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RECAP: Draco goes to Terius for blood and pudding, after waking from his nap and ending the conversation with Severus. He is not yet ready to handle the exhaustion from the ritual and falls asleep in Terius's lap, only to be found by Severus, who takes Draco away to let him rest in one of the empty guest rooms. Once they are alone, a sleeping Draco awakens in time to have an important conversation with Severus. When Severus gives him one last chance to refuse, Draco responds by showing him just how serious he is.

Thin spikes of pain shocked him into the present moment and Severus realized, belatedly, that there was little he could do without directly manhandling Draco, seeing as the younger dragel currently had his little fangs embedded in his rather large ear. Before he could so much as voice a protest of any sort, Draco had decided that he didn't prefer that spot after all and sucked on it for a moment, before pulling away and taking another dainty bite out of the sensitive patch of skin just beneath his ear.

A definite mouthful, this time.

Severus stifled a groan. Bloodsharing was one of the most intimate pleasures between Bonded dragels, depending on the depth and type of bond, whether it was familial or spousal. At this particular moment, Draco taking the initiative had successfully lifted a burden from his troubled mind, while saddling his heart with another slew of worries and apprehensions.

His churning mind was silenced when Draco sucked on the new bite and disengaged his fangs only to bite down again—just an inch away from the first site. Severus's mind blanked and his dragel rushed to the surface. No Alpha could remain perfectly calm under such a sensual onslaught. A Submissive's attempt to be dominant was rarely appreciated unless said dominant enjoyed it. Severus had absolutely no delusions about where he stood on that particular spectrum.

Having already situated his hands along Draco's newly bared torso, he growled, and inwardly congratulated himself at the answering whine and Draco's wriggle to push himself closer.

That was all the permission Severus needed.

It didn't take any effort at all to tumble Draco to the bed, using one hand to cradle the blond head, so that his feeding would not be interrupted, while the other hand held the smaller body against his own. Severus took a short, sharp breath, letting Draco's scent wash over him. He had too many regrets in his life to let another one come forward.

He wanted this. Draco, apparently wanted it as well. That made two of them and that was the confirmation that was necessary.

Draco was old enough to choose for himself and their dragels had already apparently considered them to be suitable bonding material or else the temporary claiming marks would not have taken hold. He could feel a soft ache building in his chest, a hint that their magic was already intertwined. He would be foolish to pretend that nothing was happening and if something obviously was happening, then he'd just have to make the best of it. After all, wasn't that the philosophy he'd lived his entire existence with up to this very point?

Another innocent bite had another growl building up in his throat and Severus turned his face directly into the new warmth of Draco's neck, he took a full breath of the scent that was all Submissive and all Draco. He nuzzled, instinctively, along the mating mark he'd placed earlier. It would be unbearably sensitive, but suitable retribution for the ravaging of his own neck, he felt. Selecting a point to tease with his tongue, Severus licked, nipped and sucked until he felt Draco shudder beneath him.

Small fangs left his neck once more as Draco stopped feeding long enough for a plaintive mewl and forgot to take another bite. He squirmed on the soft duvet and let his hands fall from Severus's neck to fist in the fabric around his neck, using it as leverage to pull him closer. He'd already lost the ability to speak as another series of whines filled the air.

Severus smirked into his neck before he bit down with painstaking care. The bite was gentle and practiced, fangs slipping into newly aroused skin with just the right amount of pressure to coax an encouraging sound from Draco. Severus tightened his grip on Draco's smaller form, keeping him still as he drew the first mouthful and prepared for the reality that came with it.

A fantastical rush of raw magical power flooded through both dragels almost at once. Magic was half intent and this time, there were no half-hearted protests or unshared worries to cloud the moment. This time, it worked.

Draco held himself perfectly still, eyes squeezed shut as he focused on the hot mouth and warm lips working sensuously at the side of his neck, those calloused hands splayed along his exposed upper body. Something inside of his chest seemed to shift and click into place, relief washing over him as he understood that something important had just happened.

The starting ache in his chest faded away as Severus felt a shift and click of his own, a note of surprise registering as he acknowledged the Bonding's beginning and entertained the thought that such an obvious change meant that perhaps there was more to their bonding than he could have known.

Soulbonded? Maybe. Perhaps. That was far too much luck for him though. He would not think of it. If it were true, then he'd discover the truth in due time anyway. He could feel Draco's short pants along his neck and the death grip on his collar. That wouldn't really do. It would be much easier to continue things without the hassle of clothes in the way.

Draco's hands patted alongside the fabric of Severus's trademark black, even in Death Eater robes. He tugged at the handfuls he could gain purchase on and tried to communicate his desire to have them removed. He wanted to touch and feel Severus, a wish that was granted when Severus whispered the words for the spell that banished his everlasting black elsewhere.

A soft gasp escaped as Draco lost his grip and half-fell back to the bed before he caught himself by bracing on his elbows. Hazy silver eyes took in the sudden, vast expanse of pale, scarred skin. A glamour? He wondered, tentatively reaching out to run his fingers over definite ridges and valleys on Severus's chest.

Somehow, he had expected Severus to be scarred, even though he instinctively knew that dragel healing should have covered and healed the worst of things. A dreadful realization curled in his gut and he reached up, looping his arms around Severus's head with care, before giving a very definite jerk to pull him back down to his neck. He wanted to feel those fangs in his neck and he didn't want to look at those pitch black eyes that were still so very guarded.

He didn't think he could bear it. Using one arm to keep Severus close, Draco explored with his other hand, relying on his photographic memory to help him remember what he'd seen. The worst of the scars were surely caused by sadistic spellwork, he'd seen a few imprints that reminded him of his mother's signature when she was unhappy with the house elves. It made a lump catch in his throat and he forced himself to fight the instinctive haze that would draw his emotions to the surface.

