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"This is the damn dumbest thing we've ever fuckin' done," Fin griped, adjusting his unusually tight pants.

Elliot pushed the center of his chest, lighting up an intricate round pattern on his shirt. "Not my fault," he said. "Blame Munch. This was his brilliant idea."

Munch, dropping a huge foam hammer to his side, looked offended. "Hey! I picked the only good theme left! My choices were this or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and there were no female turtles!"

"There was April, you ass," Olivia said, her eyes narrowing. "I would be much more comfortable in a yellow trench coat right now than...this." She rolled her shoulders, hearing the crinkle and crack of the black leather as she moved.

Elliot smoothed his hands down her sides, resting them on her hips. He dropped his head and leaned into her, whispering, "You look fucking hot."

Ryan lifted his red, white, and blue mask a bit, adjusting it so he could see out of the eyeholes. "I look like a moron," he said. "Why did I have to get Captain America, huh?"

Olivia snickered. "You're the only one with the balls to wear tights," she quipped. "Besides, uh, Wonder Woman over there is checking you out."

"What?" Fin's head snapped to where Olivia was pointing. "How the fuck...man, Homicide got The Justice League?"

Munch slapped Fin on the shoulder. "Did you really want to be The Thing, Fin?"

"It's gonna take me hours to get this green shit off of me," he said, slapping away Munch's hand. "They sell Thing costumes, on and off, no fuckin' makeup."

Elliot sighed. "Guys, we're here, we might as well have fun," he kissed the back of Olivia's head.

Ryan waved his shield at Elliot. "Says the man who got to wear a tee-shirt and jeans," he chided. "How the hell did you get that thing to light up like that?"

"Lizzie," he shrugged. "She's a little genius."

A voice from behind the group rang out with a twangy, "Hey, gang! What's the haps? We ready to par-tay with the big brass? Bing, bang, bong, ya know?"

"The haps?" Olivia questioned, one eyebrow raised and the urge to laugh being squelched.

"Stucky, what the hell is on your head?" Elliot asked, flicking at a what looked a yellow, curved, horn.

"My crown of evil," Stucky said proudly. "I'm Loki." He nodded at Munch. "Wassup, Broski?"

Munch simply stared at him. "I refuse to even pretend I'm related to you. Can I go change? We don't have a Hawkeye."

Fin looked at Stucky, stone-faced, and gave him a hard, yet almost playful shove to get him out of Munch's face. "Hulk smash," he laughed. Then gave Munch a pat on the back. "You want a drink? Broski?"

Munch raised both eyebrows and nodded, then walked with Ryan and Fin toward the bar.

"Hey!" Stucky yelled, recovering from his stumble and fixing his costume. "Wait for me!" He ran after them, holding up his sword.

Elliot shook his head. "I hate that kid," he spat, then he turned back to Olivia. "Dance with me."

Olivia chuckled as she shook her head, letting him pull her toward the dance floor. "Munch is Thor? Really?"

"He wanted to be The Hulk, but..." Elliot joked, kissing Olivia's neck. "You look fucking amazing in this thing," he whispered against her skin, pulling at the black utility belt around her hips.

"Mmm," she moaned, "Do I?"

"Granted, I'm ready and willing to stab every other guy in the place in the eyes if they keep staring at you, but I can't blame 'em," he murmured, nipping at her ear.

Her eyes fluttered shut as she moved with him, so close, their bodies grinding together in time with the music. "Why, Mister Stark, you're treading on very thin ice." She turned her eyes up at him, shooting him a smoky look. "Might get caught in my web."

He smirked. "I'll take my chances," he said, surprising her by dipping her low and kissing the flesh of her chest exposed by her V-neck leather suit.

Her hands clutched the back of his head and she scratched at his scalp as he lifted her back, upright. "What are you doing?" she asked, looking around.

"Just playing the part," he said, giving her a spin. "Stark is an egotistical, self-centered, asshole who likes to cause a scene, be the center of attention." He pulled her close to him and began swaying her, side to side, then dancing her in circles.

She laughed as she moved, in his arms, still lightly scratching at his scalp with the hand that was looped around his neck. "Not really much of a stretch," she teased.

"Ah, but Stark's a millionaire with a hot car," he said. He stopped moving and pulled her tightly against him. "I'm luckier than he is, though. I got you."

She felt his heart pounding, his body hot against hers, the leather making the heat almost burn her. "El," she whispered, her eyes flashing from his lips to his eyes and back again, needing to kiss him. Hard.

"Come on," he said, and he pulled her off the dance floor and out of the ballroom.

"Oh, now, where are they going?" Fin complained, dropping his empty shot glass down to the marble surface of the bar as he watched them leave the room. "This stupid costume contest is gonna start in twenty minutes, and we need the whole unit or we're disqualified." He looked at Munch. "I didn't wear pants three sizes too small and rip my favorite shirt to walk away without those 5 G's."

Munch downed his shot of whiskey and grimaced a bit as he said, "Maybe she's gonna see how long it takes to burn out all of the vibranium in his arc reactor."

Ryan tilted his head. "Hey, Thor, tie your cape a little tighter, your geek is showing." He downed his own shot and looked at the doors Elliot and Olivia walked through, silently wondering if Munch was right.

Beyond the walls of the ballroom, Elliot had pinned Olivia against the cool stone tiles in a dark corner near the fountain. His lips were on her neck, his hands were trying to find the zipper on her costume, his hips unconsciously rocked into her in a slow rhythm.

"El, we should..." she choked on a breath, his hard length rubbing against her thin leather, the friction making her heart pound. "God, not here."

