Soda Pov
It has been exactly 1 month now. 1 full month without Brooke. Pony is almost done with his therapy. He said he wanted help so we got it for him. He left about 1 week ago. Since then Brooke has still made no progress. Well she's made progress, just not good progress. Her heart is slowly stopping because she can't breathe very well because of her asthma and they can't increase her oxygen. That would kill her. When I get sad I think of something Brooke told me. She told me it when mom and dad died when she saw me crying. It was a song name and she sang it to me. It's called "You're tied together with a smile." The words were beautiful. "Hold on baby you're losing it, the water's high and you're jumping into it and letting go but no one knows. You cry but you don't tell anyone. You're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone." That's how I feel right now. I hope she wakes up soon. I need her back in my life. She is my inspiration, She is always so happy even though there was no reason to be. That's a good way to be.

Darry Pov
Pony's therapy is finally over. We picked him up last night. We were all happy to see our family back to normal again. Except for Brooke. We got a call from the hospital today. They said her breathing stabilized. We didn't go visit. She wasn't going to get better by us staring at her and being in the way of her nurses.

Pony Pov
I'm back home. Being back in Tulsa feels good. Though it was good being away from Socs and Greaser rivalry I missed my family and I'm excited to see if Brooke is any better. "How is she?" I ask when I wake up this morning. "Well her breathing stabilized." Steve informs me. I nod. I am happy for that one little thing improving. That is progress. I walk with Johnny to the hospital and we enter the room. She looks a lot less pale today. Her heart monitor seems to speed up as me and Johnny sit and talk waiting for Brooke to wake up if she ever does. I see Johnny grab her hand. I watch to see if her fingers curl around his and at first there was no movement then.."Pony did you see that?" Johnny asks as Brooke's fingers twirl around his. "Yeah I think she's waking up." I whisper back. Her eyes flutter open and she blinks twice before looking around the room. She sees us and smiles.