August, 1995

"It's raining," George announced, who was standing by the window. Fred, who was sitting on the floor, looked out the window. The steady downpour of rain beat against the window, making a soft thumping noise.

"So it is," Fred replied. George walked over and sat down next to his twin, who was working on the new Decoy Dementers. A boom wemt off.

"This stinks," George said, "All of our pranks for today were going to be outside, but now they can't." Fred furrowed his brow. Another loud boom, went off, drowning out the rain.

"That's true," he replied.

"What are we going to do now?" George asked, as a third loud boom went off.

"For Merlin's sake," Ginny said, opening the door, "You two are as loud as a herd of centaur. I think Dad even heard you, and he's in the garage working on a car, and you know how he is about that sort of rubbish. Mum's right pissed." Fred grinned.

"How pissed?" he asked.

"On a scale of one to ten," she asked. Fred nodded, "She would be a twenty." George whistled.

"Nice," Fred said.

"What are you working on that requires so much noise anyway?" Ginny asked.

"Decoy Denators," Fred replied.

"Decoy what?" Ginny asked.

"Decoy Denators," Fred replied, "You set them off, and then have a lot of smoke. A decoy."

"That doesn't really sound well planned out," she said skeptically.

"Well, it's not yet," George explained, "But we're working on it today because it's raining and all of our pranks that we were going to do have to do with being outside, and we can't do them."

"You poor souls," Ginny replied sarcastically.

"You were supposed to get chicken guts poured on your head," Fred offered.

"How kind," Ginny replied, "And here I was thinking you two were too mature for pranks like that."

"The basics are always the best Ginny," George said, smirking, "Always."

"All right then," Ginny said, "I'm going to go back downstairs and help Mum with lunch."

"You could stay here if you wanted," Fred said, "You could help us make indoor pranks."

"You want me to help you make pranks?" Now Ginny looked even more skeptical, "Why?"

"Because I had to make lunch with Mum once," Fred said solemnly, "Never again."

"All right," Ginny replied uncertainly, and sat down beside them.

By lunch, everyone in the entire house had been pranked. They were not happy.

"Guess rain isn't so bad after all," George shrugged.

"We should do this again sometime," Fred said.

"Sure," Ginny said, "How about the next time it rains?"


August 1998

"George," Ginny hissed. The whole family was back at the Burrow today. Harry was upstairs with Andromeda, who was (trying to) teach Harry how to put Teddy down for a nap, and everyone else was in the living room.

"What?" George asked. Ginny motioned for him to come and he followed her into the other room.

"It's raining," she said with a small smile. George looked out the window. Rain thumped against it. He smiled.

"Let's get to work," he said.

A/N-This was for thefirstservant's Chinese Moon Festival (the Family Slice) and Fire the Canon's Hogwarts Games with the Weasley Family.