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This case had been hard on everyone, and it was just going to get harder. Emily, Spencer, and JJ burst into a room, guns drawn. Emily looked to her left and saw a man holding what looked like a smoke bomb and a gun. "Terry Walker, put the weapons down!" she ordered. When nothing happened, she prepared to shoot her gun, but before she could do anything, the man through the smoke bomb thing on the ground and ran.

Hotch heard something explode and ran towards the noise. He saw a man run by and tried to shoot at him, but didn't succeed at hitting him. Hotch resumed on the path he had before and walked into a room where he found three children sitting on the ground. He was confused at that. He could've sworn he had sent Spencer, Emily, and JJ in there.

"What is it man?" Morgan asked, startling Aaron.

Hotch turned to face Morgan. "I sent Emil, JJ, and Reid in here a moment ago but now all that's in here are these children," Hotch explained.

Just then, one of the children started moving and sat up. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. The girl couldn't be more than five years. "Hotch?" she questioned as she saw him looking at her with some confusion.

Morgan's eyes widened. "Is that you JJ?" he asked with horror.

"Yeah…" JJ answered confused. What was wrong with Morgan and Hotch, she had no idea, but she decided to let it pass.

Then, a small boy that was about four moved at looked up. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. "What's wrong Hotch?" he asked, then fell back after hearing his voice.

The last of the children, a five year old girl with raven hair and brown eyes sat up. "Where are we?" she asked. She looked up and, seeing Morgan's expression, started laughing. "What's your problem?" she managed to ask.

Hotch looked at the group. "Let me get this clear," he started. "You guys are Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid, and Jennifer Jereau?" he questioned, and get three nods, turned to looked at Morgan. "Why didn't I send you?" he mumbled.

"What was that?" Morgan asked.

"Like I need to repeat myself," Aaron said. He looked back at his shrunken agents and was met with confused glances. "How the hell am I supposed to deal with this?" he mumbled.

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