It was a cold dark night in Sunnydale and Buffy knew what she had to do.

"Buffy, You can't do this!" Dawn pleaded.

"Dawnie, I have to." Buffy replied blatently.

"No, Buffy it'll kill you! You can't do this! You can't leave me!"

"Dawnie, Look whats happening! Everyone will suffer and die if I don't."

"Buffy, Please. I'll jump. You're the slayer, You have too much to live for!"

"I have more to die for." Buffy States

Before Dawn could question what Buffy had ment, Buffy was running. "No, Buffy, Please no!" Dawn Screamed. But it was too late. Buffy was already freefalling off the unstable tower and into the electric, portal opening blob that was created when someone cut across Dawns stomach. With her last breath everyone heard her last words. "Dawnie, I'm so sorry."