Custody Wars

This is the official after story to If Germany was a Girl, probably one of my most famous fanfictions at 1,353 views… s/8536571/1/If-Germany-was-a-Girl

I recommend you read the ending of that story… In order to understand this one… SO if you haven't read the ending for that one, do it now… Chapter 7 & 8 at least… So you understand it… This takes place after the madness that happened there… (Don't read the next paragraph unless you like knowing the spoilers like I do in order to see how it all happens). STORY START!

When word of a new island surfacing in the Atlantic ocean, the other countries took notice, holding a meeting… Everyone was in attendance, even the mirconations.

"Dude, we totally have a problem!" America shouted. "Okay so Britain did this screwed up magic trick and now that affected both him and Germany, turning them into girls and now there are new islands appearing in the Atlantic Ocean!"

Egypt got up. "I'll demonstrate my findings once again."

"Sure, take over." America gave Egypt the spotlight.

"A while ago while digging in the ruins, my jakel and I found this one book that seems to speak about the countries… The text said that the countries were personified because of the hopes their people had to create civilization."

"We know that." America commented.

"Yeah, please let me continue." Egypt cleared his throat. "These personified countries would make their empires until there was no more free land. That's already proven itself to be true, but the book also said that once the lands were inhabited the countries could reproduce and create new countries. However since most of us are male, there'd be little opportunity to do so."

"So what's that mean?" Puerto Rico asked, looking at Mexico who was eating tacos.

"It basically means that if the countries had se-se…Se-." Canada couldn't say the word out of embaressment and anxiety.

"So basically if the other countries have sex with eachother they can conceive new countries?" Turkey asked.

"I believe so." Japan said in response, being grabbed by Greece.

"Don't touch him." Siad Greece, looking at Turkey.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Turkey shouted, getting out of his seat.


"However it's also been discovered there were some loopholes." Egypt looked at Britain, who was nervous as hell. "Right, Britain?"

"Oh yeah…" Britain got up, France sitting down in the chair next to him, looking at him with a smirk of satisfaction. "Well… I used this one spell from an old tome I found. I tried this one spell that would change my gender. So I turned into a girl… However… Even after I changed back into a male, my insides changed… It seems I'm expecting."

All the other countries seemed shocked. The bickering began.

"That bloody British jerk is having a child? But he's a man." Sealand muttered, holding Latvia's hand. "If we ever become sweethearts, will we have children too?"

"Please don't' joke like that!" Latvia said.

"I find it very interesting that a magic spell like that could exsist. What do you think Lithuania?" Estonia asked, only to find Lithuania being pestered by Russia and Poland.

"Hey Leit, if we have kids, you're paying for everything, got it?" Poland asked.

"Why are you asking me about this?" Lithuania asked.

"If we don't have children, I'll just ask China. But just remember that I'll always be around the corner with my pipe." Russia said, looking over at China.

"You big pervert! You make me sick!" China covered his panda cub's ears. "Don't talk about such filth in front of the panadas and children! Besides, I'm a man!"

"Well if gender bending is possible, I guess it wouldn't be impossible to have children that is if your insides change along with your outsides." Hong Kong said.

"That still doesn't make any sence." Said Vietnam, drinking tea that Taiwan gave her.

"Would anyone else like some tea?" Taiwan went around with a tray of tea cups.

"This is much too weird for me." Iceland petted his puffin, being startled by Norway.

"Hey brother, would you be allright with this idea if it was possible?" Norway asked, stoic as always, but this time somewhat creepy.

"Hey now Norway, you can't just force people to have children with you!" Denmark shouted, shining his axe. "Ain't that right Sweden?"

"Ja." Sweden was making Finland sit on his lap. "Take my wife for example…"

"I'm not your wife!" Finaldn shouted.

"Ruff! Yes you are!" Hanatamago shouted.

"Hey big brother, is it really possible for countries to give life to other countries?" Liechtenstein asked, pulling on Switzerland's sleeves.

"Liechtenstein, don't listen to their filth!" Switzerland shouted, looking at Austria. "Stay away from her or I'll beat you with my peace prize!"

"Oh dear, this Is becoming a big problem, isn't it?" Austria asked, drinking tea while Hungary ate pie he made himself.

"Well I suppose it wouldn't be that bad if there were more countries around." Hungary said.

"Hey Austrailia, do you think there will be cute countries I can be friends with?" Wy asked, playing with her brother's Koala.

"It's possible." Austrailia said simply, cleaning his binoculars (He went on a safari on the way to the meeting, man was he muddy…).

"Hey Germany, are you still okay? You don't have to wear that scarf on your head anymore." Italy said, hugging Germany. "Besides, we're already expecting bambinos."

"I hate you…" Uttered Germany, still stuck in female form and too embaressed to show his face. Covering his stomach with a magazine, he wanted to be left alone and buy Iraq and Iran new scarves as an apology.

Romano overheared. "No way, you're seriously having my fratello's bambino?" He was mad as fuck, with a handful of tomatoes. "The only way I'd approve is if you named it after me!"

"Relax Romano, besides, even if they did have children, there's no way to determine if it's a boy or a girl right now. Nor can you choose if you have a boy or a girl." Spain pulled Romano back. "Why don't I make some pasta for you when we get home?"

"ENOUGH CHATTER!" America shouted, making the gossiping stop. "So what are we going to do once these new countries are born? AND WHAT'S THE CONNECTION TO THESE NEW COUNTRIES AND THE ISLANDS THAT ARE APPEARING!?"

"Simple. Because we're all countries in the world, these islands that are appearing are the countries soon to be born." Egypt answered.