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This will be in Eric's POV majority of the time since it is his grumbling. Hope you enjoy and once again thanks agaion to charhamblin for the lovely idea.

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The growing years

Oh my gods. Holy Odin. If I hear the ABC's one more time. Throw the 123's in there too. I mean I can count in more language then imaginable, but his Auntie felt he needed help learning them from more then just me.

Fucking Pam

"Ewic yous wakey yet. EWIC! yet another thing I am not used to. After a thousand years of waking up to silence, blood, or sex having a toddler scream at the top of his lungs at first dark was...disturbing.

"Yes Hunter I am awake" I answered so he would stop shouting.

Fucking Pam.

She thought it was funny when Hunt asked how old I was to tell him I was so old I probably needed help hearing him. So now if I don't answer him immediately he shouts.

"Ewic my dwum not workin wite" he said or tried at least. Sookie said it was normal for a child his age to speak the way he does.

"Maybe you broke it" one can hope right.

"NOOO... Auntie Evi says it needs battawies. YOU FIX IT" he demanded as he shoved it onto the bed.

"Hunter I have no batteries at this time. I will fix it when I get back from work." I told him as I rose and began to prepare for my night.

"NOOO it needs fixin now. NOW EWIC." I turned around just in time to catch the offending object before it hit my head.

I know these toys are made to be sturdy so kids can't break them, but this thing is a weapon.

"BA TA WIES NOW PEEAS. I gonna tell Pammie yous need heawing aides" he said and stomped out the room yelling at Sookie.

I came into the kitchen with Hunter in tears.

"but he said no auntie. Ewic said he's do it aftaw he workdeds. I bees in beddy by then" he whined.

"Well sweety your Uncle will do his best to fix it as soon as he can" Sookie tried to soothe him.

That is how I found myself standing in line at Wal mart holding an armful of every size battery available. Gods know when another one of his toys run the fuck down and thanks to Pam I think he has every battery operated toy ever made.

The best part of tonight...the text messages I get every two minutes from Pam. Speak of the devil she is vibrating my pocket now


Fucking Pam

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