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Seeing Ash and Mark collapse to the ground was a major shock, though it technically wasn't a surprise. They knew the machine that reanimates the dead was destroyed, but it also was responsible for Ash and Mark's reanimation. So within seconds of the explosion, they simply dropped where they stood. Their friends stood there, frozen in shock for a few seconds. Finally Professor Oak got down to his knees and pressed two of his fingers on Ash's neck, then Pikachu's.

"Dead," said Professor Oak, "What am I thinking? They were already dead anyway."

He tried to move Ash's arm off of Pikachu. The arm was locked in place, it wasn't moving a millimeter.

Cilan shook his head in sorrow, "He's gone, this time for good."

Delia got down and pushed Professor Oak away, she felt around Ash's neck to see for herself. She sat there for a moment, trying to process it all in. Then she hugged Professor Oak and cried into his shoulder, "Ash," she sobbed, "No."

"He wasn't in pain, Delia," said Oak, "He didn't feel a thing."

Delia sat up and shoved Professor Oak aside, "Of course he didn't, Sam! He was Undead," she looked back at the body, then glance back up at the fireball. The fires had died down to small embers of a burned out husk of a building, the air was silent except the small clanking of debris that crashed around them, "What I don't understand is how!"

Without warning, Mark groaned. Professor Oak shot back and watched as Mark sat up, his face was still pale but his eyes were back to normal. He gave the group a sluggish look and breathed, "I'm so glad that's over."

Mark's Pokémon dashed towards him and wrapped their tiny arms around his chest and waist, "Emolga!" his Sky Squirrel Pokémon happily cried.

"Pikachu!" cried Mark's Pikachu.

"Plusle/ Minun!" cried the Cheering Pokémon duo.

"I'm sorry you have to go through that, girls," said Mark as he petted every one of his Pokémon, "I'm so sorry you guys."

The group was flabbergasted, did he just came back full time?

"Mark?" Delia asked in shock.

Mark's Pokémon settled down as he sighed, "I know guys, I remember everything. It was a bad time, but I powered through it."

Snivy and Pignite stirred, they moaned in pain as they lift up their heads. Their eyes were still sunken in from sadness, yet they were lively again, "Sniv?" she muttered.

"They're alive!" cried Iris.

"Axew!?" cried the Tusk Pokémon.

Sadly, Scraggy, Oshawott, and Pikachu lay dormant. Professor Oak checked their pulses and confirmed it. Axew jumped down and hobbled up to Scraggy's body, he slapped the Shedding Pokémon's shoulder in trying to wake him. No good, his best friend was gone. Iris pulled Axew away from him just as he started crying, she stepped aside for a moment to soothe him as the rest of the group tried to sort it out."

"I don't understand." Delia repeated as she glanced back to Ash.

"Here's what went down," said Mark as he stretched his arms, "Pignite, Snivy, and me succumbed to our bites, but Ash and Pikachu died from a gunshot wound while Scraggy here," he made a quick glanced at Scraggy's leg stumps, "died from blood loss. Their deaths were natural, so they stay dead when that cursed radio transmitter exploded. My theory is that those were the rules, I was conscious the whole time when I turned."

"You were?" everyone asked.

"The infection paralyzed me, I dropped like a stone. I heard Ash and my Pokémon panicked back at the bridge, Ash told Pikachu and my Pokémon to bail out. My Pokémon reluctantly agreed, and so did Pikachu at first. But he came back, or it sounded like it when I heard him ran past be a 2nd time. I tried to move and call out to him, but I can't. Not only were my skeletal muscles weren't moving, I couldn't even breathe either. I last I heard were two gunshots, and Ash crying between them."

"Was it Natas who shot Ash?" Delia asked.

"Had to be, I heard him say, 'Friendship's don't last forever'."

Cilan slammed his fist into the palm of his hand, "That traitor!"

"Pansage!" swore Pansage as he held up a clenched fist.

