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Ed leaned back in his chair as the sun began to set. He and Al had to make a quick pit-stop at the Rockbells' to update his automail (it was too long in the leg!) and he finally got his leg back.

"Hey, Brother?"

"Yes, Al, what is it?" Ed said irritatedly, he was tired and wanted to go inside but Pinako was cooking so she threw Ed, Al and Winry outside.

"Who's that and why is she shouting for us?" Al said as he pointed a metal hand at a short girl running towards them and calling their names.

"Is that, no, it can't be." Winry said as she stood to take a better look at the girl. The girl stopped in front of the porch and waved cheerfully at them.

"Hey guys! Long time no see, right?" she spoke as if they'd known each other forever.

Winry gave a squeal of delight as she ran over to the girl and gave her a large hug. "OH MY GOSH! YOU'RE BACK!" Then she dropped the girl and said in a menacing tone "What happened to your lower right arm? The automail I worked so hard on?"

"Nothing Winry...nothing I could prevent anyway..." The girl said quickly so she wouldn't get hit over the head with a wrench.

"What does that mean?"



"I sorta got it chopped off by a train robber."


"Let's just say that they don't like to be beat by fourteen year old! Heh, heh."

"Well do you still have the arm? I can at least fix it." Winry sighed, this girl caused too much trouble. The girl, Emily, bent down and pulled it out of her suitcase she had set down and handed it to Winry commenting on it's good condition and Winry glared at her.

"Winry! Who is this girl again?" Ed said because he felt as though he should know her.

"You don't recognize her? Oh, right you wouldn't speak to her. Al don't you remember her?" Winry asked the metal suit of armor. Al did feel as though he should know her but he couldn't remember. "Sorry, Winry. I don't."

"Well I have changed my hair quite a bit since last time so..." Emily trailed off. She pulled her hair up behind her head and Al suddenly remembered. "Oh yeah! It's been quite awhile, hasn't it? I bet you don't recognize me!" Al said with a laugh as he remembered how he met this girl, she was Winry's cousin and was part Ishbalan.

"Well, is your automail the only reason you're here?"

"Partly, it's the reason I'm here so early!" Emily stated then saw all the confused looks and began to explain "Well I sent a letter but that won't show until tomorrow... well I ran into this one guy and he had spilt water on me, because we actually ran into each other.. well anyway he was so sorry and I was like 'no worries man!' and used alchemy to dry myself off. He was all 'why are you doing under aged magic miss?' Then I was all-"

"GET TO THE POINT!" Ed, Al and Winry all shouted at her.

"Fine. He runs a wizarding school and asked me if I knew of any alchemy teachers or great alchemists that could teach at the school and I said I knew three. So I was on my way to get two of them when this happened to my arm. So Ed, Al wanna teach alchemy at Hogwarts?"

"..." Ed and Al stared at the girl in shock, how'd she know Ed was great at alchemy, and what was Hogwarts? Some kind of disease?

"Kids! Dinners- Oh hello, Emily! What are you doing here?" Pinako asked as she saw Emily there. Emily raised her right arm. "I see, well come on. Dinner's getting cold." And with that Pinako walked inside to set another plate.

"Fine... I'll do it, Roy's been saying I need a break and maybe this will get us closer to the stone." Ed said as he walked inside.

"Hurry up boys! I think I found the place!"

"What makes you say that Hermione?" A red-headed boy panted as he caught up to the girl followed by a boy with black hair and round glasses. Hermione pointed at a large building with flags hanging down from it. "Oh."

She lead them up the steps, ignoring the weird looks she got from all the people going in and out of it. She stopped when she got into the building, she had no idea where she was going.

"Ummm may I help you?" A mousy girl with large glasses asked them.

"Yeah, do you know where this Mustang guy is?" The red-headed boy said impatiently.

"Yes, should I take you there?" She asked them.


"Ron! Don't be rude!" Hermione said, whacking him with the small bag she brought with them. "If it wouldn't be any trouble, please take us to see Mr. Mustang." She replied to the girl who nodded and led them down a hall, up some stairs and down another hall.

She knocked on the door quietly and got a gruff approval of entrance. Opening the door she said, "Colonel Mustang, you have visitors." And in walked the three teenagers that followed her.

"I'm guessing you're the three that Miss Emily informed me of? Thank you Sheska, you can go back to that insane pile of work Hughes gave you." Sheska nodded to Roy and scurried out of the room.

"I'm Colonel Roy Mustang, this is Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, and you are?" he said staring at them.
The girl stepped forward and spoke in a formal tone. "I am Hermione Granger, this is Ron Weasley and this is Harry Potter. We're pleased to meet you." She said with a bow to show respect.

