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Summery: Chyna gets sick of Lexi's cruelty and comes up with a funny way to punish her for it

"Hey Lexi," Pasley said.

"Hi Pasley," Lexi replied.

She sneezed.

"Lexi are you okay?"

"Not really," she sneezed again, "I've been sneezing all day"

"Well maybe something is making you sneeze," Paisley said.

"You (achoo) think?"

"When did you start sneezing," Paisley asked.

"This (achoo) morning in (achoo) home room (achoo)"

"Hey Chyna what's up," Olive asked.

"Hey Olive. I just did the funniest thing."

"What did you do?

"I (achoo) hate sneezing (achoo) like this. It is so (achoo) annoying"

"Okay," Chyna said, "So you know how Lexi is always being mean to us ants?"

"Yes but she's allowed to. She's a big kid. We're ants"

"Just cause we're ants doesn't give her the right to step on us," Chyna said

"Well there's nothing we can do about it," Olive said.

"Wrong," Chyna replied, "I decided it was time to teach her a lesson."

"How are you going to do that," Olive asked.

"Instead ask me how I did it," Chyna replied.

Lexi passed by.


"Hey Lexi," Chyna said

"Hi Ant (achoo)"

"I think you're sneezing," Chyna said.

"THANK YOU FOR POINT (achoo) out the obvious"

Lexi walked away annoyed.

"So what did you do," Olive asked.

"Okay. Get this. I put sneezing powder on Lexi's desk"