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The soft dawn light shone through the blinds into the office of the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju. Her strong gaze was focused of the chūnin-level ninja assembled in front of her. Two Shinobi and one kunoichi, Team eight of the Rookie nine. Kiba Inuzuka stood tall in his black pants and a form fitting black jacket, with zips over the chest and sleeves, and the typical ninja sandals, his black forehead protector stopping his messy brown locks for falling into his animalistic eyes, only made more pronounced by his red clan markings on each cheek, his large ninken Akamaru, sat on the floor next to his partner. Shino Aburame with his jacket hanging down to his knees and the addition of a hood that obstructs his face and makes it impossible to see his dark bushy brown hair, he also carries a satchel on his back. Finally the Hyuuga Heiress and Heroin of our story Hinata Hyūga, her blue hair was in a straight hime-style haircut that was waist-length with Shoulder-length strands that frame her face and complemented her lavender tinged Byakugan. Her attire comprised of a loose fitting, long-sleeved, lavender and cream zip-up jacket with lavender cuffs over mesh armor with navy blue pants and black, low-heeled sandals all showing her curvaceous figure her black forehead protector hung around her neck.

Team 8, now known throughout Konoha as Team Kurenai, stood tall in front of their Hokage and her unflinching gaze. Her Honey coloured eyes moved slowly form each member of the team silently assessing them, sizing them up, and judging them. Kiba started to fidget but stood still once he felt Shinos emotionless look. While Team Kurenai didn't have a perfect mission record they were still very successful, better at tracking than most ANBU hunter-nin and at 14 this was quite an accomplishment. It was for this reason that the Hokage had called them to her office at the crack of dawn.

'Team Kurenai, I am offering you a mission' Tsunade's voice was level but it was clear that it want and offer, more of an order. She continued, her voice never changing 'It will be long and the chances of danger are high, but I have faith you will succeed.' Confused looks showed on two members of the teams faces and while Shino showed no emotion the buzzing of his kikaichū betrayed his interest. When Tsunade showed no sign of explaining herself Kiba spoke up 'What are you talking about ya old bat!' Hinata gave a sharp intake of breath when Tsunade raised her eyebrow in a challenging and amused manner. 'I apologize for my Teammate Tsunade-sama, why? Because he was not showing you the proper respect your position deserves. If I may Inquirer, what is this dangerous mission, Tsunade-sama?' The monotone voice of the eternal peacemaker Shino quickly intervened before Kiba could irritate the powerful woman any further and end up being super punched through a wall.

Tsunade showed no response to Shinos question, but she elaborated anyway. 'One of our Shinobi has disappeared; you are to go get him'. 'Who was the Shinobi Tsunade-sama?' Hinata questioned. 'Hatake Kakashi' Quiet noises of shock fell from the lips of all 4 members of Team Kurenai. 'Why us Hokage-sama?' 'That is simple, you are one of my best tracker teams, you have outstanding teamwork' Tsunade's voice slowly filled with pride at the strength of her ninja. 'When did Kakashi-sama go missing Tsunade-sama?' Ever the voice of reason Shino began to gather information for his team, 'Also, What is it about this mission that is so dangerous?' Tsunade sighed.

'Hatake Kakashi was on an S-rank mission to investigate a strange Chakra on the Iwa border. But he hasn't returned… This was three weeks ago.' The worry was showing on Tsunade's face, She looked up at the young teens in front of her and her eyes where so tired. Tsunade truly hated her job sometimes and it wasn't just the paperwork too, having to send ninja into possible suicide situations was something she truly hated with every fibre of her being.

Kiba gave Tsunade his trademarked wide fanged grin 'Don't worry anymore Hokage-sama, Team Kiba is on the case, Kakashi will be back faster than you can say Pervert.' Tsunade looked at the faces of the Shinobi in front of her, Shinos emotionless visage showed nothing but his stance indicated pride, Kiba and Akamaru both looked excited, ears perked and tails wagging, but it was Hinata who surprised her, she looked truly confident a small smile on her face and a hard look in her eyes, something her file indicated was impossible. So Tsunade just smiled and announced 'Team Kurenai, your mission details are in this file, good luck and stay safe, you depart tomorrow.' She paused almost for dramatic effect 'Your teammate will meet you at the gates.'

'Teammate!' Hinata sounded shocked and as such had yelled. Tsunade just smirked, but she offered no further details so Team Kurenai took this for a dismissal so left in three puffs of smoke.

Once Tsunade was sure they had left the smirk slid of her face and she reached for her hidden sake stash, not even bothering with a cup she drank straight from the bottle and in a soft, sad voice whispered 'Pervert'.

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