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Chapter 3: What do we do now?

A familiar infant kicked the brunette in the back of his head. Satisfied with the cry that came from his student, the fedora'd baby walked over to the middle of the room. "Dame-Tsuna, you really should be more aware of what's going on."

"Mou, Reborn, that doesn't mean you had to kick me!" The teen sat up from his slumped state on the floor and persistently rubbed the back of his head, hoping the pain would go away.

"I'll let you off the hook for now, since it's my fault that I haven't taught you about the past Vongola generations yet." The brunet let out a silent sigh of relief. "However, this means I'll just have to train you more than before." Said teen suddenly felt his relief turn straight into dread. He could already feel the pain just by imagining Reborn's next 'lessons'.

The strangers watched the two quarrel with confusion written all over their face. Feeling their stares, the sun arcobaleno made his way over to them. "Ciaossu, Vongola." The foreigners immediately raised their guard, and the infant raised a defensive hand to show he meant no harm. "Si può capire giapponese, giusto? Sarebbe più facile per il mio studente di comprendere la conversazione in questo modo." (You can understand Japanese, correct? It'd be easier for my student to understand the conversation that way.)

Six pairs of eyes fell on their blond leader, who after a brief pause, nodded his head in agreement. Reborn motioned for Tsuna, who was now holding the unconscious Lambo in his arms, Gokudera, and Yamamoto to come over to them, the three boys eying them warily as they did...well more like Tsuna and Gokudera while Yamamoto was smiling as if this was another 'game'.

"Now that we got that settled, we can begin. As I said dame-Tsuna, this is the first generation of Vongola." The brunet nodded his head in understanding, glancing nervously at his predecessor, before looking back at his tutor. "S-so why are they here now? Shouldn't their spirits be in the ring?"

Reborn rubbed his chin in thought. "I'm not so sure what's going on. I'll have to report this to Nono, and see where we go from here." That's when the Mukuro look-a-like decided to cut in. "While this is fun and all, you still haven't answered where we are or why we're here. Also, why do refer to us as the first generation?" The others nodded in agreement.

Tsuna was confused. Shouldn't they know about their successors? The only way he wouldn't was if...and something clicked in Tsuna's head. "U-um, I know this is a weird question, but can you tell me what year it is?" The red headed male clicked his tongue in annoyance. "What are you, dumb? It's 16XX."

Gokudera and Tsuna's eyes widened, Yamamoto started laughing, and Reborn smirked. "Good job dame-Tsuna, you've figured out the source of the problem." A faint 'stop calling me that' was heard before the black haired robed man shouted out "I INTESILY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON!"

"Then allow me to explain," said Reborn. "It seems that you have been brought to the future, thanks to the brat's bazooka. From the looks of it, it's not just your spirits, as you appear to have corporeal bodies."

The room went dead silent before the strangers became aggressive.

"I'll arrest you for coming up with such an absurd story."

"Nufufufu, do you really think we'd fall for that?"

"Ore-sama just wants to go home."

"Haha, what an interesting turn of events."


"What do you take us for, morons?!"

"How dare you doubt Reborn!," shouted Gokudera. Tsuna began to quiver in fear. Sure it was a crazy hypothesis, but it wasn't impossible, considering everything else that's happened in his life. He was close to panicking about how to get the others to believe them, nervously chewing his bottom lip as he thought of every way this situation could turn from bad to worse.


The strangers fell silent and all eyes fell on the blond Tsuna look-a-like. He had such a cool, controlling aura, that Tsuna couldn't help but stare in awe. He could have sworn the blond's gaze met his own for a few seconds before he shifted his line of vision back to Reborn. "Infant, I do not sense that you are lying, however the story is quite farfetched. Do you have any proof for us, so we no longer have any doubts?"

"You heard him dame-Tsuna. Go get some proof," Reborn demanded, all eyes now focused on said brunet. Jolting from the sudden attention, Tsuna fretted over what to choose that could prove they weren't lying. As he scanned the room, he noticed Gokudera flagging down his boss through soft coughing. The silver haired teen subtly jerked his head toward a calender so conveniently hanging on the wall outside the kitchen. "Of course!" With a quick smile, he mouthed out a 'thank you' to his right hand man (not noticing Gokudera's blushing, triumphant expression), Tsuna handed Lambo over to Yamamoto before going to grab the calender. Along the way, he remembered that Lambo's bazooka caused this mess, so he grabbed that too.

The brunet placed the bazooka next to his tutor, and handed the calender to his older look-a-like. He couldn't help but think he imagined the faint spark that passed through him when his fingers brushed against the other's frigid metal gloves. The first generation huddled over their boss, staring at the bold '20XX' at the top of the page. Someone murmured, "Can we even trust this?" as another responded ,"Anyone can forge a calender."

A few moments after debating, their boss let out a tired sigh, before glancing back at Reborn. "We don't have much else to go on, but this will have to do for now."

Tsuna practically wanted to cry out in relief, but the look Reborn sent him made him keep his mouth shut. "Tsuna, I want you to call the rest of your guardians."

"W-why?" Reborn tipped his fedora and aimed his Leon-shaped gun at his feet, before pulling the trigger. The teen shrieked and immediately ran for the phone. "Alright, alright! Just stop shooting at me!" The arcobaleno smirked before readdressing the first generation. "As soon as everyone arrives, we can start to get things sorted out. Gokurerda and Yamamoto, watch after them. I'm going to go make a phone call myself."

From what Tsuna could make out while waiting for the first guardian to answer his phone, he felt it in his bones that things were going to go sour. Soon.


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