Gun Gale Online: Cerberus

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Game Terms-«Photon Blade: Hades»

System Announcement- -congratulations-

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Passive Skills: Divinity

Chapter 2:Enter Asuna the White Devil

It has been nearly two weeks since the news of a single player slaying the territory boss, «The Cerberus». They didn't know who did it just that he wielded a handgun in his left hand and a photon sword in his right.

Actually they didn't even know the gender of the player; some people claim it was boy, while others claim it was girl.

It was quite lucky for Kirito that his name or identity wasn't discovered. Or he might've been followed/stalked daily since his new status as «GGO Strongest' Player».

He had also gained the moniker «Hades», the reason was quite simple; when he had defeated the Cerberus it looked as if the Cerberus had bowed to him from the players' perspectives.

Of course his identity was going to be found out sooner or later, as he was the only player able to use photon sword after all.

Naturally it also came with downsides to it, many players have already begun to speculate that he was a beta tester. Well it was logical, I mean who would use a photon sword in a world of guns unless you had prior experience, and the fact that a boss was soloed led some credibility. In fact the tension between them might have lessened a bit thanks to «Hades», as some see him as a hero for defeating boss and for giving them hope as well.

There was another thing troubling him. It was his newly acquired «Passive Skill», Divinity. The skill had just magically appeared in his available skill list when he checked on it, and he didn't know how he received it but he had a guess. It was because he soloed a territory boss.

With that skill, it changed many things for our black haired hero. Physically…well for his avatar that is, his eyes have changed from midnight black to scarlet crimson.

The problems were the effects of the skill. His «Stats» increased in proportion to his level. So at level fourteen all his stat increased by 14%. Not only that his other «Passive Skills» points that were placed inside doubled, all of them.

The problems weren't the effects themselves, but rather what would happen if other people found out.

One they would either praise him as a hero or two the far more likely one would be to hate him and envy him. There might even be assassination attempts at his life. Kirito unlike other didn't delude himself, he knew sooner or later people will «PK», player kill.

During the beta-test almost 70% of the one thousand players killed each other than try to expand the map, it was logical Kirito suppose, after all GGO was a gun that was originally built for «PvP».

But there was a far more concerning implication of skill. Why did Kayaba create such a skill? Was it to force that player to become the hero? Or is it something else?

Kirito sighed as he shot at a monster that took the form of a mutated dog.

Normally he would have used his KagemitsuG2 in conjunction with his gun, but right now he was practicing his aim so that he wasted fewer bullets and there one was one other reason.

That other reason was to learn the skill «Crit S», an abbreviation of Critical Shot. It was a skill that was recently discovered, the condition for the skill to be evoked was quite simple in theory, however putting it into practical use was hard and it was more based on luck rather than skill.

To evoke it, all a players needed to do was shoot a monster at the same place with multiple amounts of bullets. For each shot the damage is stacked up upon the original damage.

So if you shot at it twice in the same spot it would receive 2x the regular damage, three time it would receive 3x the regular damage, four times it would receive 4x the regular damage, and five times well you get the idea. However the bullets must hit within one second of each other.

So far Kirito could hit the same spot twice with 80% accuracy, and three it was only 15%, and four times…don't even mention it.

The monster disappeared with a vengeful cry as it shattered into millions of polygons once more. The death in GGO… it looked so…so…clean that it was unnatural in the dreary environment.

Kirito placed his black «Desert Eagle Mark I» back onto his belt. The Desert Eagle was the main reason he had defeated the Cerberus boss, as Kirito knew it was a boss dropping.

The Desert Eagle was one of the most powerful handguns for «beginners» in GGO and it was something he had used during Beta-testing so feeling the weight of it on his belt gave him some sense of security. Theoretically it should last him at least ten or twenty more territories before he would need to replace with a better gun.

But it was also one that required higher strength regular handguns, having a recoil in comparison to a rifle. He had to devote himself to «grinding» for the last five days before he could've used it efficiently even with the recoil!

Along with the strongest weapon any single player could posses right now, Kirito was sure that he was currently the highest-level player.

Kirito looked away from where the monster used to be before he started walk back towards «Starting City». Even after his singlehandedly defeat of one territory boss, only one other was defeated and it was by a large group of players, so only two new regions were opened for players to explore.