"He was long gone by the time I regained movement," Mark continued, "By then I was Undead, or it felt like it. I couldn't feel any emotions, nothing at all. I didn't feel love, hate, not even the warm fuzzy feeling when I saw my Pokémon again. Just nothing. But I still cared, it was built into me. Even though I can't feel, I still cared because it was a habit. Ash and Pikachu took shelter up on the roof, so I went straight up there. I found Ash laying on his back with his arms and legs spread out, Pikachu laid beside him in a fetal position. Both were surrounded in a pool of blood so large that it took up most of the gravel roof. I checked their wounds, they were gone. No way Ash could have survived his shot, it blasted out part of his heart. Pikachu might survived his shot, but no. He only spent his last few minutes of life in pain before he died. I heard him cry, I still hear them . . ."

He shook his head drearily and looked up at Delia, "I simply gathered up my crossbow and the bolts, then left him there. I was worried Natas might come after you next, I guess I was right."

"Thank you for saving me when I fell through the floor." said Delia.

"You don't need to repay me, just keeping my Pokémon safe is enough for me."

"Emo." cooed Emolga as he pressed her head against his chest.

Mark held up his arm, the bandage wrapping his zombie bite was black. He pulled off the bandage and looked underneath it, the necrosis was gone but it looked like it got infected, "I'm not out of the woods yet," said Mark, "I feel like I'm going to drop guys, I really do. I got a staph infection."

"We gotta get you to the Pokémon Center at Faraday Island." said Professor Oak.

"Screw the Pokémon Center, I got some penicillin and healing herbs stashed at home. Besides, the Pokémon Center would be overwhelmed with former zombies who changed back. The zombie outbreak is done, I just wanna go home. I need to talk to my Dad, I-"

"You guys okay!?" Tesla's voice cut Mark off.

Everyone turned and saw the old Pikachu running towards them, the Pokémon Center Pikachus following not far behind him, "What just-"

Tesla stopped when he saw Ash's rotted corpse.

"Don't get near him, Tesla," Mark warmed, "Don't get f*cking near him!"

The old Pikachu's eyes bulged, he screeched to a halt and dropped to his knees, "No," he cried, "No, no, no, no! This can't be, he can't be!"

"Tesla?" Mark called out to him.

"He shouldn't have, he shouldn't be. He shouldn't have, had . . . What is the deal!?"

The group realized Tesla hadn't got the news that Ash had died and turned, then died again. He couldn't understand what was happening, as he put all of his efforts and skills to making sure Ash would survive. He gave him the modified Pokédex and taught his Pokémon how to hold their cool. Not to mention Ash saved him more than once, one of the saves cost the old Pikachu his tail.

"Why," Tesla asked the sky, "Why? He's just a boy, not even old enough to drive yet! First I lost my immediate family, then I lost my friends and trainer! Then Ash is gone!?"

Hot tears pooled in Tesla's goggles, he tore them off and threw them to the side. The goggles clattered on the dirt road for 20 meters before stopping, "He, he . . ."

Tesla panted as collapsed on his back, Mark's Pikachu rushed up to him and helped him up. The old Pikachu's mouth was wide open as he gasped for air, "He's hyperventilating," said Mark, "Guys, we have to go now!"

"We can't walk back to Faraday City!" cried Iris.

"I'll jury rig a car, but somebody else is driving!"

"What about Ash?" Delia asked.

"We'll bring his and his Pokémon's bodies, we're not going to leave them to the elements like we did to the others."

. . .

Mark managed to find a pickup truck to hot-wire. It had a sky blue paint job with silver sidings, Mark smashed the window and climbed inside. He simply pressed his foot on the break, then pressed the start button. The dashboard lit up.

"There," he said, "Oak, you take over."

"Why me?" he asked.

"Cause you seemed to keep your cool compared to everyone else."

True, Professor Oak managed to keep his feelings under control, old age mellowed his nerves that they could handle pretty much anything. Oak got behind the wheel as the others carried Ash's body into the back. They sat Oshawott and Scraggy beside him while Pikachu remained clamped in Ash's arms. Mark got behind the passenger seat while everyone else hopped in the back with the bodies, he looked up at the sky and saw it had changed back from red to an orange haze. Strange, would the sky ever turn back to its pure blue color?

As they drove out of Carson, they past by hundreds of people. They were covered in bites and grotesque injuries, sick and tired, they wander around with blank stares. Seemingly looking for something. Bodies covered the roads, all in different stages of decomposition. Professor Oak had no choice but to drive over some of them just to get through. The former zombies looked on as the group drove past, the injured stared at them for a few seconds before wandering off again.

