Love gives.

Death takes.

I say blood runs in both.

And in the end,

Sparks fly,

And Death sucks.

"Malima can you please come down now?" Mom called up her vocie not quite as peircing as it was two months ago and I glanced at my open door, then ignored her and typed furiously on my blog which I created out of a memorial to Carly.

"For all you bitches who where a bitch to my sister fuck you and go to hell. And never ever say she was sweet and you'll miss her cuz u wont and dont care that she's six feet in the ground!"

I immediatly got answers to my blog answer to Amber's (Pop) post.

"Calm down Mali she's just showing respect." -Todd

"Uh no! Todd whoeva! Amber was a stone cold bitch and she's just havin fun screwin with my BFF!" -Chloe

"Yo! This is supposed to be a peaceful blog...not a place where you chicks fight all the time." -Kyle

"You got that right man." -Todd

"Hey! Ur part of this damn fight! So no talkin!" -Chloe

"Will you all just shut up! Ur givin me a computerized headache!" -FREAK!

"Ugh! Mali! I told u not to call yourself that! Ur not a FREAK!" -Chloe

"Ugh since when did you become my Mom?" -FREAK!

"Since your Mom became a mute." - Chloe

"...Fuck off bitch dont talk to me..." -FREAK!

"Oh dont call me a bitch!" -Chloe

"Im callin you a damn bitch since you called my sister a slut and a whore before she died!" -PISSED OFF FREAK!

"...she deserved it at the time..." -Chloe

"Did she deserve to die to?" -FREAK!

"Whoa! You called her those things Chloe?" -Daniel 3 Chloe

"Ugh dont get in this Dan!" -Chloe

"Way to be a bitch Chloe." -Greg

"Yah who stuck a stick up ur ass?" -Daniel 3 Chloe

"Ugh fuck off Daniel!" -Chloe

"...fine...I dont want a selfish bitch as a girlfriend anyway..." -Daniel /3 Chloe

"Ugh im not doin this right now...ttyl Daniel?" -Chloe

"Ugh no I dont want to talk to u. Dont have anything to say cuz im not dattin u." -Daniel/single!

"FINE!" -Chloe/Pissed off and free of Daniel at last!

"Uhhh awkward..." - CiCi :,(

"Tell me bout it...Hey! Got my adoption results! But I havent looked at them yet..." -FREAK SCARED

"Tell!" - Todd

"Tell!" - Daniel/Single!

"Tell!" - Kyle

"Tell us girl!" - Greg

"Yeah Spill!" CiCi curious?

"The results are... Date of Birth: April 16

Hair color: Black, long, curling hair

Skin color: Natural tanned skin (Native heirtage) sis was right I am indian well only half.

Eye color: Blue/Purple eyes

Adoptive Parents: Miechal Itisun and Margret Itisun

Biological Parents: Father: Nathianual Grey and Mother: Unknown

Adoptive parent's origin: Originated from Ireland

Biological Parent's origin: Father originated from the La Brook reservation and Mother's origin unknown

Biological parent's # if needed: 345-789-0723

Biological parent's address: Cottage # 16 near the forest and in La Brook reservation

...Wow got more info than I wanted... thats crazy!" -FREAK FREAKED OUT!

"Wow.." CiCi...

"Cool!" - Todd, Daniel/Single!, Greg, and Kyle

"Congrats on your find Mali." -Scotty&Carly Forever


"...thx hw r u?" -FREAK

"...good and you?" -Scotty&Lookin for new girl

"Fine I found my parents! Well my Dad... and I wanna meet them." -Malima: FREAK!

"Whoa girlfriend I dont think thats a good idea!" - Greg

"I need to...I have too and I dont know why...anywho I gtg." -FREAK GO BYE BYE NOW

"Bye." - Greg, Daniel/Single,Kyle,Scotty&Lookin for a new girl and CiCi :,(

I logged off and sighed and sat back and pulled out my cell and started to text Scotty, man I was on a roll with electronics lately.

"Heyy...So hw r u really?"

"Fine...Really im good...I gtg"

I frowned and clicked off my phone and I heard Mom holler again "MALIMA DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!" and I sighed and rolled off my bed and sloched down the stairs, and scowled at Mom and Dad sitting daintly in there chairs and eating Dad couldnt read the newspaper at the table nor could i text anymore thanks to Mom who now demanded perfect dinners. I glared at her while I chewed silently and she tilted her head up giving me a full view of her boggies slightly intimadated in my stare which surprised me, and when I was finished I got up silently and stormed from the room that only held tension and awkwardness that was my relationship with my parents now. I went back up to my room like a hermit and went back to the website and I stared at the cell number and I made my descision, time to finally speak to my real father and find out my real family.

"Hello?" a young boy's vocie answered and I frowned maybe I got the wrong number.

"Hi can I speak to Mr. Grey?" I asked and there was a pause before he asked

"And who are you?"

"I-i'm his daughter and who are you?"

"Im his bestfriend's son and Nate doesnt have a daughter." he said matter-of-factly and I humpfhed.

"I was adopted." I snapped and there was silence then static as if the phone was bing jostled around then

"Hello?" an older man said gruffly and my heart turned to ice,

"Hi Im Malima Itisan and Im your daighter you gave up 16 years ago." I said formally and the old man sighed and muttered something like damn leech.

"Yes and im Nate Grey and Im your father?" He assumed and I replied with a yes and there was another silence.

"Well am I allowed to meet you?" I asked and Nate hesitated

"Well...alright but you have to wait intil the summer alright? 2 months shouldnt kill ya right?" he said and we thought up a date.

"Well good-bye kid." he said gruffly and hung-up before I could utter my good-bye and I frowned down at the phone, two months before I could meet my father and who was that kid?