But no new town or city had been discovered yet in any of the new regions it. It seemed that when the game officially started Kayaba had changed the old location of the cities.

Speaking of cities or towns, each one of them has a «Teleport Gate», which basically is a portal access to other towns. Once the teleport gate of new town has been activated every teleport gate can lead you to it. So each teleport are linked to each other, provided of course they have already been activated that is.

With his scanning skill activated Kirito walked the barren land back to towards his house.

It was faint at first but as Kirito continued to walk, the sound of bullets became more pronounced until he saw figure clad in white surrounded by several «Goliath Greats ».

«Goliath Greats» true to their name were giant insect type monsters of the insect variety. Their height was about half way to the players' waist and their length were at least two meters.

They were troublesome monsters due to their tough exoskeleton that provided immense defense against the beginning players. However once you broke their shell and shot their weak insides they were as good as good, since in exchange for their high defense they had the lowest health of the monsters in the region.

Generally they would be a good monster to fight since they yielded good experience points if they didn't attack in mobs… Even a group of veterans would have trouble yet this girl…she was decimating them like nothing!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The girl now that he had been close enough to tell, had waist length chestnut hair, her face was heart, and the list could go on, but Kirito was sure that she was one of the few female characters of exceptional beauty in GGO where everyone had their real faces.

But what was even more surprising was her fighting style. She didn't use rifles, machine guns, or any of the medium size guns, no she used two handguns. And by the looks of it they were two «Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless». They were…sufficient to kill the monsters around «Starting City».

But to kill monsters about ten kilometers away? The notion was impossible.

'But then why are they being killed so fast?' Kirito wondered as his curiosity pushed him to walk closer to observe.

When he was just a mere five meters away, he realized why. The girl in her white military uniform and skirt was using «Crit S» putting bullets into the monsters at the same three or four bullets in succession.

Kirito gaped, even he couldn't do that! He briefly wondered if she was the person who had discovered the skill.

But shook his head, it didn't matter anyway if she did or not, but right now Kirito was conflicted.

Should he go help or not?

He didn't think it was good to grinding like that, even for him it would be tough to protect himself three hundred and sixty degrees like the girl was.

He idly had an internally battle while fiddling with his Desert Eagle in his left hand while he watched her.

It was like from a sappy gun movie, where the hero or heroine used ridiculous movements to shoot and kill his or her enemies, yet the girl before him could make it into reality while being graceful at the same time.

Maybe like Lara Croft? Nah the girl in front of him was way stronger and cooler his opinion.

Clink ClinkClink

Kirito raised his gun and aimed at the monsters, it seemed that the girl had run out of bullets in her magazine.

'Damn I'm too late!' Kirito thought as he saw one of the insects jump at the girl with its position far too close for him to shoot at without harming the girl.

Then it happened. The girl just calmly stood there in a loose gun like stance waiting for the bug to jump on her…


She bitch-slapped the freakin, giant bug with her gun, bitch-slapped the monster away…

Kirito started to rub his eyes trying to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating.

The girl who had just slapped away the bug away from her gun didn't seem surprised at the event, moved both guns to her waist point down. On each side of the waist was some sort of mechanism with five magazines attached.

She pushed the loaded magazine into the mechanism with a click pulled them out before she just loaded the magazine empty guns new ones at the bottom of the mechanism that she just deposited her magazine to in one quick and fluid motion.

Kirito's eyebrow rose as he saw this. 'That's a «Magazine Quick Loader»! Those things only appeared in the commercials for the game and even none of the Beta testers got one, how in the world did she get it?'

The girl aimed her gun once more at the monsters and clicked the trigger…only for empty air to come out. No bullets not even a spark was seen coming out.

Kirito almost stumbled and crash into the ground at what happened. After the badass bitch-slap the girl did and performed a magazine reload greater than even Lara Croft's, it turns out that all her magazines were out of bullets!?

But despite the comical situation Kirito saw that was probably taken out of an anime, he knew he had to save the girl or she would die.





Kirito shot out four .50 caliber bullets as he ran towards the girl with his photon sword out.

