirito the future swordsman among the many future gunmen.

He ignored the signs leading towards the tutorial as he walked straight towards the beginner's weapon shop where beginning player would receive their first primary weapon.

"Hey wait up!" Kirito stopped and turned around to see a heavily customized red-haired avatar coming towards him. He had a macho soldier like look with an extremely short spiky hair. In other words he looked like a hero from a soldier anime.

"You're a Beta-tester right?" The man asked to which Kirito nodded. "Lucky!"

Then he suddenly did a bow "My name is Klein, please teach me a few things!" Kirito did an inward gape at how shameless he acted before putting a wry smile.

"Sure, why not? My name is Kirito" Kirito said as he led Klein into the store.

"Wow…" uttered Klein as he gazed into gun filled racks of the store. Kirito who watched him from the side also smiled, remembering his and many other's first reaction.

"Klein, all of these guns are taken from real life, but that doesn't mean you can just equip any of them, each gun has specific requirements that need certain stats to equip. So you can equip ANY gun as long as your stats meet the requirement." Kirito explained to his friend.

"Wow…" Klein uttered again as he moved closer to inspect each rack of weapons. While Klein was looking through the guns Kirito went to the salesclerk, a scantily clad woman, to receive his primary weapon the Kagemitsu G2.

The Kagemitsu only had half the attack of the original Kagemitsu G4, but it was still pretty powerful as the Kagemitsu G4 was the strongest weapon in the game, well currently that is. Kirito didn't know if there was any newer undiscovered weapon that could triumph the attack power of photon swords but if there were any they were going to be very few of them.

In fact many of free weapons here were downgraded version of their more powerful and rarer counter parts.

"Hey, Kirito! Help me what should I choose!? I don't know what's good or not!?" Klein who had gotten out of his daze pleaded Kirito. In truth Kirito didn't know much about the gun until he actually started to play it during Beta-testing. He had spent hours researching about them and he had a sinking feeling that the players were going to become gun experts whether they want to or not.

"Well, if you were to ask me…" Kirito started to say as he looked around the shop before he finally settled his eyes on a gun. "It would be that one."

"The «Uzi One-Fourth», think of it as a downgraded version of the original Uzi, despite only having less ammo per magazine and reduced damage it is still the best gun in the store for close to mid range combat. Well the best you can get here at least, but despite that you can probably keep use it better than most guns until you get to level ten."

Klein taking Kirito's advice bought the gun. After that Kirito brought Klein to specialized store and told him about secondary weapons. Which were usually handguns.

Klein bought one with 500 «credits» out of his 1000 that all beginners got. «credits» the currency of GGO.

Kirito however didn't claiming that he wanted to save it up before buying his secondary weapon as it was quite costly.

"YAHHH!" Klein's voice rang out as he unloaded his magazine of it bullets into the «Mutated Boar» causing its «death» and making it shatter into millions of polygons. The «Mutated Boar» was the «Slime» equivalent to other MMORPGs. But they also served another purpose, to get players to familiarize themselves to fighting moving monsters that roam the VRMMO.

"Klein, you know that in here monsters would be alerted of your presence if you start to shout at them before you even attack them right?" Kirito asked.

Klein had a confused look on his face not getting it, "What do you mean?"

Kirito sighed, "In this game, they try to blend the lines between VR and reality as much as possible, so monsters are often able to hear out sounds when we approach ensuring that they don't get caught off guard, making them harder prey. Not to mention other monster might here you and start to mob you together. We're just lucky that the «Mutated Boar» will only retaliate when attacked."

"Oops I guess…" Klein said as he rubbed his head sheepishly.

"Hey, Kirito?"


"What's you weapon? I mean you helped me get my gun and I also saw you getting something but I don't see it." Klein said as he observed at Kirito.\

Kirito smirked as he grabbed his photon sword that was currently off. "Watch." That was all he said before he started to run at high speeds, well as fast as his AGI stat let him, before turning the sword on. It let out a dangerous sound as Kirito slash through one of the «Mutated Boar».

But Kirito didn't stop there he kept running and similarly kept cutting through the other monsters decimating the barren land of its monster.

-Congratulations you reached level 2-

The system announcement on the rectangular window said as it appeared in front of Kirito with also other information.

Kirito smiled as he distributed the stats before looking at Klein who had an amazed look on his face.

"WOW! Why didn't you tell me to buy a light saber like you!? I mean look how you took down all those monster with what would have taken me ten bullets!"

"The reason was because you would not have been able to use." Kirito said

Klein had a confused look on his face, "What do you mean? I just saw you take down all those monsters easily though!"