The drive through the forest was horrifying. There wasn't much of a forest left, it was all burned down. Nothing left but charred poles and cooked dirt. Nobody said a word about returning to the Westinghouse Farm. They didn't need to. Faraday City's de facto government had announced on the radio that the zombie apocalypse was not only over for the Island, but all over the world. Elections for a new mayor and city council would begin within a month from now. Martial law was still in effect, as bandits were still on the prowl.

Governor Norman had surprisingly survived the zombie apocalypse, after a month of silence he finally stepped back into the spotlight and announced his whereabouts. He had news of what was going on in the world, it sounded like ancient times again. There was major fighting in Unova, Kanto, Johto, and Kalos, dissidents had taken arms in trying to overthrow what was left of the legitimate government so they can instil a crude dictatorship. The military had pushed them back, and were winning, says the Governor. The island regions of Hoenn and Sinnoh managed to maintain peace, yet martial law was still in effect there. In every forest in the world, it was said that they were devoid of most Pokémon life. Those who were Undead had changed back, but they were badly hurt. Most of these Pokémon would die within three days, those who managed to survive would be long gone in 3 weeks. The only Pokémon who were still live and kicking were those who were under human captivity, and they weren't fairing any better than the humans.

When the group approached Faraday City, they stopped at a checkpoint. The guard noticed Mark in the passenger seat, and let him past. Mark then instructed Professor Oak where his house was. They soon pulled up on the curve and got out, "Carry the bodies into the backyard," Mark instructed, "Before we do anything, we rest. I'll get the power back on and we can all have a nice shower."

Mark placed his thumb over the biometric lock and the light clicked green, when he opened it he took a deep breath of stale air. The house was warm, but nothing was taken. It was how he left it a month ago. Mark kicked off his boots and went to the utility closet, after flipping the main power breaker on he started up the AC and heard it rumble to life. He then head upstairs into the bathroom and opened up the medicine cabinet. There it was, the familiar black penicillin bottle. He downed a couple of tablets and turned the knob at the sink. Clear water poured out. Mark turned it off and pulled off all his clothes and bulletproof vest, then stepped into the shower. The shower was cold, but he didn't care. It was great to feel human again after a whole day of being a zombie. Mark washed his hair and body thoroughly and cleaned up the bite, after 3 minutes he stepped out and wrapped gauze around the wound before drying himself off.

He dumped his dirty laundry in the basket and carried the body armor into his room naked, Mark dropped it on the floor and opened up the dresser, clean laundry awaited him. He put on a fresh tank top, boxers, blue jeans, and socks. One he got his belt on, Mark head back downstairs. The rest of the group were sitting on the couch, fiddling around with the TV. The Emergency Broadcast System was still going, a tired and rundown Governor Norman was making his announcements on every channel trying to get as much information he knew out to his people. Mark glanced over at his surge protector that was hooked up to his TV, it was running quite fine, no rouge sparks or anything. It felt like a lifetime ago when he first put it together under the blue glow of his TV.

The Pokémon Center Pikachus were huddled in the back, sleeping on the bare floor. The poor things were tired, very tired. After so much horror they went through, they would be having bad dreams for years to come. His own Pokémon sat on the couch on Cilan and Brock's laps, sleeping the rest of the day away. Tesla laid on Delia's lap, he wasn't really sleeping, his eyes were partially open as he stared out of the blurry world. Mark wondered if anybody bothered to retrieve Tesla's eye goggles, probably not. No matter, there was a box filled with spares in the utility closet somewhere. He couldn't help but see how Tesla looked more like a normal Pikachu without his goggles, that normal image was ruined as his tail was gone. All that stress the old Mouse Pokémon built up was finally coming down on him with vengence.

"There's water pressure," Mark told the group, "Everybody's got 3 minutes, if you want you can used my washing machine to clean your clothes."

"Thanks, Mark." said Misty.

Iris went up first, carrying Axew in her arms. Mark then went to his father's bedroom and pulled out a spare CB radio from his bed, he hooked it up to the wall and turned the channel to the frequency his father always used.

. . .

"What do you mean they all just dropped!?" Kissinger spoke on the radio.

