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"Hey hey pretty lady~," The man in the bear mask sang. I scrunched up my nose as I struggled to ignore the catcalling man. That guy...I sighed, grinding in the grease into the hinges of the cell across from him. Black mentioned before how the squeaking drove him nuts. I blindly passed my gaze inside the now empty cage, shivering. I don't even want to know what happened...

"Come on pretty lady~," He called again pawing at the air. I spun around chucking my wrench right at him. He yelped as the wrench hit him square in the head. The man fell falling flat on his back with a groan. At least softball did something right for me. I watched as he rolled over the ground clutching his probably dented forehead; or at least it would be if he didn't have the mask on. I'm not a murderer but I'm no pushover either.

"Knock it off will you?! I'm just trying to make this a little easier on you so Black doesn't come and kill your retarded butt before your sentence is through!" I vented. This guy is really starting to piss me off! He rolled back onto his feet, picking up my wrench. I scowled; crap. I was hoping the ricochet would bounce it out of his reach. I guess that animal head is softer than I thought.

"Ah ah if that's the case then come play with me~," He sang, dancing back with my wrench in hand. I irritably hissed under my breath, holding my head. I try to be nice...I try to comfort these jerks...but why? Why do I try to help them? I blankly ran my eyes over the man as he leaned forward hand on hip and waved the wrench back and forth.

"Come and get it~," He sang.

"Believe me when I say I would but only Black has the keys to your cell." I callously spoke trying to keep my rage in check.

"Then after your done playing with the Warden come share some of your selfless nature with me," He countered. Selfless...I like to think of myself as uncaring but if I look at the facts I really am too caring. I help when I can't. I give when I don't get anything in return and I protect those who would rather see me cry. I gazed over the hand that threw the wrench. Would this be considered...weakness? I frowned clenching my hand into a fist. Even though I know this I can't help but want to help people. Is this because no one helped me when I was younger and now I don't want others to feel the same torture I went through? I smacked my head dispelling the unpleasing thought. I'm really pathetic...

"GET YOUR F***ING A** BACK HERE YOU FILTHY SON OF A B****!" We both jumped as Black's overpowering voice echoed down the hall. An escapee-?! Immediately the wrench skidded towards me, bumping into my foot. I glanced up at the now cowering inmate who was hiding in a corner with his hands over his head protectively. This coward...

"STOP WHERE YOU F***ING ARE YOU F***ER!" Black's voice was louder than before. My eyes narrowed as the tapping progressively got louder. They're coming this way. I snatched the wrench up jumping behind a bend. I clenched my fist readying myself. I listened to the steady pounding footsteps.!

I leapt out from where I was sweeping my foot into a low kick. The man with a tiger mask yelped as I interfered with his next step sending him sprawling hard over the ground. Another inmate with a zebra mask shot past me with Black hot on his tail. There're two-?! I spun around heaving my wrench at the runner. It hit him right in the ankles tripping him on the spot. I launched myself on top of the tiger mask straddling his back and twisted his arm unnaturally behind him. He trembled terribly as he wriggled beneath me. I tightened my grip pulling as hard as I could on his arm. I'm not letting him go so easily. Black already has enough trouble as it is without his own prisoners escaping so often! I'm not sure what sort of law this guy broke but I'm sure that he's here for a good...reason...?

Wait...just what are some of the laws that were broken that have put these guys in here? My hold lightened ever so slightly. Without warning the man's arm vanished from my grip. I snapped out of my thoughts as he reached back taking a fist full chunk of my hair. Crap-!

"Ah-!" I gritted my teeth waiting for the impact of the ground. Instead only a scream echoed down the halls as his hand was torn off. My head snapped up spying Black crushing his skull with a forceful kick to the man's head. Black snatched my arm throwing me off the escapee. My mouth gapped in horror as he brought out his whip cracking it against the man's ribs with a vicious sneer. A long trail of blood flung into the air as he brought it down again and again. The man curled into a writhing ball of agony, waiting for the torture to end. Why does he keep hitting him? He's not even resisting-!

"B-Black that's enough-!" I shouted, grappling at his arm. He heavily shoved me away. I opened my mouth to say something else but the utter savagery clear on his face choked off my words. He reached down, violently ripped the man off the ground and unlocked the nearest cell. Black retracted his hand spinning around and delivered a bone crushing kick to the inmate's gut. He hacked a wet cough, skidding over the ground as Black slammed the door, locking away the inmate.

"Black-," I started with a somewhat restrained tone. When was the last time I ever saw him this mad?

"Not a word out of you," Joker hissed. A shiver crawled up my spine from the double weighted words. I spun around, searching for White. W-where is he? I heard him but...I don't see him.

"Ah-!" I shouted in a high pitch voice I never really heard myself utter as Black scooped me up, tossing me effortlessly over his shoulder.