The four bullets fired from the Desert Eagle easily pierced the exoskeleton of the insects and killed the four nearest monsters surrounding the girl.

With a jump Kirito jumped in front of her and used his sword to kill all of the monsters in front of him. Another reason to like his photon sword, it easily destroyed monsters in one hit that would take others hundreds of bullets.

"Wah!?" The girl cried out at the sudden entrance of Kirito.

But the GGO's online swordsman paid no heed as he deftly moved around the girl and killed the remaining monsters like they were nothing.

"Are you alright?" Kirito asked after he turned off his photon sword and placed back on his belt, though his Desert Eagle was still out.



"Why did you save me?" The girl finally asked her voice full of despair and emptiness.

"I don't need a reason to save anyone, are you saying that I should have left you to die?" Kirito asked the girl before him with some fear within him at hearing her answer.

'Hmm she has beautiful eyes.' Kirito idly noted as he observed the girl before him.

"Yes" That one word caught Kirito off guard. "Everyone here will die sooner or later anyways." She muttered.

Kirito stared at her not even trying to hide his surprise. "Don't you have something you want to live for!?" Kirito shouted at her as he grabbed her shoulders.

"Why does matter! Over one thousand people have already died! And we've only cleared two regions! There is no hope!" She cried out as she flung Kirito's arms off.

"Yes there is!"

"No there isn't, just let me die…"

Kirito stared at the girl before him, the girl who was staring at him with teary eyes full of despair.

Call it an impulse whatever you want, Kirito suddenly had a slightly crazy…okay make that completely stupid not to mention perhaps homicidal plan that would work.

Without warning he pulled his left hand up and aimed his gun point black at the girls head.

"If you're so eager to die then let me help you." Kirito said in his sub zero tone that he usually reserved for his kendo opponents at tournaments.


Kirito pulled the trigger and unleashed the bullet and the girl…


She pushed Kirito back with all her might as she slumped onto the ground, her legs losing all their strength.

"See you want to live after all." Kirito said with a smug tone. He aimed the gun at her head to intimidate her and move the barrel away almost at the last second before he pulled the trigger.

Suddenly he wanted to make himself as small as possible the girl before him pushed herself the ground and glare at him. It was a bone chilling glare that no man wanted to face,

"Ummm I'm sorry?"


"Bu-but you said you wanted to die…I was just trying to help…"


"Hey! I couldn't just leave you here! I'm trying to help you!" Kirito shouted back getting tired of being yelled at.

The girl who had realized she was shouting toned her voice down although it was still loud.

"Fine you helped me realized that I don't want to die! Now what, I don't even know what to do now!"

"Ummm, well usually you would go with your friends and start to from «parties» and fight monsters."

"What's a party?"

Kirito froze as he heard this. "Hey, this wouldn't happen to be the first MMORPG you played right?"

"Yeah it is, what about?" The girl answered with her hands on her hip.

Kirito sighed as he explained the functions of a party to her, "Anyways I have to go" He said after explaining the most basic features of MMORPGs to her.

As he turned away and took his first step, "Hey you're just going to leave me here?"

"Well yeah…"

"Yeah, that's it!? After going through all that effort to stop me from wanting to die you're just going leave me here? You have to take responsibility!"

"R-r-re-responsibility? But we hardly know each o-other!" Kirito stuttered with a blush.

The girl narrowed her eyes as she pointed the gun in her right hand at Kirito's face. "What are you thinking!? I don't mean like that. I have no friends, and I don't even know what to do and as the person who convinced me to live you have to take care of me!"

"Okay, but what's the point of pointing your gun at me? It's not like you can even use it-"

Bam! Kirito just got gun-slapped.

"-I stand corrected." He said as he watched his health lower by 1%. "Well I was looking for strong players to make a «Guild» with." Kirito said as he began to walk and motion the girl to follow him.

The girl complied, "Why a guild for what reason?"

"You have heard «Hades», the player that took down a territory boss by himself?"

"Yeah, they say he's the strongest player and the one most likely to either die first or live the longest."

Kirito's eyes twitched not knowing what to make of the information. "That player is." He calmly announced to the now wide eyed girl who was opening staring at him.

