[One of the reviewers brought up a very good point- how the heck did Engie make toast if the power was out? Well, we know that the storm started around 12 because that's when Scout was awake so he would know. Engie was already in the kitchen by 3 which was when the huge thunder hit- so we can assume the power went out sometime between 12 and 3, and we can also assume Engie woke up between these hours. The power could have easily gone out after the big boom at 3- since it would take a few minutes for Medic to actually get out of his lab and to the kitchen- and Engie had been up earlier than that to make said toast. I guess.

Truth is I totally skipped over that somehow... whoops. Thank you for pointing that out!

Thanks to everyone for continued support on the story!

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Spy had just closed his bag and gone to open his door when it was flung open in his face by Sniper. "C'mon, we don't got all day," the Bushman said impatiently. "Everybody else is already waitin' by the vans!"

Spy scowled. "Well excuse me for actually putting effort into something I do," he retorted, walking out into the hallway anyways.

"You're ridin' with Soldier, Demo, Engie, and me," Sniper informed him. "And before you can complain, I ain't the one who decided on this." He turned to head back outside before pausing to call over his shoulder, "And trust me, I'm just as upset as you are!"

Seething, Spy slammed his door shut and waited several seconds before heading outside of the base. He was certain the entire team was out to mock him at this point, being paired up with the most idiotic of all the imbeciles on this team. At least he could be there to keep things from completely falling apart.

Outside the team had split up into their two groups, huddling underneath the base's overhang for shelter from the rain. Medic was over with the Engineer, both of them pointing at a road map and discussing things rather heatedly. Sniper was standing over by Demo and Soldier, and Spy walked over, head in his hands. "Please tell me that I am not stuck in the van with all three of you?" He groaned.

"WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN, CROUTON?!" Soldier demanded, examining Spy with a cynical glare from underneath his helmet. Spy muttered something under his breath and stalked back over to Engineer and Medic.

"Please let me trade places with ze Scout," he begged. Medic distractedly waved a hand in Spy's general direction, mumbling something; clearly he was focusing on the map.

"No," Engie said firmly. "It's already been decided! Besides, we're going to head out in a few minutes. If Medic ever finishes... whatever it is he's doing," he said, with all the confidence in the world that Medic was actually doing something worth their time.

"No one thought about food or sleep," Medic suddenly burst out. "I do not know anything about zis place!"

"Sniper's leading," Engie reminded him. "He'll know when to stop for food and where the good motels are. Don't worry. We're all going to be absolutely fine."

Scout called over to them from besides Medic's van. "So are we goin' or what? We ain't got all day!" He pointed at a watch that he didn't actually have as if it helped make any kind of point. Engie rolled his eyes and tossed the folded-up map towards Spy.

"Well," he said, looking around. "I guess we'd better get going." He looked at Medic. "Be careful."

Medic nodded wordlessly and walked over to the van. "FINALLY," yelled Scout, tugging furiously on passenger door. "I get shotgun!"

"Nyet," Heavy sneered. "Little Scout gets back seat with Pyro." Scout looked at the firebug, who gave him a friendly wave. He collapsed into a heap on the ground, groaning dramatically. Medic rolled his eyes and unlocked the van, and his group piled in. Scout carefully arranged the dove cages in such a way that he didn't have to be remotely close to Pyro in the back seat of the van.

"Look," Sniper said meanwhile in his van. "This area," he motioned to the entire back half of the camper, "is my area. None of you will even get close to my area. This," he motioned over to the wall, "is the kitchen. None of you will even touch the kitchen unless you want the whole entire thing to burn to the ground."

"So, basically," Spy said, clearly bored, "we can sit on this couch and these bunk beds." He waved a careless hand at the two beds stacked along the wall, the top one of which Demo was currently passed out on.

Sniper nodded."Exactly." Spy pinched the bridge of his nose and muttered under his breath, climbing over the couch to the passenger seat.

Soldier looked back and forth between the uncomfortable looking couch and Spy. "Why does he get shotgun?" He demanded Sniper.

Engie had already gotten himself situated, lounging on the couch and writing something down in a notebook. He glanced up for a brief second. "Because I said so," he responded, looking back down. "Are we about ready to head out?"

Sniper gave a weary glance in Soldier's direction, but nodded and clambered over to the driver's seat. He reached into the side of the door and grabbed something, tossing it at Spy, who caught it and turned it over in his hands. It was a walkie-talkie. "So we don't lose each other," Sniper clarified. Spy raised an eyebrow.

"I mean... the other van! And us! Not... you and me!" Sniper outburst, flailing his arms around and blabbering like an idiot to clear up his mistake.

"Obviously," Spy rolled his eyes. "Why would I want to stay around a filthy bushman like you?"

Wordlessly, Sniper practically rammed the key into the slot and started up his van, ignoring the snickering of Soldier from behind him. Spy pressed the button on the side of the radio. "Are we ready to go?" He asked.

There was muffled voices from the other radio. "The heck is this?!" A staticy voice broke out.

"Scout, give me zat!"

"Oho, is this how we're gonna talk to Sniper and those guys?"

"Yes, but-"

"So how do I get it to work?"

"You give it back!"


Spy sighed and jammed his finger into the button on the side again. "It is already on, you idiot! Give Medic the walkie-talkie so that we can get out of here!"

There was a long pause with silence from the other end before a very flustered-sounding Medic finally spoke up. "Ja, ve are ready to go."

Spy glanced out the rearview mirror at the base one last time before Sniper hit the gas. Quickly they drove out of the gates, one after another, and left for the last time.

Or, at least, what Spy hoped was the last time.