"Klein most players would have been made into Swiss cheese if they tried to use a photon sword against a gun user, and in this world where «PvP» is common."

"Klein looked even more confused now, "But then why do you use it?"

Kirito had a smug smirk on his lips as he started walk about one meter away from Klein. "Klein shoot me."


"Just do it." Kirito commanded, Klein looked hesitant at first before he decided to aim his Uzi at Kirito.





It was at that moment that Kirito's hand flashed. Klein could only stare as three streaks of light cut three of his bullets apart while he ignored two of the bullets that just flew past him harmlessly.

"W-what!? How! But! ARghhh! How did you do that!?" Klein asked gaping now.

"You know what the «Trajectory Perception» is?"

"Yeah of course, it lets you see the «Ballistic Prediction Line» or the Bullet Line that ammo follows allowing most people to have a better chance to dodge it."

"Correct that is of course if you could see the enemy before he started to shoot at you, but sometimes players can sneak up behind you and the bullet line wouldn't appear until the player shoots his first bullet."

Klein nodded taking the information in.

"But I don't use the bullet line like that, in fact I predict the bullet line before it appears and then cut where the bullet line to slice the bullets."

Klein who heard those words could gape before he regain some semblance of speech back, "P-p-pre-predict the b–b-bullet line?"

"Correct, well that was what I do at first, and I still do, but now I can actually see the bullet but their mostly blurs to me."

"See the bullet!?" Klein shouted incrediously.

Suddenly he got on his knees as he crawled towards Kirito and started to grovel at his knees. "Teach me oh Kirito-sama!"

"I can't!"

"What! Why!?"

"During the Beta-test I tried to teach the people but none of them could, so I guess it's is an «outside system skill» that only can use."

"Outside system skill?"

"Yeah, it's called OSS for short, basically they are skills and abilities we players learn that aren't programmed into the game."

Klein who heard this stood up with a depressed look before he started cry, "*sniff* *sniff* and here I wanted to impress the girls with that ability…" he mutter to which Kirito could only sweat drop at.

After that they continued to hunt monsters for a couple hours, with Klein gaining single level and Kirito becoming a level three.

Klein's delicate eyes looked at the bottom right of his vision. He must have been checking the time.

" Hey Kirito...well, I should log off and eat. I ordered some pizza for 5:30."

"Ah okay" Kirito said.

Klein was about to opened his menu but suddenly he thought of something.

"Hey, Kirito I promised to meet some mates at the «Starting City» in a bit. I could introduce you to some of them and you could register them as friends. That way you could always send messages. How about it?"

"Errr... Hmmm..." Kirito mumbled subconsciously.

Kirito knotted his eyebrows thinking. He honestly liked Klein but he might not get along with his friends, and if that happened he would have a fall out with Klein.

"Should I...?"

Seeming to understand the reason behind Kirito's plight, Klein shook his head.

"Ah, I don't mean to force you. There'll be a chance to introduce them sometime anyway."

"...Yeah. Sorry, and thanks."

As soon as Kirito thanked him, Klein shook his head vigorously.

"Hey, hey! I should be the one thanking you. I got a lot of help from you. I'll pay you back sometime soon. Mentally."

Klein smiled and took another look at the clock.

"...Well, I'll log off for a bit. Thanks a lot, Kirito. Be seein' ya."

With that, he put his hand forward. At that moment, I thought this person would have been a great leader in «another game» and shook his hand.

"Yeah, see you around."

They each let go of the other's hand.

Klein stepped back a bit, put his right index finger and thumb together, and pulled downwards. This was the action that opened the «main menu window». Immediately afterwards, there was a ringing sound and a shining purple rectangle appeared.

Kirito moved to sit on a rock, and opened his menu too. He was planning to organize the items he had gotten from killing the boars.


"Eh?" Klein said in a strange tone. "What's this...? There's no log out button."

Kirito stopped moving my fingers and raised my head at that.

"No button...? No way, look a bit closer," He said, a bit confused.

The swordsman opened his eyes wide beneath the bandana and pushed his face closer to the menu.

The rectangle, wider than it was high, had a bunch of buttons to the left and a silhouette showing what equipment you had on to the right. At the bottom of the menu, there was a «LOG OUT» button that allowed you to escape from this world.

"It's really not there. You take a look Kirito."

"There's told you that there's no way that it's not there..." Kirito muttered with a sigh as he searched his own menu window for it.

Kirito's body froze and his eyes widen in slight dear.

It wasn't here.

As Klein had said, the button that had been there during the beta test had disappeared.

He was brought out of his stupor at Klein's voice.

"...Not there, right?"