"P-put me down-!" I order, smacking his back. A tiny pained sort of sound drew from his throat; one I would have missed if I wasn't so close to him. I froze up from the tiny agonized sound. he hurt?

"H-hey Black, are you hurt?" I asked, gently pushing on his back. The sound came up again, more restrained but there all the same. He shifted back slightly, kicking open the doors to his room. He marched in throwing me off his stiff shoulders and onto the bed.

"B-Black?!" I trilled, preparing myself for the worst. The last few times he did this didn't end up too good for me. I tensed up and shut my eyes, waiting for the gruff attack. An exasperated sigh sounded from across the room. My head snapped up, spying him sprawled over the couch with his head tilting back, eye closed. We sat in that position for what seemed like hours. What's wrong with him? I eased myself off the bed hesitantly coming up behind the couch. I examined his face noticing a bruise beginning to form on his jaw and a few scraps.

"You are hurt!" I shouted as I tilted his face back for a better look.

"A little pain never hurt anyone." He sarcastically spat, brushing my prying hands away. I scrunched up my nose tempted to deliver a slap across his face from the words which I used I don't know how long ago. He sensed this clenching his jaw in response. I sighed tenderly sweeping my hand over the bruise. His wine red eye drifted open catching mine.

"When are you going to let that go stupid?" I muttered. His eye drifted steadily wider, puzzled by my actions.

"Ah, I'm not going to get hit?" I stared at Black's unmoving lips pushing my brows together in confusion. I know that's White's voice.

"White?" I asked glancing around the room. Where is he?

"The mask, stupid." Black gruffly sighed. I glanced over him staring at the mask connected to his belt with a loop of dangling keys.

"Why didn't you ever tell me about that?" I questioned, tapping on the mask. Oh wait; he's done this before. When I shrunk and was all alone in the prison he left the mask so I had someone to talk to.

"Ah, please milady, I do not appreciate that." He said in a strained voice.

"Black what happened?" I demanded. He huffed ignoring my pestering questions. "White?"

"You see, my lady, a few dozen inmates were able to escape somehow and, well, ambushed Black," I cringed back at the startling numbers. F-few dozen?! Then that means the two I found were just the tail end of that fight...

"That's a ton! How in the world did so many get out-?!" I cried, flabbergasted. That's insane-!

"If I knew don't you think I would do something about it?!" Black snapped. I lightly tapped the forming bruise earning a good glare from Black.

"You need to put some ice on that; it's already starting to swell." I noted leaving his side and trotted off to his bathroom. I flung open his cabinets, snatching up some cold presses and a medical kit. These are different looking than the ones in New York; or any that I've seen, really. It was only a small wooden box with the words 'f*** it' on it. I chuckled. Sure sounds like Black to me. I turned around, stiffening as I spied him with his shirt off. All over his body were red blotches which were sure to form bruises later. I sat next to him on the couch, flipping open the case and dapped a cotton ball in some alcoholic cleaning agents. He clenched his teeth as I dabbed it on his cuts.

"Ah~ it stings." White whined through the mask. I scrunched my nose up in confusion before it hit me. Black and White feel the same thing which means that White must be feeling pretty crappy too. I hurriedly finished up his repairs the best I could wrapping the cold presses to his blossoming bruises. When I was finished Black sighed, slumping lower on the couch.

"Do you want anything else?" I asked lightly touching his shoulder. He stared at the ceiling, deep in thought.

"There is, actually." He piped up. He twisted his torso snatching me up in his prying arms and yanked me onto his lap. One arm held my waist and the other my shoulders making escape impossible.

"Black-!" I shouted as his lips assaulted mine in a delightfully soft way. I stiffened from the contact, immediately trying to push him away; this isn't the first time he's done this. His breath left a heated presence over my lips as he pulled back slightly before moving in again. My chest pounded heavily as I fell into his gentle trap. My entire body swooned at the kiss as I automatically drew my hand over his chest and the other arm around his neck as my instincts took over for a slight moment. He tensed slightly, startled just as much as I was from my body's questionable reaction. W-what did I just...?

He squeezed his grip shifting my legs so I was sitting on his lap. I lightly ran my hand through his soft apple red hair. the only one I've ever really kissed. Shouldn't I be a little more shy about this? But I'm not. Rather I...I feel so safe in his arms that I don't really care. Black lightened his restraints instead running his hands down my sides. I moved my hands to his jaws putting more force behind my lip's attack. I tilted his head up, rising to my knees to gain the upper ground. When his hands reached my hips they paused before gently sliding his thumbs down. I whipped my head back as reality overcame my primal desire. Oh crap what did I just-?! Black ignored my sudden realization, kissing my jaw with an eager desire. O-oh dear...oh crap. He's riled up now...

