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This is very AU, like so AU only the names, appearances, and parts of personalities are the same as the show.

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Nina's POV

My name is Nina Martin. I am 16 years old. I live in Venice, Italy. I used to think life was easy. That was until it happened.

See, when I was twelve, I used to live with Gran in America but then a huge fire burned down our home. The police put me in a home, saying that it wasn't my fault, but I know it was. So a week after staying in that horrible home, I fled to the ship yard, where I castaway. I didn't know where I was going, all I knew was that I was going away from America to some place I didn't know.

When I got off the ship in one piece at the port, I noticed that everything was dirty and unclean. As I walked down the streets I saw the people, they were wearing worn out clothing and it was dirty. When a hand grabbed my shoulder I thought I was through. But when I turned around, it was just an older woman.

"Lassie, you stick out more than a stick in mud," she said, her accent hard to understand, but I got the gist. I nodded and followed her as she tugged on my arm.

She led me to a small door in the wall, where she pushed me through, into a garden. I was amazed. It was so large.

"So, Lassie, who did you get here?" she asked, sitting down on a worn bench.

"I came here on a ship from America," I answered, sitting down on the grass. She nodded.

"Something about you just screamed foreign," she nodded. "So what are you running from."

Why not just tell the truth? So I did. Down to the last word.

"My, what a story," she muttered. "But what I would like to know is how you know Italian so well?"

I stared at her. "I'm American."

"Come Lassie, I know you aren't American, it ain't America! This is Italy! Venice, Italy!"

I stared at her as I began to realize what had happened.

That was all four years ago. Now I am 16 and am a developed thief. I am a loner, no one thinks I exist.

That lady, her name was Trudy, had helped me in so many ways. She had fed me for my first months here, taught me more Italian, though, Gran had taught me most of what I know. She also gave me my first knife. There are a few others as well, Amber, Piper, Patricia, Joy, Jerome, Mara, Mick, Eddie, Alfie, and Willow.

In a way, they are my family. Along with a few others Trudy seems to keep under her wing. Amber, who is always stealing to feed her and her younger sisters, Piper and Patricia, the two of whom Trudy seems to have a job alone with watching. Joy, who is the strategist of the group. Jerome is the best thief we have, and taught me all I know. Mara is the other strategist of the group, but predicts what they will do next, she is right 90% of the time. Mick is the sport of the group, he taught everyone how to train and be quick. Eddie is the cook, and researcher. Alfie helps with the research and is another thief. Willow is the youngest girl of the group, even younger than the ten year old twins, Piper and Patricia. Willow is the cutie of the group. She goes around begging, and avoids the police when needed. And I am the main thief. The others don't go out much, but I do. I'm called the Night's Cloak by the poor folk because I only attack at night, and to the rich.

My story of how I met him is strange. Even stranger than my family…


"Nina! Dinner's ready!" called Joy up the stairs.

"Coming!" I called back down, jumping up from my desk where I had been reviewing for tonight's job. I jumped down the stairs, folding the map of the city into my pocket. When I pushed open the door, arms were thrown around me. I twisted around, making it so that the capture was now the captive. "Nice try Jerome," I muttered in his ear.

"I do my best. Now would you please let go of me?" he asked.

I lessened my grip and joined Amber in my seat at the table. Trudy had made a good meal from what we all had managed to grab today, a loaf of bread, spaghetti, some sort of sauce, and wine.

"Thank you Trudy!" said Alfie, sitting down and pulling all the food towards himself.

"Sharing is caring Alfie!" cried Patricia, shoving out one of her too skinny wrists. I glanced at my half full plate of spaghetti.

"Here, Patricia, you can have some of mine," I said, spooning some of the food onto the twins' plates. They clapped their hands and dug in.

Joy glanced over at me from next to Mara. "You know you shouldn't do that?"

"You need your strength for tonight," continued Mara.

"They need it more guys," I said, picking at the plate of food in front of me. I took a small bite and shoved the rest away. "I can't eat."

"Why not?" asked Eddie, carrying in some more spaghetti.

"Nerves," I muttered. Amber rolled her eyes.

"You normally eat when you are nervous," she said. I pushed my chair back and stood up.

"Well, not today. I've got to go. See ya later guys! Night Patricia! Night Piper! Love you all!" I said, sprinting back up the stairs and gathering up my stuff before anyone could get in my way. But Mick managed to, just before I was about to leave.

"You can't just leave without eating Nina, you'll get hungry," he said. I rolled my eyes.

"Look Mick, if I get hungry, I'll just steal something from the tables there, okay?" I tried to push past him.

"It won't work. They guard the food as well as the loot," he said. I rolled my eyes.

"You are looking at the best trained fighter and thief in Venice, I can do anything!"

As much as I wanted to believe those words, I didn't quite, but I think he did.

"Fine, but don't come back here complaining that it didn't work because you were too hungry," he told me. "Hair."

I frowned but went on my way anyway, tucking my hair into a black hat. Who did he think he was!? My brother? My father?

I scowled into the night as I slunk across the street, heading towards the largest house in town, the Rutter's house.

When I got to the front gate I decided to change my statement to …the Rutter's mansion. Six stories, seventy windows, and an acre of gardens…boy do I wish we could live like that. Not having to steal food to eat. Having the richest clothes on the market, eating the finest foods, that would be heaven…but I know it won't happen.

Snapping out of my day dream I jumped over the ten foot high fence and slink along through the garden, covered by the night and plants.

When the front door became clearer, I knew I was in for a problem. It was large, oak, and very very heavy. I sighed and snuck around the back where I found an open door to the kitchen. Smiling to myself, I found my way in, easing the door closed when I got in. The kitchen was fancy, much more than the coal stove back at Trudy's.

Slipping through the adorned kitchen into a even more furnished dining room, I went back into the kitchen. Noting the stairs that lead up to the servant's quarters, I carefully made my way up those steps. I pasted the snoring butler, and maids' rooms. I counted twenty doors in all.

"Rich, very rich," I muttered to myself as I stopped by an open door. Peering around the corner, I saw the form of a sleeping head maid. I stepped quickly across the door and to another closed door at the end of the hallway.

Easing the door open and closed was the easy part, now I had to find my way across the mansion to the treasury…and I knew it could take all night, if I was lucky.