Chapter 3


Uncle Ren and Sid had identical looks on their faces, as if they were thinking about something important.

I walked over to Alia, "Hey Alia."

I stretched my arm around her shoulder. I noticed that Uncle Dan was glaring daggers at me since I did. Well Alia was his daughter.

"Dan!" Aunt Runo smacked him. "Don't be a jerk!"

"Owwwwwwwwwww, Runo" he rubbed his head where he was hit.

Alia and I snickered. It was amusing to see Uncle Dan get hit by Aunt Runo. Sid noticed and was laughing with Floria-I needed to hook them up one day. They would make a cute couple.

Jazz and Uncle Keith had their arms crossed as if they were annoyed. They looked so much a like; they dye their hair the same shade of blonde, have the same completion and same eye color.

Sid had gone back to his thinking and I couldn't help but wonder what it was my cousin was considering. I didn't wish to anger him, so I didn't ask what he was concentrating on in case it was important. I walked over to parents and leaned against my father. He was in a heated debate-it was quiet though- with Mom about something I did not understand.

"Fabia, it has to be!" Dan whispered sharply.

Mom countered, "How? You know they're-" she stopped when she noticed me. "Shun we'll talk about this later." Mom hugged me, "Hi Jin."

I swear my mom baby's me and would never let me fight in a war-if one were to come- even if the fate of the universe was at stake. I understand that Jin- not me, but a man that my mom had loved with all her heart- died in the Gundalian Neathian War and she was afraid that would happen to me. I had my friends to watch my back though if I needed it.

Uncle Ren spoke, "I know that some of us like me have been considering that one of the Twelve Orders is behind this, but who? They're all dead except the Prime Minister and Luke, who would never do it."

"Well whoever is behind it we will figure it out," Aunt Ve said. "Kids, I'm sorry, but you can not help us."

"But I was the one who was poisoned and I wanna help find out who did it, Mom!" Sid yelled at his mom.

"Sid Krawler! Don't raise your voice at me!"

Sid cowered behind Uncle Ace to escape from his mom's wrath. The adults made us leave while they went to Aunt Ve's and Uncle Ren's office to inform the Prime Minister about this and to find out who caused it.

"Guys let's go to my house, so I can change and take a shower," Sid said.

I nodded. When we got there Sid grabbed some clothes and took a shower.



'That's a lot better,' I thought.

I felt clean and I realized how hungry I was. Luckily while I was in the shower Floria-what a wonderful girl- made food.

I attacked the mountain of food. Uncle Dan would have been jealous; there were ribs, pizza,rice noodles and much more. Of course I shared it with all my friends, but I ate the most.


"Oh Ren, should we tell him?" Vandalia asked me tearing up. "I can't lie to him, but I don't want to tell him."

We discovered that- through much use of Vandalia's, Luke's and Stella's telepathic abilities- all of the Twelve Orders except Barodius, Prim Minister Nurzak and Luke were behind Sid being poisoned. They wanted revenge and also think that they could use Sid to bring back Barodius. I had no idea how any of them were alive, all of them were killed the day the war ended.

Keith sighed, "He will find out eventually, Vandalia. You can't hide the truth from Sid forever. He'll know everything, soon," I knew and so did everyone else that Keith did not just mean about the Twelve Orders.

Vandalia was shaking, "Sid's a kid though."

"So were you when you fought the Vexos, Masquerade and the Tweleve Orders," Kiba reminded her. "You and Ren became Dark Protectors before you were old enough to start kindergarten."

"Exactly why I don't want Sid or the other kids to get involved!" my wife countered what her Guardian Bakugan had said.

I hugged Vandalia lightly because I understood what she had meant. She wanted Sid to grow up as normally as possible, but I knew that had become impossible for him and possibly the other kids.


A sharp pain went through my head. I fell to my knees clutching my pain filled head in my hands.

"Sid!" Floria yelled. "Jin call Aunt Ve or Uncle Ren!"

I heard Jin on the phone with my parents, my cousin was panicking. The pain kept coming back like someone was trying to force their way into my mind. I heard people running into the house and my father gathered me into his arms.

"Dad . . .It hurts," I moaned.

He whispered, "Sid what hurts? What's going on?"

"My head . . .feels like . . . someone's," I passed out.


Sid went limp.

"Kids," Dan said. "Remember the stories we told you about the Gundalian-Neathian War? The bad guys from it are trying to bring back their leader Barodius using Sid."

Floria cried out, "Why Sid?! Why not one of us instead?!"

Zenet hugged her crying daughter in an attempt to comfort her, "We're not going to let them, Flor."

"Is it because he's a decedent of Barodius?" Jin asked, sounding shockingly innocent.

"Yes," Vandalia answered. "Maybe they think that Sid's a reincarnation of my father or something crazy like that?"

Ve rested her head on my shoulder with her head against Sid's. I put my arm-that wasn't holding Sid-around her. She was watching Sid sleep and I could hear his calm breathing.

I thought, 'What are we going to do?'

'We protect him. Like I said to earlier, he can't know about this, Ren,' Ve replied.

I sighed, "I'm going to take Sid to his room. Then we can think of a plan. For now, we're not telling Sid about what's happening."

I took Sid to his room, put him in his bed and covered him with the covers. He still looked pained, but it was less now.

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