He of course promptly ignored it, "Thinking back on it, I realized it was incredibly foolish, that is why I want to make a guild. A guild comprised of small but elite and strong members to help me take down territory boss and to find the «Key»."

After that the two continued in silence with the girl agreeing with Kirito.

"Hey, I've been wondering, where did you learn to fight like that?" Kirito asked breaking the silence and genuinely curious.

"Why, is that uncommon, I thought that's how everyone fought in games like these." She answered as if it was normal.

"Of course not! Normally no one would even fight like that! It would akin to suicide!" Kirito briefly paused at the last statement as in a way it was true. "Anyways it's not normal."

"Says the girl who uses a light saber in a world full of guns."

"Touché…wait what!? I'm a guy!"

The female in front of him now had a genuinely shocked face on her. "But your face and the hair!"

Kirito paused as he tried to feel how long his hair was now, and judging by what he felt it was now at the base of his neck.

Kirito inwardly cursed at the «Growth System» of GGO. The growth system was a program in GGO to emulate the growth real life and that would include hair. His longer hair coupled with his already feminine and girlish face…he looked completely like a girl.

"I'm a guy…I just haven't cut my hair in awhile since I've been too lazy to…" Kirito said with as much dignity as he had left.

His eyes twitched as he heard the girl giggle.

"I'm Asuna by the way."

"I'm Kirito"

-«Starting City» Shopping District Lisbeth's Stall-

"Thank you very much please come again!" A cute brown haired girl with pinks eyes and freckles said with her business to the male in front of her as she handed her specially made bullets to him. She wore a pinkish red military like uniform with a white skirt.

The guy stuttered a thank you to Lisbeth as he made his way out of the stall with a very happy expression; no doubt it was because he had talked to a very cute girl.

Lisbeth sighed as she let the false smile disappear from his face. It really annoying she had decided that all the male players that bought her guns and bullets did at first because she was a girl, a very cute one but that didn't excuse their reason at all.

She was a «Crafter» type player. In other words a player that made items to use and one that didn't fight on the frontlines against monster and instead aided players, she was specifically a «Semi-Automatic Handgun Crafter».

Crafter-type players didn't actually make the guns themselves, but the parts and assemble them. Of course there were requirements too, mainly the «tool» needed to make those parts. The metals and material were of course also important.

When she had first started, it was…maddening at first. Being a girl who had no interest in guns she didn't know what to do. In fact most of guns she tried to assemble didn't fit and failed. The ones that did fit together always blew up in her face…

She had almost given up until she came. She was a looking for a crafter to make bullets for her semi-automatic gun, at first she was confused at what he meant. Turns out that crafter-type players could make certain types of bullets for what type of guns they make.

And unlike ordinary bullets crafter type bullets often carry certain enhancements, such as piercing ability, increased damage, stunning effect, poison effect, and etc.

Of course Lisbeth didn't know about it at all, thankfully the chin length female player made a deal with her. In exchange for teaching her about the craft she would be able to get discounts in the future.

She taught her tips and tricks in building guns and maximizing their efficiency. And not only that, she also taught her about modifying guns around her skill level and special formulas for bullets.

At her current level, she was the best crafter for handguns that any player could want, well her guns were the best but compared to rare drops of monster they were still lacking. But her real business came from selling those bullets she made.

If she had a complaint, it would that person's gender. Turned out that she was he

It wouldn't be so bad that is if she didn't found out after she had changed her clothes right in front of him.

Thinking back to that incident it was very embarrassing and never failed to make her flush her face to a bright cherry color.

Checking her time at the menu screen, she packed up her supplies and began to walk towards her group's temporary rented condo of starting city.

The group was created by him, Kirito that asshole who saw her body as Lisbeth put it.

Kirito had created that group quite recently, with the goal to become a guild focusing on clearing the game. Currently there were only three members, Kirito, Argo, and Lisbeth herself.

Argo was chosen because of her ability to gather information, which would be crucial, and Lisbeth was chosen because of her growing skills in crafting that would no doubt branch out and create even better weapons and items.

Kirito, well he was the main fighting force, not to mention the only fighting force they had, which was why Kirito had told each one of them to keep an eye out for a potential recruit.

