Nina's POV

The bells were ringing.

It was real.

I was going to do this.

"You ready?" asked a voice beside me. I looked up to see Jerome's teasing face next to me. I nodded stiffly.

"Nothing a master can't handle," I said, clutching the bundle of white flowers in my right hand and slipping my left arm through his right. "I can do this," I muttered before taking a deep breath in.

"You'll be fine Neens," said a beautiful blonde in a pale blue robe. Amber. She was head bride's maid. Jerome was best man.

"You're the most beautiful girl here," smiled Joy, patting my hand.

"Everything is going to be fine, Ms. Martin," said Mick, coming up from behind me.

"Just relax," said Eddie.

"You are pretty!" cried Patricia in her young voice. I smiled slightly.

"Don't drop flowers!" Piper exclaimed.

"We're supporting you the whole way," Willow commented. "Literally. If you faint, someone will help you. Maybe the whole place because you're the one who saves everyone."

"Enjoy it. It only comes once in a lifetime," smiled Mara, patting my shoulder.

"You're beautiful ," Trudy called from the door. "But you need to get out here soon or else!" She smiled and led my family into the hall.

"Congratulations Nina," said Mina, as she and her sister followed Amber, Joy, Willow, Piper, Patricia, and Mara.

"Who knew Fabes would hit gold," laughed Fabio, patting Jerome on the back.

"No one," answered Ariana.

"Everybody," said Alfreda.

"No, two people," cried Alberta.

"Three or four," corrected Agatha.

"The whole wide world," said Annabelle rolling her eyes at her siblings.

I laughed nervously as they too went into the hall.

It was now just me and Jerome waiting for the music.

Hopefully this would be a new beginning, but not the end of what I enjoyed. Maybe someday we could be parents to fine children. Maybe someday we could be happy. Maybe someday I could still be the Night's Cloak. Maybe someday, when Fabian and I were older, we could go back to the United States and try and find where I had lived.

Hopefully, after all this fuss was over, I'd be able to escape back into my old world, the world of the Night's Cloak.

And maybe one day, far in the future, I'll give that cloak to my daughter and she will help Venice for years to come.

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