Fire Daisies

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Final Chapter, Chapter 9

Katniss' POV

We don't have a wedding. We just have a private toasting. No papers from the Justice Building, but that toasting made us more married than a little paper. Peeta moved into my house, and my room is now our room. When I have paralyzing dreams, Peeta doesn't get as frightened anymore.

We've only had one fight, and that was about having a baby.

It was simple: Peeta wanted one and I didn't.

I ended up storming off into the woods, even sleeping there, but Peeta finds me, I cry, he stops me and apologizes, and we go back home. I have a feeling all of our fights' aftermaths are going to be like that.

Now I have two fire daisies. I still keep the one I was gifted back in fifth grade, and the engagement gift. The latter was a fake flower, because Peeta never wanted it to die, like our love. It smells like him; cinnamon and sugar. It was probably in his house for a while. Peeta still has episodes. I am there to comfort him. I still have nightmares. Peeta is there for me. When Peeta paints, I go hunt. While I record information about passed ones in our Book, Peeta draws. We always bake together, though I'm still a failure at it. I think baking just gives us an excuse to get very touchy-feely.

I have lost Cinna, Prim, Finnick, Rue, Mags, Pollux's brother, Portia, Peeta's family, Peeta's prep team, Wiress, Boggs, the Leegs, and Madge and her family.

But I am happy with Peeta.

And he is happy with me.

And that is all that matters.

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Author's Note:

This may not be my best work. It is just a small piece I worked on while I am on (and still on) writer's block for Panem High: Fresh as Men. Since this block is still nagging at me, I am making another story called Mystery Voice. I think you AU-people out there will like it.

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