Ding dong…

The bell rang out as Lisbeth pushed the door to their condo. It wasn't really much; it only had a single living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and five bedrooms. The color scheme was from a very natural design. The floor was made of wood and many plants were strategically placed around the condo.

Lisbeth really liked the place, it was refreshing to see greenery when all you have been staring at were the grey sky and barren land, and don't even get here started on how many metallic and inorganic stuff she sees even with her eyes closed.

"Hiya Lisbeth" Another girl with curly brown hair of a light shade than Lisbeth's called to her from the couch. Her face was quite cute in a way too. And unlike Lisbeth, Argo wore autumn brown colored military outfit with no sleeves and short shorts.

This was Argo, otherwise known as «The Informant».

"Hey Argo." Lisbeth called back as she collapsed onto the couch the day's work finally catching to her.

"Where's Kirito?" She asked as she looked around the condo. 'Strange, he's usually back by now.'

"Oh? Didn't you get the message?"

At Argo's question Lisbeth showed a confused look. "What message?"

"Apparently he found another member for our group, it's a fighter." Argo answered.

"Hey Lisbeth?" Argo asked.

"Yes?" Lisbeth answered cautiously as she heard the underlying teasing tone of Argo.

"You have competition."

"Huh?" was Lisbeth's smart reply.

"It seems that Ki-bou has brought back another girl." Argo informed Lisbeth with a grin that spoke volumes.

Lisbeth's face was confused for a second before it flushed bright red, in fact you can even see the steam coming out of her ears due to the over exaggerated emotion function of GGO. "I don't have a crush on him."

"Sure you don't~"

"That's it die!" Lisbeth screamed as she lunged at Argo.

-With Kirito-

"Please come in." The black haired photon sword user said as he opened the door to his group's condo for Asuna.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he saw his companion froze halfway through the door. Not hearing an answer he looked into the condo himself and froze.

Lisbeth was on top of Argo. Now that wouldn't normally freeze out hero as they frequently argued, but….their position right now was very compromising.

Lisbeth's left hand was on Argo's right breast and her right leg was up her crotch, not to mention to mention that her military skirt lost its magic skirt properties and her innocent white panties were showing.

"T-th-this isn't what it looks like!" Lisbeth cried out in embarrassment. Hell even Argo's face was red from embarrassment.

But Kirito didn't hear as his brain shut down due to over processing information. One second later he fainted.

Yes the only man to be able to use a photon sword to cut bullets, the man who soloed and defeated a territory boss fainted.

After Kirito had woken up, the four of them had a very awkward dinner…in fact Kirito who LOVES food couldn't even taste anything because of the tension.

"Ahem, let me introduce you to the new member to our group Asuna." Kirito said trying to dispel the tension after dinner as he gestured toward the chestnut haired beauty.

"Told you so." Argo said to Lisbeth, which incited the confusion of the two fighters.

"Shut up!" Lisbeth growled out towards Argo.

"Okay…okay…" Argo said with her hand raised saying, "I surrender" as she saw Lisbeth bring out one of her crafting tools, the drill.

Asuna sweat drop at the scene, while Kirito just smiled as he was already used to it.

"By the way Ki-bou have you thought of a name for the guild yet?" Argo asked their leader.

"Well I was thinking about waiting until we can actually make the guild before choosing a name." Kirito replied.

"But I already thought of a name." Argo said.

"Fine is your idea?" Kirito asked seeing no harm in it as he brought his cup up for a drink.

"Kirito's Harem."

"poshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" That was Kirito spewing his drink out.

The glare from the three other people of the drink didn't even faze Argo. "But it doesn't sound strong so I was thinking of calling the guild «Cerberus»."

"Why Cerberus?" Kirito asked.

"Well everyone knows you as «Hades» and your identity will soon be found out anyways, and besides a Cerberus has already become you official symbol in the eyes of the other players any ways." Argo explained to the other people.

'Well it's better than Kirito's Harem, I don't even want to think about the players that would try to murder me if I had called my guild that.' "Fine…" Kirito finally said after debating internally for a while.

"But it still doesn't change the fact that it's you harem~" Argo said in sing song voice as a last comment.

Kirito banged his head against the table as the two other girls besides Argo glared it him now. 'Why did I ever want her in my guild again?'

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