"W-wait, Black stop." I nervously said with a flustering face.

"What?" He bit, aggravated that I pulled away.

"I-I need to go...," I trailed off, trying to get off his lap. His eye narrowed as he pulled me right back in.

"Seriously?! You're going to react like that and then just leave?" He growled.

"N-no, I mean, well yes but, I...Black, just let go of me." I pathetically murmured. My heart pounded wildly as I struggled to come up with an excuse. In truth I wanted to stay. I wanted to-

Whoa what?! I mentally bashed myself in the head. What the heck am I thinking?! This is my boss. And I just -?!

"Too bad," He growled, pecking at my collarbone, "finish what you started you f***ing teasing w****." I didn't even hesitate. A surge of heat shot through my veins but not the sweet and fluffy kind as before. My fist lashed out clipping him right where his bruise was. He doubled back as I leapt off his lap running off towards the door.

"I'm going back to freaking work!" I shouted slipping out the door and sprinted down the hall. I struggled to control the unusual deep muscle throbbing and insanely red cheeks. I need answers. Why do I get this sort of reaction whenever they touch me? I've never felt this...this is the first time that I-I...I shivered, unable to even think of the words. I this possibly lov - I stopped where I was in the hallway slapping myself in the face. Of course it can't be l-lo-lov...well, that! But if it's not that...then what is it? It's not fear, or anger or hatred or betrayal or sorrow or...any of that. It actually seems to be a strange mixture of every emotion I've ever encountered which pales in comparison to the overwhelming feeling that overrides all of those. I need help on this. Maybe...maybe Alice can help me? I blushed even harder at the thought. It's possible. After all she's more experienced in this sort of thing and all...I shook off the maddening thought. She's even younger than I am and she knows more about that than I do. It-it's actually kind of pathetic in a way. I mean, I'm seventeen turning eighteen soon already! She's only, what, sixteen, fifteen maybe? Geez...

"Is something the matter Jackie?" I spun around, clutching my pounding heart as I gazed over White. He questionably gazed at my reaction, measuring what to say next.

"Ah...sort of...hey White, can I take my break now?" I pressed. I need to get out of here before Black decides that he doesn't feel like waiting anymore.

"But of course. Would you like to join me at the circus for a little while?" He pleasantly smiled, as though very pleased with something. My face flushed. I-I bet he was 'there' for my little reaction too...

"Y-you felt it...right?" I asked with a beat red face. His smile only grew wider.

"Of course. That was quite a delightful kiss, by the way. Why did you pull out?" He questioned. I have a feeling that's the only reason he came down here...

"I-I don't know...No, actually its none of your business. And I was planning to go to town for a little bit." I said trying my best to make my lie survive.

"Whatever for?" He simply asked, taking my hand. The air around us shimmered, dissolving away into the circus.

"Just for a walk."

"Ah, if that's the case then allow me to escort you," He purred, twisting my hand so he could kiss the palm. I ripped my hand from his grasp as another set of blushes were shot my way.

"T-that's fine. I want to go by myself. I need to...sort some things out." I slunk back towards the path as he sighed.

"Very well. Be back soon, my dear." He said, giving me a peck on the cheek. The simple gesture sent a bizarre mixture of butterflies flitting around my stomach. No, more like butterflies on fire threatening to explode soon from the intoxicating heat.

"S-see ya," I spun around dashing off onto the path.

Alice...what the heck is going on with me?


"F***!" I shouted. Such a d*** tease...

"Ah, it seems that you...well, we are disappointed." White chimed, waltzing into the room with a silly smirk plastered on his face.

"What the hell was that?! It was going great but then she suddenly had to go and f***ing ruin it!" I hissed, tapping my foot against the ground. I was so ready to whip her around and...GEH! Why did she leave?!

"Stop pouting. It seems that we are affecting her a little more than I's a pleasant surprise, either way...," White trailed off, obviously pleased with his findings.

"How?! She left before I could do anything!" I spat, impatiently tapping my foot against the ground.

"I have a feeling Jackie is closer than I previously expected~," White sang, quite pleased with whatever happened.

"Great...And where is she now? Town?"

"No, actually. I suspect that she's going off to ask for some advice from a certain foreigner." White answered matter of fact. I stared incredulously.

"Seriously? She's asking advice from that fickle whore?" I knew she was desperate but I never thought she would go to Alice for advice.

"Yes well we can expect our toy to return either way. After all she is now living with us." White purred, exuberant with that fact. I grinned.

"Yeah...," Any time of the day or night I could go and 'tease' her a little myself and then -

"F***!" I shouted as the sobering affect lifted. White struggled to hold in his rampant laughter.

"Ah, you need more self restraint Black." White goaded.


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