"Alright, well Granger, you'll be staying with Hawkeye for the night. Emily had something to take care of so she won't come until tomorrow. Now about you two," Roy said as he faced the two boys.

"Where will I put you?" As soon as the words left his mouth a tall man with glasses walked in and shouted "Yo! Mustang! I heard you have two boys that need housing? I'll fix that. You boys'll stay with me and my wife and adorable daughter!" The man said with a light tone.

"Hughes, could you try knocking? And thanks, now that that's settled I can leave and get ready for leaving tomorrow." Roy said, standing and leaving the room. "Oh and don't forget they need to be at the train by no later than seven tomorrow morning." He called behind him as he left.

"Come on! Gracia made pie tonight!" Hughes said as he grabbed the two boys' shirt and dragged them down the hall.

"Well, come on then Miss Granger." Riza said as she walked out of the door with a little black and white dog following her. Hermione hesitated then followed her.

~Time Skip to next day with Hughes, Ron and Harry~
"Come on boys we're gonna be late! You really should eat faster Ron." He said as he set the little girl he had been holding down. "Okay, Daddy's gonna be right back Alicia! Be good for your mother and I love you!" the little girl giggled and scurried off down the hall as the three boys left the house.

"Isn't she just the cutest thing in the world?~" He said as he drove the boys to the train station.
Ron and Harry hoped out of the car and said goodbye to Hughes. What a mouth on that guy, he can just talk about his daughter for ages! Ron thought as he threw his bag over his shoulder and led the way to where they saw Roy, Hermione and a...large muscular man waiting for them.

"'Bout time boys." Roy greeted them. "Oh, this is Major Alex Louis Armstrong, he's one of the three teachers for alchemy." Roy informed them when he saw the puzzled look on Ron and Harry's face. Harry was about to speak when a voice from behind cut him off.

"Sorry we're late! Winry pulled an allnighter and then had to fit the arm on me! But, enough of me! We got a train to catch!" Behind them stood a small boy with golden hair and golden eyes, an even shorter girl with an unnatural shade of blond for hair and a very large suit of armor. The girl wasted no time as she hurried away to a train that was about to leave.

~At King's Cross station!~

"Are you sure this ticket is right? I mean there isn't any nine and three quarters that I can see!" Ed said as they raced toward the pillar that marked platform nine and ten, no platform nine and three quarters in sight.

"Of course I am you git! Just watch!" Harry spat as he charged the middle of the pillar at full speed. He's gonna kill himself. Ed thought as he watched the boy go straight through it... wait, what! After that they all followed Harry's lead and charged the pillar.

Once they were all through they hopped on the train and found a compartment. Harry flopped down in a seat and Ron, Al and Hermione followed his lead. Emily kind of just stood there and Roy and Armstrong a.k.a Mr. Sparkles! As Ron said, left to another compartment. Then Emily walked into the compartment saying "Screw it." and sat on the floor. The train lurched to a start and suddenly they heard a loud boom followed by shrieking. Ed got up and left the compartment, a few moments later he came back laughing his head off.

"What's so funny, Brother?"

"H-he w-was AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Ed tried to speak but he kept bursting out in laughter. He finally collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter. Emily took this chance to still his seat.
After the train station was out of sight Ed calmed down a bit and started to write his and Al's first lesson on alchemy.

"So, um, Emily when you first met us at the train in your capital you said you had an arm fitted on you. What did you mean by that exactly?" Ron asked as he munched on the sandwich Gracia made for him (she made one for everyone else too, don't worry!). Emily looked down at her lap and fiddled with the gloves she was wearing.

"Well I meant this." she mumbled as she pulled the glove off. Hermione gasped when she saw the metal arm while Harry and Ron looked at it with the shock on their faces apparent. Emily quickly became shy and hurriedly pulled the glove on her hand. Ed reached out his right arm and stopped her. "What are you ashamed of? Winry made you beautiful automail, you should be proud." He murmured to her. Emily looked ashamed and stopped trying to pull the glove on.

"Show them then." she said darkly, "Ed, show it to them."

"Alright, but why?"

"It's just like you said, Winry worked hard on yours too, don't be ashamed to show them!" She commanded Ed. Ed pulled off his own glove and flexed his fake hand a few times for the wizards to see.

"T-thats, how did it happen, Ed. Emily?" Hermione asked gently.

"Hey! What's that?" Al spoke up and the tension suddenly disappeared from the cabin. Harry looked out the window and saw Hogwarts. Finally, he was home.

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