"They all just dropped," said Adrian, "Like a stone!"

"So is it over?"

"The Governor on the TV says so, I guess we could start rebuilding now."

"Very well, let's round up all the engineers and construction workers and start cleaning up this mess. Keep me posted. Out."

Kissinger held the receiver for a moment, trying to process what had occurred. So all of the zombies either dropped or changed back? Was the apocalypse over? Will Faraday Island get back to normal? As far as Kissinger could tell, his police force was the de facto government of the city. The mayor was dead, and he wasn't sure if other members of the city counsel would turn up. At least there would be elections, probably they would select engineers instead of politicians. Make sense since the infrastructure needs to be worked on. It was a surprise that the water treatment plant came back online, now there was fresh water running through the taps again. Emmett considered taking a shower when he had the time.

"Kissinger," his son's voice echoed out of the radio, "This is Junior, over."

Kissinger paused for a moment before answering, "Son?"

"Hi Dad." said Mark.

"Are you alright?"

"No.I need you and grandpa to come home right now, its urgent."

"What happened?"

"I can't explain it on the radio, its best I told you and Grandpa in person. I need you here, now!"

There was urgency in Mark's voice, what was going on?

"Okay, son. I'm coming."

"Bring Grandpa, out."

Kissinger placed the receiver back on the hook and went to find Matt, he was in the lobby reading a construction manual, "Dad," said Kissinger, "Mark's at my house, he needs us."

"How's the boy?" he asked.

"I don't know, he said he wasn't doing to well on the radio. Something happened, we need to go right now."

Matt dropped the construction manual back on the table and got up, "Lead the way."

Kissinger told his secretary to take over for a moment, then he and his father ran out into the parking lot. They hopped into a police cruiser, turned on the emergency lights, and sped off towards home. As he drove through the city, he saw people and Pokémon emerging from the skyscrapers out into the sidewalk. A few stores were even reopening as shopkeepers pulled the boards off their windows and turned on their OPEN signs. Everybody steered clear when he passed by, a few folks even waved at him.

When he drove into the suburbs, returning residence were opening their houses up. They were either mowing their lawns or cleaning the insides of their house. One man was washing the blood off his car with a garden hose. It looked like normality was returning to the city, though it would be a while when things were really considered normal again.

Kissinger and Matt drove up towards their house, they saw a pickup truck they don't recognized parked on the curb. Mark stood at the door, holding a double-barreled shotgun. He waved them up the driveway as they pulled in, Kissinger noticed Mark's arm was wrapped up with fresh gauze. He soon feared the worse.

"Oh boy," said Matt, "I wonder what he was doing this whole time."

The two got out and approached Mark, they saw his skin was pale and seemed weak. But he stood there with sheer strength, showing no sign of passing out, "Mark!" Kissinger said as he hugged his son, he smelled like he had just taken a shower.

"Hey, Dad," greeted Mark, "Glad you could make it back."

"What happened?" Kissinger asked.

"What happened to your arm?" Matt asked.

Mark sighed, "Chaos happened, it's a long story but the important fact is that it ended with the Undead dropping."

"What happened to your arm?" Matt asked again.

"Walker got me, bit a chunk off of me and made my Pokémon cry."

Kissinger's blood froze, "Did you turn?" he asked.

"Yes, Dad, and I changed back. I already taken antibiotics, I'll survive."

"What about the others?"

"Their inside, some of them are . . . in the back. Here, I have something to show you. Come with me."

Mark lead his father and grandfather around the house towards the back. Laying on the back patio was 4 bodies, covered in bright white sheets. One of them was human, the other three appeared Pokémon. A Snivy and Pignite hovered over the human body, they were covered in bruises and bloody bandages. They pressed their heads on the body and mourned, crying softly.

"Ash's dead," said Mark, "He's gone."

"What happened to him?"

"He got bit, same time I got bit. But he didn't die from it, a guy named Luke Natas murdered him along with his Pokémon. They all turned, but they kept their brains somehow. I managed to keep my conscious when I was Undead, I can tell you its not an experience I wanna live through again."

"How did you change back while the others . . . dropped?"

"I got bit, not shot or bled out. It's a long story, Dad, Ash's friends are inside, including his mom."