He needed to be strong for Severus—and himself. He could not let emotions rule or ruin this moment. Maybe later, they would be appreciated, maybe later, he could seek revenge—his dragel certainly wanted it—but for now, he would simply touch, feel and be. That was all Severus would want from him, anyway. Draco pressed a hot, wet kiss to the sluggishly bleeding line of bitemarks along his Alpha's neck.

In all honesty, he'd just been a little irritated upon discovering that his ability to speak was slipping away—and would vanish until their bonding was complete—so he'd tried to make his point, perhaps a little more viciously than necessary. But then again, Severus hadn't complained. Draco licked at the tender wounds, trying to ignore the very minute flinches he could feel when he touched a particularly sensitive spot.

Severus's shoulders were taut and rigid, like the rest of him, but Draco could appreciate the image of lean, tight muscle that was now forever burned into his mind's eye. He would never have guessed that Severus could be this chiseled underneath those flowy teaching robes. If only the girls at school had known—he smirked, letting his wandering hand travel absently up to Severus's hair. They would never have the chance to see—or even guess at it—if he had his way now. He'd make sure that Severus always wore those robes now, for this body would be for his eyes alone.

In spite of the lean, slender frame, there was definite muscle beneath the almost unnaturally pale skin. Potions, Draco mused to himself, as Severus was just self-sacrificing enough that he would have tested his own potions on himself. That spurred another thought and he paused in his thoughts when a warming charm wrapped around them both.

A full-throated purr of delight filled the room. Draco squeezed his eyes shut, knowing fully well that he was blushing as bright as Pansy's ridiculous new shade of lipstick. He felt Severus shake above him, a deliciously dark chuckle doing things to his body that he hadn't yet learned to control. He had no time to puzzle through that when Severus's large, calloused hand reached between them and all coherent thought successfully fled.

From there, it blurred.

Draco could only formulate snatches of coherence as Severus's talented hands, lips and tongue successfully brought him to completion—twice. His mind tortured him with the fact that Severus was very well-endowed—a reality he could believe, when Severus opted for a slow, leisurely thrust that nearly drove him mad with such precise, exquisite pleasure. He did not let himself dwell on the fact that Severus must have had other partners to be able to perform so flawlessly.

Instead, he focused on the fact that Severus's hair was definitely not greasy, but rather incredibly soft and fine—as well as spell-cleaned. He had a ridged scar on the back of his neck as if someone had attempted to hack his head off and failed—a detail that Draco was most grateful for—and in those brief moments of clarity, Draco found himself reassured by the crooked beak of a nose that reminded him this was definitely no dream.

Only Severus could have a nose like that. Draco kissed and nuzzled it, hoping to show his appreciation for his Alpha's uniqueness and unconventional looks. Severus would probably never be beautiful—to anyone, but him and that was just fine. When he saw stars again, before his vision when black, Draco finally found his voice, screeching his unadulterated pleasure to the ceiling and whoever else was around to hear.

And then, he knew nothing at all.

When Draco woke again, it was to the dark velvet tones of Severus's quiet chuckle from beneath him. The laughter, however muted and tempered, caused his chest to vibrate and the movement brought Draco to full awareness. He blinked owlishly at the face beneath him, the harsh lines that somehow seemed to have softened by a few fractions. Dark eyes sought his face and took in every uncontrolled expression until he roused himself enough to school his features into some semblance of his Malfoy mask.

He watched as Severus's own features began to sharpen and rearrange themselves into something indescribable and with some effort, he pushed himself forward to bump noses and nuzzle along that strong jaw. Draco didn't even bother to stop the pleased purr that slipped out as he relaxed, realizing that he was carefully draped over Severus's front, snugly wrapped in the sheets and blankets. His guess was correct, because Severus froze, then mirrored the same relaxation.

There was no real need for words and so Draco chose to keep his silence, basking in the knowledge that he was irrevocably intertwined with Severus now and there would be no way for the lone wolf wizard to deny their bond. He thought they were decently matched, as far as dragel instincts, anyway and the lure of Severus's potent magic was merely a lovely addition to things. Pillowing his head on Severus's chest, Draco shifted so his left ear rested directly over Severus's heart.

He listened to the beat that was too familiar and regular, realizing that the steady, calming beat was yet another thing that Severus could control—the man was a master of secrets and perfection, least of all being the magnificent control he had over his body. Control that Draco had enjoyed just minutes ago. He sighed, softly. "Do it again," the words slipped out.

Severus made a questioning sound in his throat.

"That last one," Draco yawned, snuggling in for a good nap. He'd be happy to indulge again as soon as he'd rested enough to be able to keep his eyes open.

"Oh?" Severus was amused. "Enjoyed that?"

"Immensely." Draco sniffed. He patted what part of Severus that he could reach without having to move too much. That last round had been quite inventive and even if he had blacked out from the sheer pleasure of it, he fully intended to enjoy a second round. After all, practice made perfect and if he practiced, well, that remained to be seen.

"Draco…" Severus began.

Draco lifted his head and one finger was pressed to Severus's thin lips. "If you ruin this," he said, warningly. "We'll need to repeat everything."

Severus's lips twitched in that faint approximation of what he always did instead of smiling outright. He opted to nibble on Draco's fingertip instead. Draco wrinkled his nose and withdrew his finger, slipping from lying atop Severus to cuddling close at his side. A faint twinge in his lower back reminded him of certain aches in certain places and he resolutely closed his eyes, resolving to sleep it off. His mother had said that was the best option for a first time, anyway.

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