"Yeah, it's not there."

Kirito nodded, although it felt slightly annoying to agree so easily. Klein smiled and started rubbing his thick chin.

"Well, it's the first day so these sort of bugs could occur. Around about now, the GMs should be crying by now from the number of messages flooding in," Klein said calmly.

"Is it all right for you to stand around like that? You said that you ordered some pizza, didn't you?" Kirito asked teasingly despite the seriousness of the situation

"Ah, that's right!"

Kirito smiled as he threw away a couple of items he didn't need from his inventory, which had turned red from having too many items, and then walked over to Klein.

Argh! My anchovy pizza and ginger ale...!"

Kirito had to chuckle at Klein's reaction, it was quiet comical, really.

"Why don't you call a GM? They might cut you off from their side."

"I tried, but there's no response. It's already 5:25! Hey, Kirito! Isn't there some other way to log out?"

After listening to what Klein, who was waving both arms, said...

Kirito's face and body went stiff as he once again realized the seriousness of the situation.

"Let's see... to log out..." Kirito.

'To get out of this virtual reality and back to my room, I have to: open the main menu, press the 'Log Out' button, and press 'Yes' on the window that popped up on the right. It was pretty simple. But... at the same time, apart from that procedure, I wasn't aware of any other way of logging off.'

Kirito looked up at Klein's face, situated quite a bit higher than his own, and shook his head.

"No... there's none. If you want to log yourself off, you have to use the menu. Apart from that, there's no other way."

"That's impossible... there's got to be something!"

Klein suddenly started shouting as if he was denying my statement.

"Return! Log out! Escape!"

But of course nothing happened. There were no voice commands in GGO of that description.

After Klein shouted this and that and even jumped around, Kirito spoke to him.

"Klein, it's useless. Even the manual doesn't have anything on emergency access terminations."

"But... this is just stupid! Even if it's a bug, I can't even go back to my room and my body when I want to!" Klein shouted with a bewildered expression on his face.

Although Kirito didn't say anything he whole heartedly agreed with Klein.

"Hey... what is this? It's just really weird. Right now, we can't get out of this game!"

Klein gave a desperate laugh then quickly started talking again.

"Wait, we can just turn the power off. Or just pull the «Gear» off."

Klein began to move his hands as if he was trying to take off some invisible hat. Kirito who was watching began to feel his anxiety rise even higher.

"That's impossible, both of them. Right now, we can't move our bodies... our real bodies. The Nerve Gear intercepts all the signals that our brain is sending here," Kirito tapped the back of his head, "and reroutes them to move our avatars here."

Klein slowly closed his mouth and put his hands down.

They both stood speechless for a while, each lost in thought.

To reach the FullDive state, the Nerve Gear intercepts the signals that the brain sends down their spines and translates them so that they can control their avatars in this world. However as a result they can't move their body in the real world.

As another side effect of this function, no user of the Nerve Gear can't cancel the FullDive of our own free will right now.

"...So unless the bug is fixed or somebody in the real world takes the Gear off, we have to wait it out?" Klein mumbled, still a little dazed.

Kirito had no need to confirm nor deny the statement as both of them knew it was true.

"But I live by myself. You?"

Kirito hesitated slightly but decided to him the truth. He like Klein despite just meeting him today.

"...I live with my mom and my younger sister, a family of three. I think that I'll be forced out of the Dive if I don't come down for dinner..."

"What? H-How old is your sister?"

Klein suddenly looked at Kirito, his eyes sparkling. Kirito pushed him away as fast as possible.

"You're pretty calm right now, aren't you? She's in a sports club and hates games, so she's got nothing in common with people like us... but more than that," Kirito spread his right arm in an attempt to change the subject. "Don't you think it's weird?"

"Well sure. Since it's a bug."

"No, I mean it's not just a bug, it's a «can't log out» bug. It's a big enough problem to bother the operation of the game itself. Like your pizza in the real world is getting colder every second, it's an actual economical loss, isn't it?"

"...A cold pizza... That's as meaningless as hard natto!"

Kirito ignored these meaningless comments and kept talking despite how much he wanted to clobber Klein at the moment.

"If it's like this, the operators should take the server down and log everyone out, whatever the cause. But... it's been 15 minutes since we first noticed this and there hasn't even been a system message, let alone taking the server down. It's just too weird."

"Hmm, now that I think of it, you're right."

Klein started rubbing his chin with a serious expression on his face. In the area beneath the bandana, which covered a little bit of his sharp nose, intelligence sparkled in his eyes.

