Chapter 5 – Never Again


The ride to Peter's house was dead silent. Neal wasn't sure just how upset he was, but he was damn scared to find out. The last Peter had been this mad was when Neal had pretended to be the 'Vulture' and went on a lavish shopping spree to try and draw out the real 'Vulture.' That had been the first time that Peter had spanked him, and although it had only been with his hand, it had hurt like hell – Neal had no intention of going back over that man's lap.

They pulled into the driveway and slowly got out of the car. Neal was still sore, and Peter had no intentions of rushing the younger man. Elizabeth had been dying to see the boy, to make him his favorite tea and get him all situated on the couch, with Satchmo snuggled up at his feet. Peter was all for that, but first, he needed to deal with the fact that Neal had a) lied to him, and b) put himself in danger. It was something that couldn't be and wouldn't be ignored.

Sure enough, the moment Neal was inside the house, his face was covered in motherly kisses. Having already been informed by Peter that he would be having a 'discussion' before any coddling took place, she left to make some tea, and left her husband to deal with their surrogate son.

"Why don't you come with me to the guest room, Neal," Peter suggested. Neal's stomach clenched – that's where Peter always spanked him, without fail. He broke out of the puppy dog eyes and started begging for the older man not to spanking him; he didn't care if he sounded like a child.

"Neal, honestly, give one good legit reason not to spank you, and you can stay for dinner without a sore ass."

"Because - " he been about to say because it hurt, but he knew that wouldn't fly. "Because I'm a grown man, Peter, and I can press charges!" Neal regretted saying that the moment the words left his mouth – hurt flashed in the agent's eyes.

"You would honestly turn me in for showing you how much I care about you? For trying to set you on a straight and narrow path like I would for my own son?"

Swallowing back tears, Neal shook his head. "I'm sorry, Peter, I don't know why I said that. I never meant it."

Peter smiled warmly at the younger man before motioning him upstairs. With a heavy heart, Neal did so, though every instinct he'd relied on in his years as a con man told him to get the hell outta there.

"Neal, I have news that won't make you very happy," Peter said sadly. "This stunt you pulled was huge – bigger than anything I've ever spanked for in the past. You know I can't just my hand this time."

Neal's eyes grew wide and he started to panic. "Yes you can! You're hand hurts plenty, trust me, I know! Please, Peter, I-"

Peter drew the distraught kid into his arms, murmuring calming things to him. "You know I would never give you more than you can take," he older man assured him. Neal clung to him like a lifeline. "You mean a lot to me – I just want to make sure you won't repeat the same mistakes you made today and get yourself hurt."

"I know," Neal sighed. "Just go easy…"

"You're injured – of course I'll go easy. I'm lucky the only place that wasn't bruised with Benjamin's damn belt was your butt."

"Lucky," Neal scoffed, pulling away from his keeper. Peter ruffled his hair and went to find his implement of choice, leaving Neal alone in the guest room. His time alone caused him to work himself up – tears ran down his face and he sniffled pitifully. Elizabeth happened to walk by and saw Neal in his emotional state. She knew Peter hadn't punished him yet and it broke her heart to see him so upset already. She wrapped her arms around the boy and calmed him down.

"Peter loves you, sweetie," she said. "He may get upset with you occasionally, but he does love you. You're like a son to him…and me."

Neal smiled against Elizabeth's shoulder, feeling a little better. She wished him luck, and with a peck on the cheek ,left him to finish the laundry. Peter reentered the room with a long but slender wooden paddle in his right hand. Neal's eyes went wide, tears welling up once again as he realized just how big he'd messed up by keeping his dilemma from Peter. The older man sat on the edge of the bed and motioned Neal over. He obeyed without question – he knew he deserved this. He unbuttoned his pants and situated himself over Peter's lap while lying on the bed. Neal buried his face in his arms as he felt Peter slide his boxers down to his knees, a rush of cool air making him go red.

"You'll be okay," Peter assured him, as he did every time they were in this position. Neal nodded, keeping his face hidden in his crossed arms. The FBI agent brought down the first swat onto Neal's rear, causing the younger man to yelp.

Peter swatted at one swat every two or three seconds. It didn't take long for Neal to start crying. The older man began to lecture:

"You have no idea how worried I was about you, Neal." SWAT. "When Mozzie told me who had taken you, and that he had been contacting you, I was so scared." SWAT. "Benjamin wanted to take my consultant - *SWAT* - my son away from me, and that was something I was going to let happen." He paused and rubbed Neal's trembling back. "Why, Neal?" he asked. "Why would you keep something like this from me? I would have helped you. I will always help you, unless it's something illegal. I thought you knew that." Peter brought the paddle down on Neal's ass once again. The younger man was sobbing hard – partially from guilt and a lot from the intense sting of Peter's paddle.

"I d-do trust y-you, P-Peter," Neal sobbed, clutching at his hair. "It's j-just…I th-thought you wouldn't help m-me after the Cape Verde incident."

"What made you think that?" Peter asked, that idea not sounding very Neal. It sounded more….

"It was Mozzie, wasn't it?"

Hiccupping, Neal nodded. Sighing, Peter said, "I know the little man has your best interest at heart, but his best interest for you isn't always the right one. You knew I would help you. Don't ever let him talk you out of coming to me for help ever again, understand?"

"Y-Yes, Peter," Neal sobbed, now limp over Peter's lap.

Smiling sadly, he informed his young charge that these would be the last five swats. He delivered them quickly to Neal's sit-spots, then tossed the paddle on the bed and pulled the kid's boxers back up over his bright red rump. Pulling the sobbing form up into his arms, Peter held Neal until the tears subsided, Neal resting his head in the crook of the older man's neck.

"I'm so sorry, Peter," Neal whispered. Shyly, he asked, "Did you mean what you said?"

"Which part?"

"The part about you calling me…your son."

Smiling, Peter nodded. "I know you never a father growing up. I'd like to let you have that privilege, if you'd let me."

A sort of sob/laugh escaped Neal's lips. "Does this deal include spankings if I do something wrong?"

Laughing, Peter answered, "Not every time. But you're not going unpunished for anything I see as misbehavior. Okay?"

Neal needed only consider for a moment. Sure, the punishments would suck, but along with all that came the comfort of family, among lots of other privileges – like having a father.

"So do I get to call you dad?" Neal asked, looking up at Peter with bright blue eyes, amplified by the redness and leftover tears. Rolling his eyes, Peter nodded. "It might raise questions at the bureau, so I would refrain from calling me dad at work. But other than that, I don't mind at all if you call me dad. I very much doubt that Elizabeth would mind if you called her mom."

Resting his head happily back on Peter's shoulder, he said, "Dad?"



"No problem, kiddo."


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