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"Hey Kaiba." He raised his head to look at me.

"Hey Aska. What do you want," he asked me in his normal cold 'I don't care' voice.

"Well, I just thought of an amazing game we could play. I bet I'll beat you," I teased.

"I doubt that." He sighed. "What is this game, anyway?"

He took the bait! Yes! "Well, it's a pretty simple game. Let's play Truth or Dare."


"So you're too scared to play. Are you scared that I'll beat you?" Time to get insulting.

"No, this game is just too stupid to waste my time on." He must not like Truth or Dare. Either that, or he had something to hide.

"I've got an idea! Let's play it at your mansion. No embarrassing love truth or dares. I promise. It will be secret and you won't have to worry about me finding out your 'secret' crush." I gave him an innocent smile.

"I'm not in love." He glared at me.

"Oh, but it's so obvious. Come on. You're just scared that you'll be beat by a girl."

"If I play the stupid game, will you leave me alone?" He was still glaring at me.

"Yep! I promise. There are still no embarrassing love truth or dares. I really don't care that much about who you like. But I do care that you don't find out who my crush is." I smiled slyly at him. "I have a few good dares up my sleeves anyways."

"Lets get this over with. Come on." He got up and started walking out of the room. I followed close behind. I didn't want to miss out on my chance for blackmail.

When we arrived at his mansion, Kaiba took me straight to a room at the top floor. It looked like it was once a bedroom, but all of the furniture was taken out. It now looked like a blank room. "Alright. Lets play this stupid game of yours." He was glaring at me again.

"Alright. My first dare is that you wear a t-shirt. If you don't have one, I have a few that might fit you." I looked at him to gauge his reaction. Still glaring, he started to bear his teeth at me. Alright! I hit a nerve on the first try! Go me.

While I was giving myself a mental high-five, Kaiba had taken the chance to take off his trench coat. When I looked back, I saw him beginning to take off his shirt. "K-Kaiba? What are you doing?"

He gave me a smug look. "Well, I'm guessing that you gave me this dare because you thought that the reason that I wear long-sleeved shirts is because I have something to hide."

I didn't really look at his physique, but looking back I guess you could say that he had a nice body. The only thing I saw was the tattoo. He had a Blue-eyes White Dragon tattoo all over his upper body. The dragon's upper body was in the position that it would be if Kaiba was the dragon. There was no head, the upper body stopped at his neck. The arms of the dragon came down his arms. The claws stopped on his lower arm, just out of sight when he wore long sleeves. I saw now why he hid this. If anyone saw this, it would ruin his image. "Why?"

"What do you mean?" Kaiba asked me.

"Why did you get this tattoo? I mean, I know you like Blue-eyes, but why did you take it so far?"

He sighed. "I didn't get this of my own free will. My step father made me get this when I was younger. It was one of his 'punishments' for when I was found playing duel monsters instead of doing my work. He knew that Blue-eyes was my favorite card. When he found me playing duel monsters that day, he said, 'Well, I see that you're playing duel monsters again. The blue-eyes white dragon, huh? Well, since you like it so much, you can just be it!' He then took me to a tattoo parlor and forced me to get this tattoo. The only places spared were my head and hands, that way it could be hidden." He looked at me and glared again. "If you tell anyone, I'll kill you."

"I won't, I promise. And by the way, i can't be killed, remember? I'm a ghost." I gave him a triumphant look.

"But you do have a body, and I can make you wish that you didn't."

I paled. "On second thought, I swear on my dead body that I will not tell a soul. You happy?"

It was his turn to look triumphant. "Good enough. My turn now. Tell me the truth: Did you have any relationships on your home planet? You know, like a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, actually I did. He was my husband. Why do you want to know anyway? I thought that you hated me."

"I want some blackmail."

"Well, good luck with that. He's dead." I tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill.

He looked shocked. "He's dead? Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." He looked sincere.

"It's all right. I'm getting over it. Somewhat." I gave him a sad smile. "Anyway, I have a new love. You aren't allowed to ask about that, though."

He looked uncomfortable, so I decided that I'd continue playing. It was better than sitting in silence. "Truth time! Do you really hate us? By us I mean Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Atem."

"No." He glared at me. Good to have to old heartless Kaiba back. I don't know how to deal with an emotional one.

"Why do act like you do?"

"I don't have to answer that, it was in the agreement we made before. No embarrassing love questions." He glared at me some more.

"I know why now," I teased him.

"How do you know?" He looked a bit shocked for a moment, but it was quickly covered up by a glare.

"I just do. It's Joey, isn't it? You love Joey! You don't want anyone to know, so you cover it up by being mean. Am I right?"

He didn't respond.

"That just tells me that I'm right." I gave him a triumphantly superior look.

"And the reason you like hanging out with that group is because you love Yugi." The shock must have registered on my face because he gave me his superior look and grinned evilly. "You are so obvious. I don't know why he or any of the others haven't noticed yet."

"I asked the first question that you refused to answer, and then I guessed the right answer. I win! You get the penalty. I won't be too harsh, because of the tattoo and all, but you still get a penalty." I loved the look on his face. It was so priceless.

"I didn't answer because the answer to the question would have needed an answer that fell into the category that you promised we didn't have to answer! You should be the one who looses!" He was getting frustrated. "And you never said anything about a penalty! I refuse."

"Too bad. The penalty has already started." I gave him a mischievous grin. "You'll find out what it is soon enough."

Rosefeather: Oh my gosh! What ever could Aska be planning? Find out next chapter.