The three walked past the bodies and mourning Pokémon and opened the back door, the group were sitting on the couch when they walked inside. A woman holding a Pikachu in her arms looked up, Kissinger could already tell this was Ash's mom.

"Mrs. Ketchum," said Emmett as he stuck out his hand, "I'm Emmett Kissinger, Chief of Police of Faraday City. I'm Mark's Dad."

Mrs. Ketchum shook Kissinger's hand, "Delia, Ash's mom."

"I'm sorry for what happened."

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to, my son was already long gone. It just took a while for him too . . ." her voice trailed off as she glanced at the Pikachu on her lap, "Tesla didn't get the news until a few hours ago, he just simply gave up."

Matt stepped up, "I'm Matt, Emmett's father. I'm Tesla's caretaker and his trainer's close friend. What happened?"

"Two nights ago Ash saved Tesla again, zombie bit him on the tail so he amputated it with a fire ax. Saved his life."

"Again." Mark added.

Delia handed Tesla to Matt and he held him up to eye level, "Tesla, it's me. Matt."

Tesla didn't respond, his sunken eyes just stared back at Matt with no emotion. Matt sighed and pressed Tesla's head against his shoulder, "I hadn't seen this since Irvin's death, I don't think Tesla would recover from this."

"He was unresponsive?" Brock asked.

"He just holed up in Irvin's bedroom and sat there for a long time, and then he was gone overnight."

"Team Rocket killed 'im," Tesla muttered, "The bastards caused it."

"What?" Matt asked.


. . .

It took two hours for Mark to explain what happened, everyone sat quietly with the blinds drawn and the TV muted. Kissinger and Matt listened quietly to every word. Mark was a good story-teller, and he told his stories well. When the stories were non-fiction, his grammar was even better. He didn't stutter or slip a word, Mark's words came out in a flow as if he had rehearsed them many times before.

Kissinger took a moment and processed what he heard, then turned back to the group, "So Team Rocket was responsible."

"Not all of their members are," said Brock, "Jessie and James weren't involve, they had no clue about it."

"Okay," said Kissinger, "What about Natas?"

"Just a pawn, his death won't change anything."

Matt rubbed Tesla's ears and nodded, "The zombies will come back."

That was a statement, "Yes," said Mark, "And when they do, they're going to bring in a twist."

"Meaning?" Cilan asked.

"When the zombies come back," he explained, "people will act on it quickly. They won't have a chance, even if people die and turn. The Undead would be under control and society will come back. If Team Rocket is going to bring back the zombies, they're going to need to back them up with something. Something stronger than a radio transmitter."

"Like what?" Misty asked.

"A specialized cognitive radio wave was used to reactivate dead brains, but not completely. It requires a total of fifty-thousand amps of power to work a simple broadcast station for mind control, Team Rocket is known to have that capability."

"Right," said Professor Oak, "But why did Team Rocket built their broadcast station on Faraday Island?"

"Faraday Island produces more power than any region in the world, we use more energy here in one day than the world uses in a year. Half of our energy is received by the sun, wind, and geothermal heat, the populace uses that one half."

"What about the other half?" Iris asked.

"The other half is generated by water from the ocean, it is desalinated with a specialized solar-still at the heart of Faraday Island. This still then pumps the water into the Hydrogen Power Plant where it is used for Faraday Island's industrial sectors. The water goes under an electrolysis process with energy produced by the power plant's own solar panels and wind turbines, these panels and turbines are the most efficient in the world, and they are very expensive."

"Wow." said Cilan.

Mark nodded, "Indeed it is that amazing."

"So what is the Hydrogen used for?" Iris asked.

"Axew?" the Tusk Pokémon asked as well.

"The Hydrogen is heated up, then an electric charge is sent through it. This turns the gas into plasma, the forth state of matter. We all know it as lighting from the skies and electric Pokémon, and also from our own sun. This plasma is contained within special electromagnets as it is sent down through pipes, towards a nuclear fusion reactor."

"A nuclear reactor?" Delia asked.

"Yes, but not the fission kind with the dangerous Uranium. This nuclear reactor is clean. It is three times the size of City Hall and has more copper coils than your average copper mine in Kanto. The plasma Hydrogen gas is injected into the reactor where the electromagnets speed it up towards 99.9 percent the speed of light, then the tiny particles is smashed together to create Helium. Massive energy is released, and fusion has occurred."

