After watching ep 1 of season 9 I had to write this one.


"Get out!" she yelled.
Callie sighed and obeyed her wife.
She slowly closed the door, but didn't let go of the door handle. Her fingers embraced the cold metal.


She waited for the dry click to come. The dry click that always followed when the door closed and she could finally let her tears go.
But she kept waiting.

"Leave me alone, Calliope!"

It remained silent for a while, before her wife's voice echoed from behind the door: "I won't leave you alone, Arizona. I promised you I would stay in good days and in bad days…"

Arizona closed her eyes, the anger swelling in her guts: "Oh you promised?! You promised huh?! Don't you dare to talk to me about promises…"

She listened to the silence, but there was still no click.

"You promised me to…"


Arizona expected to hear the door open, angry footsteps walking in and the furious breathing of her wife or even the click of the door and the crying of her wife. But there was only a cold silence. The sort of silence that was accompanied by a series of unspoken words. A quietness that carried feelings wherefore all words failed. A silence that was the only solution to express an unbearable amount of pain.

Arizona was familiar with these silences. They still haunted her nightmares. The image of her father and mother, trying to tell her, struggling with words and finally pronounce: "Tim died…" But it was the silence thereafter that made Arizona realise the unthinkable had happened. The silence that fell upon her thoughts when it hit her. Her brother died. The same silence had appeared when Callie lay on the OR table, coding. She had wanted to scream, to yell, but there were no words to express the pain she felt that very moment.

And now it was right here, right now: the unanswerable silence.
She stared in front of her as her thoughts slowed down, to finally freeze and everything went silent.

She had been staring in complete silence at the alarm clock for twenty-seven minutes when she heard the door handle going down.


At the other side of the door, Callie froze. For the first time in thirty days her wife had said something to her that didn't carry anger in her voice.
This was…
Callie couldn't define it. Was it fear; or regret; or even something that carried a faint sparkle of love?


She threw the blanket on the floor, rolled herself onto Callie's side of the bed. Lying on the place her wife used to sleep, she stopped. Her scent wasn't there anymore. Arizona swallowed, realising she had missed the fragrance of the tanned skin that scented, even on the coldest of winter days, like summer. She wanted to bury her nose into the raven black hair and breathe in the comforting scent of Callie's shampoo. She sighed, realising those moments were already memories. Their beauty already diminishing among the billion others that were in the current that formed her memory. The glory of their details dissolved, their brightness fading away in the grey mass. Slowly time had taken their beauty, like it had always done. Somewhere, somewhere, there should be a place where all that stolen beauty, all those glorious details rested. A place where time ended its endless robbery.

She tried to pull herself up, using the head of the bed and sat down at the edge of it, staring at the emptiness where her left leg should be. She had to see her eyes. She had to see her wife's eyes, right now.

She took a deep breath and pulled herself up, using the bedside table. She wavered, closed her eyes, prepared for the fall, but it didn't come. Instead she felt two warm hands around her shoulders.

She felt the warm breathing in her neck and slowly watched over her shoulder, seeing only her wife's nose. The silence was there again, only now it carried thankfulness. Arizona tried to find her balance and made an attempt to turn over to Callie, who wordlessly felt what she wanted.
Tears escaped her eyes when she met her wife's gaze.


"You're still there…" she whispered happily, looking at those blue eyes, finally recognising Arizona.
Her wife fell into her arms and whispered: "So are you…"
Callie embraced her wife tighter: "I never left…"

Even though this is a one-shot, I would still like to know what you think of it. Is it too dramatic? Unrealistic? I would love to hear your thoughts...