"Who are you?" Buffy asked "Why did you kill Dawn?"

"I'm Halfrek, A vengence demon. And I didn't kill Dawn, I granted her wish."

"Her wish?" Willow asked looking confused "What wish?"

"OK so Buffy jumped to her death to save the world, It wasn't Dawn."

"Knew it." Buffy whispered to herself.

"But..." Willow said "I remember Dawn jumping."

"Fake memories" Helfrek answered "Like those monks gave you all to think Dawn had a past. Any way, Dawn wished that she had jumped instead of Buffy because she couldn't stand to live without her."

"Oh" Willow replied.

"Can you undo it?" Buffy asked hopefully.

" you can make a wish." Helfrek said pointedly to Buffy.

"Then I wish Dawn had survived the jump. I wish she was still alive!"

"OK" Replied Helfrek "Done." And she was gone as fast as she appeared.

"Why are you in my room?" Dawn asked in an annoyed tone.

"Dawn!" Willow and Buffy exclaimed in unison. "You're alive!"

"Aren't I usually?" Dawn said confused.