"Right here," he gruffed, finally finding the zipper on the side of the leather one-piece. He chuckled as he smoothed the second skin down her arms, pushing it, hearing it crunch as it bunched around her thighs. He slipped a finger between her slightly parted legs and moaned. "Oh, bad Black Widow," he whispered.

"This thing is skin tight," she said, pulling at the buckle on his pants. "Didn't want lines." Her teeth caught her bottom lip as she stifled a moan, feeling his finger slide into her. Her eyes shut as she reached her hand into his jeans.

He grunted as he felt her hand wrap around, begin to stroke. The parts of him that knew anyone could walk by, see them, were silenced by the parts of him that needed her, needed this, and didn't care who might be catching a glimpse of them. He braced himself with one hand pressed against the rocks and the other hand spread her wider for him.

She held in the moan as she guided him to her, then ran her hand up under his shirt to graze across his chest. She felt every inch as he pushed slowly into her and she dropped her head to his neck. "Iron Man," she whispered. "Damn right."

He chuckled as he began to thrust slowly, trying to keep them as deep in the corner as he could. "Only with you," he hissed, seething as he hit into her again. His free hand looped around her back, he palmed and squeezed her ass as he slammed into her.

Her eyes rolled and thoughts raced through her head, fogging up before she fully understood them. She mumbled his name every time he filled her, whimpered softly every time he slipped away from her. Her nails scraped around to his back and dug in, and a distant voice got her attention telling her they didn't have much time.

"Fuck," he spat, picking up his pace. He gripped her tighter in his left palm, his right still supporting him, giving him leverage against the fountain's facade. The leaves from the decorative trees were waving in the breeze they'd created and he was certain it wasn't going to be ignored. He had to finish this, he needed to see her face as she let go, feel her quiver around him.

"Elliot," she breathed, her eyes popping open to stare into his.

He pressed his forehead to hers, his open eyes boring into hers, lips gently kissing as the burn built, rising from his feet. "So close, baby," he said, nuzzling against her.

She hummed in agreement and nipped at his lip, feeling the skin of his shoulders crack slightly beneath her fingers. "Oh, my God," she panted.

"Please, don't close your eyes," he begged on a soft moan, and then he felt her clench. "Yeah, baby, look at me."

She fought the need to drop her lids, fought the scream that built in her throat, and she rolled her hips as wave after wave of pure pleasure rolled through her. She saw his eyes widen a bit, though his brows knitted together as he pounded into her with more deliberation, more force, working through her tightness to get as much out of her as he could before he would follow her off that blessed precipice.

Finally, he felt her tremble, her toned body jerking against his, and he stopped fighting it. "God damn," he grunted, stilling every movement.

She felt him twitch, felt his entire body tense and relax in rapid rhythm. Her hands uncurled and she caressed his back, over his shoulders, his chest, calming him and comforting him, loving him. "What the hell was..."

"You can't wear this thing," he huffed, "Unless we're home." He slid out of her, rolled his neck and shoulders, then loosened his grip on her. "You in tight black leather...I just..."

"Go all Tony Stark on me?" she quipped, trying to slide the garment over her now slick body.

"Something like that," he laughed, kissing her forehead. He pulled up the zipper, then rested his hand on her lower back and pushed aside the fake leaves, leading her back into the ballroom. "We need an excuse," he whispered to her as they walked back through the open doors.

"Where the hell have you two been?" Ryan asked, rushing toward them. "And Wonder Woman? It's Martha from Homicide. The woman who names everyone she knows after her favorite cartoon characters. She's now calling me 'Barney Rubble.' I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with that, and..."

"Whoa! O'Halloran, take it easy," Elliot said, holding up a hand. "You're starting to sound like Stuckey."

"What about me?" Stuckey popped up from behind Olivia, his gold, curved, horn flopping awkwardly over his face.

Olivia scoffed. "Nothing," she said, then turned her attention back to Ryan. "They say who won the department grant?"

Ryan shook his head. "Not yet, besides we can't even submit for it until Cragen..."

"Until Cragen what?" someone interrupted from behind the small group.

The heads all turned, faces breaking into small smiles and stifled laughs. "Wow, Cap," Elliot said, taking in the simple grey suit Cragen was wearing. "You really went...all out...with your Nick Fury costume."

"I'm not one for playing dress up," he said. He tapped his eye-patch and said, "I think this is all that I really needed to get my point across." He looked at Olivia and his one visible eye widened. He turned to look at Munch and it narrowed. "Next time, pick the Ninja Turtles. She'd at least be comfortable."

Munch shrugged. "There's no pleasing you people."

Fin walked over, looking mad, ready to hit something. "Man, Munch, I'm gonna..."

"What happened?" Olivia interrupted, distracting Fin before he could hurt Munch.

"They gave the grant to Narcotics," Fin said, shaking his head.

Ryan narrowed his eyes. "Who were they?"

Rolling her eyes, Olivia said, "The Ninja Turtles."

Elliot watched Cragen's patchless eye widen again, then saw Fin clench his jaw, green makeup melting down the side of his face. He chuckled and looked at Munch. "Hey, Thor, you'd better run. Hulk is angry."

Munch nodded once and ran, Fin and Cragen taking off after him.

Elliot and Olivia laughed as he wrapped his arms around her. "Ya know," he said, "Ninja Turtles. Might be good for next year." He nipped at her. "It's much easier to get you out of a trench coat."

She chuckled and turned around in his arms, giving him a sweet kiss on the lips. "Happy Halloween, El."

He smiled against her lips, oblivious to everyone around him, thinking it truly was.

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