"Unbelievable!" cried Cilan.

Mark grinned, "One trillion dollars unbelievable, that's for damn sure."

"So what does the plant have to do with the zombie apocalypse?" Kissinger asked.

"I'll show you."

Mark got up and head to a bookshelf, he rummage through the books and binders for a few seconds before pulling out a large map, "While I was a zombie, I did some figuring. I knew the network of the Hydrogen Power Plant runs to every town and city in Faraday Island except Faraday City. The plant itself is isolated, built up high in the mountains, surrounded by thick forests. The Undead shouldn't have infested the place, no way a zombie or a massive horde could climb through those mountains and attack. The entire island should still have power."

"So what went wrong?" Cilan asked.

Mark unfolded the map, everyone leaned over it. It was a map of Faraday Island, but it wasn't a political map. It was an engineering map. The map showed the routes of the power and water lines throughout the Island, clustering up around human settlements. The Faraday Hydrogen Power Plant sits in the center, spreading out its power networks like a web. Notably not a single line goes to Faraday City, as it produced its own power.

"Look right here," said Mark as he traced the power lines from the plant towards Carson, "Carson is a major port, but it also specializes in high-tech electronics. It also specialize in radio equipment. The facility Natas led everyone happened to be in the center of Carson's industrial sector. The machine that reanimates the zombies require a lot of power that no power plant in the world could produce it, and the machine had help as well."

"What kind of help?" Brock asked.

"The Hydrogen Power plant produces so much power that its stored in huge superstructure batteries. These batteries are as big as a freight ship and can store up to millions of amps, those batteries are quite expensive but maintaining them is low. Thanks to research into specialized carbon-fiber that contain the acid more corrosive than the acid in metal-plating vats. They store the excess power during the day, then use that power to light up Faraday Island's outdoor lamps and keep the supercomputers running. These batteries are built deep into the towns, most of them are small in terms of dimensions. Say two superstore sizes. However, the biggest battery happens to be . . ."

Mark paused and pointed at Carson, "Here, that holds the most power because Carson's energy needs mostly goes to its local industries. Guess where that battery sits."

Cilan looked closely, "Not that far from the machine."

"Exactly," said Mark, "That machine was feeding off the battery like a parasite from the day it first started up, while I was working on that surge protector right there and Dad investigating a homicide. So when the machine started eating the electricity, the dead started coming to life and eating the flesh of the Living."

"But it wasn't enough." said Matt.

"The power grid is maintained by a network of computers, these computers make sure the system doesn't go on the fritz. No virus could penetrate their firewalls, its impossible. Team Rocket knows this since they managed to hook their big machine to the Hydrogen Power Plant's network. The only way for them to do that was it had to be an inside job. Loyal engineers serving as sleepers for the corporation. So when started getting chaotic in the first three days, they shut down the grid but not the power plant. We all thought the power plant was lost, but it was just an excuse. Team Rocket had complete control over it, they infested the area with zombies just to make the excuse believable."

"So they shut down the grid and divert all of the power towards the radio transmitter in Carson," said Cilan, "Right under the authority's noses."

"Faraday Island's police force should have picked it up, but the budget cuts made sure they didn't. Inspectors got sloppy, cops skimp on their duties because they were underpaid. That was six months ago."

"Why?" Professor Oak asked.

The group went silent for a moment, then Kissinger sighed, "Tesla," he said, "Tesla got pardoned, so we don't need a big police force chasing him anymore. He was quite the troublemaker, helped a lot of cops earn a living in keeping the peace. So when Tesla got pardon, the provincial police force got cut back. Whatever Team Rocket was planning, they were planning it for a long time. So when the force got cut up, they moved in and got to work."

"You gotta be kidding me," said Professor Oak, "how do you know all this?"

