White Collar

Summary: Neal makes a mistake and lies to Peter and Mozzie about it – how will they react?

WARNING: Contains spanking of a super-sexy man.

Infamous conman Neal Caffery busied himself with various fraud cases like he usually did in the mornings. Peter was up in his office, working hard on something on his desk. Diana getting coffee for everyone, including Neal, a kindness that she'd only recently started doing. Jones was tapping and humming softly to the song 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction. Neal chuckled and turned his attention back to the case.

A buzzing in his pants' pocket told him he had a text. Expecting it to be Mozzie, he casually slid his cell phone out of his pocket and checked the message. I've missed you. BC

Only it wasn't from Mozzie. It was from someone he never, ever wanted to come into contact with again.

His name was Benjamin Collier, and he was honestly one of the most ruthless men Neal had ever met. He'd first run into Benjamin only a week before he'd met Mozz, when Neal had only been a mere 20 years old. The man had pretended to be a gentleman, a man who just wanted to watch over young Neal. Having gone out into the world on his own, with next to no experience on being on his own, Neal had naïvely accepted and became Benjamin's right-hand man. Only Neal had no idea what the man did for a living.

Benjamin Collier obsessively kidnapped and tortured people in their early 20's. The beautiful ones, of course, and Ben considered Neal to be very beautiful indeed. Neal was lucky enough to get away from him before Benjamin had killed him, but unfortunately, the damage had been done – multiple lacerations decorated his back, sides and arms. His abdomen was covered in deep bruises from being constantly kicked and struck. His lips were split from the countless slaps. Mozzie had found him stumbling into the middle of the street, actually hoping to get hit, even though it was midnight and the cars out were very scarce.

Mozzie had been very close to hitting Neal, but had slammed on the brakes and missed him by an inch. He'd been about to go slap some sense into however was lingering in the street, but the moonlight and numerous streetlights decorating the sidewalks made the pain in Neal's features very clear. As he looked closer, his injuries became apparent as well, and the short man had been quick to take the young man into his care.

Making sure no one was looking, Neal rolled up his sleeve and rubbed off the makeup covering the scars on his arms. They were pale, barely noticeable, but still there and would be for the rest of his life. He saw Diana walking over to his desk out of the corner of his eye and quickly put his sleeve down.

"Thanks," he said, flashing a dazzling smile, despite the unimaginable terror he was feeling inside. She nodded, offering him a small smile of her own. The moment she walked away, he dropped his mask and looked at the text again.

I've missed you.

The very words made him shiver. He turned off his phone and ran his hands threw his hair. He needed to see Mozzie.


Peter sighed, giving up. He was never going to solve this stupid crossword puzzle Jones had given him. He knew absolutely nothing about the puzzles' theme, which was various lyrics from popular hip hop/ rap songs. He looked down at the lobby, glad that everyone was behaving.

Something caught his eye, though. Neal was staring at his phone, his expression absolutely terrified before he got himself under control. He did absolutely nothing for a moment before rolling up his sleeve and staring intently at his arm. Peter couldn't see what it was, being so far away. He immediately put his sleeve down when Diana come over to his desk, coffee in hand. He thanked her politely, acting normal for a moment. But the moment she turned her back, his face fell as he looked at whatever was on his phone screen again.

He'd been about to go see what was bothering his young charge, but Neal beat him to it. He walked up to Peter's office, a small, forced smile on his lips.

"Hey, Peter, do you think I could take the fraud cases home with me? I'm pretty beat, I promise I'll have them on your desk tomorrow morning."

Peter studied him for a moment before nodded. "Sure. Everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine," Neal assured him, grinning. "Just didn't sleep much last night."

"You're sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

Peter sighed quietly and nodded once more. "Go ahead, I'll see you tomorrow. Try and get some sleep, I don't want you drowsy on the job."

"Yes, sir," Neal said, saluting, still smiling. He turned and left, but Peter saw the smile drop in the reflection on the glass walls. He shook his head, deciding to deal with it tomorrow.


Neal called Mozzie the second he was out of the building.

"Moz? We gotta a problem."