"...The company which created GGO, «Argus», is a company that's famous for being considerate of its users, isn't it? That's why everyone was fighting to get their hands on a copy even though it's the first online game. It's sorta meaningless if they screw up like this on their first day."

"I agree. And GGO is the first VRMMORPG. If something goes wrong now, they might pass regulations for the whole genre."

Klein and Kirito looked at each other's virtual faces and sighed.

It was just past 5:30 when it happened.

When Kirito's world changed forever.

-Flashback End-

'That day Klein and I went our separately ways. He went to his friend to protect and help prepare them with the information I provided him with. I abandoned everyone else and took the path of a Solo. Well it wasn't like I could help, my fundamentally is unique only to me after all.' Kirito thought trying to convince himself that abandoning the other players was the right decision, trying to lessen the guilt.

It didn't work.


Kirito pushed opened the giant doors of the gate as he walked into a large circular room about twenty-five meters in diameters and about seven meters high.

The large room was deathly purple poison like color that decorated the room, with the large cylinder columns situated around the walls with red fire lighting the room up in their skull like torch holders.

Oh! Did I mention skeletons littered the floor?

A large roar shook the whole room and sent chills down Kirito's spine.

'Maybe this wasn't such a great idea…' Kirito thought to himself, as he started to regret his decision.

A large dog of about two meters long and one meter tall and wide leapt from its resting into Kirito's face.

It had three heads.

It had a snake for a tail.

The territory boss' name was «The Cerberus».

"Maybe the pressure was getting to me…" Kirito muttered to himself as he charged at hell's guardian.

The Cerberus roared as he felt the "pain" of the Kagemitsu G2, he brought his right claw up as he brought down at Kirito.

Kirito who had just slashed the boss' left head jumped back and nimbly avoided the clawed paw that would probably take a third of his health.

The three headed didn't wait for Kirito to attack him as he charged at Kirito intent on mauling him.

In response Kirito aimed his FN Five-seven at the dogs face and fired three bullets. One of them pierced the eye of Cerberus' middle head.

The dog reared back in pain. Despite that only one of the head was injured it still hand part control of body and Kirito exploited it to his advantage.

With a small battle cry Kirito charged at the boss once more and unleashed a one-sword technique from kendo.

The Cerberus that was under Kirito's assault retreated a few step before it used its left clawed paw to attack Kirito once more.

Instead of dodging Kirito used his photon sword to block the attack, but he had forgotten about the Cerberus's snake headed tail, which had its mouth opened as it tried to strike at GGO only swordsman.

Kirito luckily jumped quick enough to dodge, however the Cerberus' other paw came closing in to attack him.

Unfortunately for Kirito who was midair he could only bring his photon sword up to block the attack but he was still flung back from the force of the attack.

Kirito was flung into the wall, but as he came falling down he flipped in the air and landed on his feet.

"Damn it" He said as he saw that his health was down by 21%, the Cerberus's was down to 15%, but that was only one of his four health bars.

Kirito positioned himself into the starting position of his two-sword kendo stance.

"Here we go." He muttered as he suddenly moved his left shoulder to face the Cerberus and fire the rest of the bullet in his FN Five-Seven's magazine using his split second aiming skills.


-With Diabel-

Diabel sucked his breath, as he and his group of players reached a black gate leading to one of the territory bosses.

He had hidden his status as a beta player and successfully brought the top players of GGO to band together and fight a territory boss.

Beta players weren't well liked because some of them had abandoned the other players and thought only of themselves. Unfortunately the new players had grouped all the beta players into the same group.

"-Let's go!" He shouted with his light blue hair moving due to the gentle wind opening the large door generated.

All forty-one players charged with vigor into the circular room…

Only to stare at the Cerberus that was leaping towards them…no it was at the foolish player that wielded a photon sword.

The foolish player with the black visor covering his eyes leapt at the Cerberus.

The players watched the battle with awe as the black swordsman sliced the boss while he avoided the claw in mid air!

The player clad in black had landed on top of the platform where the stairs on the opposite side of the room led to.

They all heard the Cerberus growl threateningly as it landed and changed its direction to face the single player ignoring the forty-two players behind him.

They all watched in anticipation.

Suddenly the Cerberus collapsed onto the ground as if bowing to the lord of the dead, Hades his master, before shattering into a million pieces of polygon.

They stared in shock as they just witnessed a single player defeat a territory boss, accomplishing one by himself what a large group of players couldn't.

The players whose eyes were glued onto Cerberus before moved them to look at that lone player.

That lone player swung the photon sword in a practiced motion before turning it off and lacing both his handgun and sword back onto his belt.

He turned and then pushed opened the door on the platform opening the way to a new land.

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