Mark grabbed his backpack and opened it, he pulled out a cache of documents and dumped them on the map. The new Team Rocket logo covered every single one, "While I was in that facility, I was digging up some intelligence. I was going with my gut – no pun intended – As soon as I stepped into the abyss of the facility, I knew it was responsible. Natas was all over the place, in the security room, the secret labs and cells, everywhere. All I did was open a few drawers and look for the goodies, I found them. Team Rocket didn't bother covering up their tracks, they left their records for somebody to find. It's all right there, the plans, the memos, and on top of it all it started with the assassination of the Team Rocket leader Giovanni. The assassin simply seceded him and that sealed Team Rocket's fate."

"So what did Natas do," Brock asked, "What's his purpose?"

"I don't know," said Mark, "I have skimmed through the files and not seen Ash's name come up, not even a reference of him. All I know was that this new Team Rocket leader wanted Ash for something, so he had Natas sit by the side-lines, keeping an eye on him. So when we left the Pokémon Center, he followed us. Seeing that he got bit, Natas killed Pikachu first before killing Ash. That I know without a doubt. It was like he wanted Ash to understand a point before he pulled the switch on him."

"But, why?" Misty asked.

"Because Natas was ordered to do so, he didn't wanna do it. He was just following orders, and sure enough this new Team Rocket leader got him killed once he was done with him."

"The fact that you still had your minds with green glowing eyes is probably a clue," said Cilan, "Why was it you, Ash, Pikachu, and Oshawott have such a state."

"I have a good guess," said Mark, "Though I don't feel anything, not even pain, I do feel like something that needs to get done. I felt the urge to save you guys from Natas."

"Which led you to the warehouse and finding all this." said Delia.

"I have a name for this kind of zombie, I call them reverents. Those who died come back to complete a certain purpose before going back, or something from the horror films that should stay there. I don't know what to make of it, but that's what I would call them."

"Okay," said Kissinger, "Team Rocket built the machine on Faraday Island, then hijacked the power grid to run it. If this machine is just a prototype to the real thing . . ."

"Maybe they don't need a machine," said Mark, "All they need is something else to turn dead brains back on."

"Like, what?"

"I think we're going to find out soon, this isn't the end of it. This is just the beginning."

The back door opened and Snivy and Pignite stepped in, the door closed behind them as they wondered into the living room. The Pokémon Center Pikachus emerge from the back of the couch and greeted them, Snivy sat down against the wall as Pignite laid down on his back. Before Kissinger could say anything, Mark added, "Tesla brought them, they have nowhere else to go."

One of the Pikachu's hugged Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon hugged it back and rested her head on its shoulder, "What are we going to do with Ash's remaining Pokémon?" Kissinger asked.

"I could take them in," said Professor Oak, "But I'm not sure what to do, I don't think I'm going home anytime soon."

"If there's a home to go back to," said Iris, "My town is isolated, but it could be too dangerous to go back to Unova."

"Axew." Axew added.

"Well, a lot of homes will probably go on the market. You can move into some of them for the time being, until we could plan something out."

"They would have to clear them out first," said Mark, "I don't want to see their insides at the moment."

Emolga hopped up on Mark's lap and rubbed her head into his side, Mark wrapped an arm around her and pulled her in, "We'll think of something." he says as he rubbed her ears.

Rotor blades started buffering outside, the sound grew louder and louder until it sounded like it was coming from outside. All the Pokémon, including Tesla, held their heads up. The look on their faces told everyone that something was up.

"That doesn't sound like police helicopters," said Matt, "Not even militarycraft."

"What does it sound like?" Kissinger asked.

"Vertibirds," said Mark, "Vertical take-off and landing aircraft, their engines are muted but there weren't any stationed here."

Something heavy dropped in the backyard, followed by some shuffling and shouts. Seconds later, the shuffling and shouting ceased and the rotor blades slowly faded away.

"What the . . ." Mark said.

The group got up and ran to the back door, Mark yanked it open and the group stepped out. Ash's body was gone, so were his Pikachu, Oshawott, and Scraggy. There were deep impressions in the soil, something rectangular-shaped. The group looked over to the horizon and saw an osprey flying off, the red R painted on the tail wing gave the owners away.

"Look's like Team Rocket made a move," said Mark, "Whatever they're trying to pull, they're pulling it now."

The air raid sirens started sounding, screaming across the landscape under the orange apocalyptic sky. Kissinger felt his face freeze, the Undead nightmare wasn't really over. It was just the start of something more.