We Belong

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Chapter One-Many times I tried to tell you...

"Miss Swan this is the third time you've been sent here this week, care to explain why?" Principal Herper (or herpes as I like to call him) stared down at the large folder overflowing with papers on his otherwise impeccably clean desk.

I smirked slightly as I stared at my folder. It was so full that I must've broken some type of record in the 4 months I've been going to Halton High Prep. It was a stupid rich kid school with snobby gold-digging hoes. Your basic prep school.

"Mrs. Sir," I snorted as he said my English teacher's name earning me a glare in return, "said that you wrote 'cupcakes' as your answer to every question on your test."

"What can I say Mr. Herpes—opps sorry Herper—she/he told me that if I didn't know the answer than to take my best guess. And I happened to be very hungry that day…" The little things that get me into trouble are so stupid. I mean really it was a stupid joke and I knew I was going to fail anyways so why not fail in a humorous way?

"Properly address your elders young lady." Herpes demanded sternly while flipping through some the papers from my file. I made the Iphone icon face at him while he wasn't looking. I know, I know mature is my middle name.

"I don't know what it takes to get through to you Isabella," I crinkled my nose in disgust as he used my horrid full name, "I've called your parent numerous times," they don't care as long as word doesn't get out of their 'delinquent child', "I'd threaten suspension, maybe even explosion, but I know that would only be giving you what you want." Sighing he took off his square glasses and rubbed his eyes.

"Go to class, Isabella." He muttered, giving up on all matters concerning me. They always do… I thought depressingly to myself as I slowly reached to the floor and grabbed my fluffy purple backpack.

"Until next time." I said whilst giving him a salute. Opening the door, I quickly walked out into the hall to see the secretary send me a dirty look. Well okay then. As I walked out of the second door and into the hallway I made sure to make a much noise as I could by slamming the door.

Nobody at this school likes me, especially the faculty. They think I'm just another reckless teen throwing their life away. And while that's probably true I know who I am and what I want to be so why do I have to waste my time sitting in class when I could be doing greater things?

I may have an attitude, but that's more so that I'm so stubborn that I won't let go of my initial judgment of someone. It's wrong I know, but at least I don't shorten my life by doing stupid drugs and drinking every night. Sure I'll have a nice beer or cigarette every once in a while but that's mainly to piss off my parents. The other 'perfect' kids at this school go out and get smashed daily. It's fucking stupid.

Just as I was about to make my way to my biology class the bell rang signaling the end of another useless day. I leisurely made my way down the halls not failing to notice how the under and upperclassmen scurried out of my way as I walked by. I wasn't sure whether it was because I was just a fucking badass or because I'm best friends with a mob bosses only daughter.

I'm gonna go with the first option.

"Bella!" Speak of the pixie and you shall receive a giant bear hug. Her small arms wrapped around my chest as she squeezed the life out of me. I still don't particularly believe she's the daughter of any cold-hearted mob boss.

"Why weren't you in Bio?" Alice pouted as we made our way towards the parking lot. I shot her a 'why the fuck do you think' look.

"She/He tattled on me about the whole cupcakes shebang." I said carelessly while shrugging my shoulders.

"My parents would kill me if I ever did half the things you do on a daily basis." Alice said through laughs as she shook her head.

"Well luckily my parents couldn't give two shits!" I said while forcing a smile onto my face.

"My brother's picking me up today." Alice said out of the blue while straining her tiny form to see over all the tall people in front of us. Sighing, I cleared my throat loudly.

"OUT OF OUR WAY PEOPLE!" I yelled loudly while shoving through the tall girls and boys in front of us. Alice looked at me funny.

"Well we weren't about to grow a foot so that was the only other option." I muttered quickly as I pulled out my phone to check the time. Mentally cursing as the bright 3:21 pm shone back at me telling me that I was already 10 minutes late for my job.

"Shit I'm late, again. Jake's gonna kill me!" I nearly screamed.

"Didn't he fire you?" She asked me confused.

"Three times." I answered back honestly but everyday when I show up he always tells me to get to work so I assume he still considers me an employee. I don't particularly care how he views me as long as I get my paycheck.

"Oh! Tonight would be awesome for you to meet my family." Alice said excitedly causing me to grimace slightly.

"Come on Bella, please! My mom has been bugging me about meeting you and my whole family's convinced that I've gone crazy and you're just a figment of my imagination." She pouted up at me while lacing her fingers through each other in a begging way.

"Fine, as long as I'm not imposing…" I said hesitantly. Alice squealed and hugged me tightly.

"Imposing? Are you kidding me! My mother has been dying to meet you. And she'll be more than happy to have an extra guest tonight." Alice said happily while dragging me down the sidewalk towards a black BMW with dark tinted windows.

Alice waved her hands frantically towards the driver's side of the vehicle as a man started to get out and pulled the handle to the back seats open. Shooing me inside, I froze as I was met with a man's electric gaze. He didn't look away from me until Alice was seated beside me and began to talk to him. And even then he seemed very hesitant and kept shooting little glances back at me.

"Mom told me to bring Bella over the first chance I got and today happened to be that day. Sorry for the short notice Eddie!" Alice said happily while putting on her seat belt. I felt my heart pound in my chest as his green eyes found their way back towards my face; he looked to be in a state of confusion.

"Oh! Edward, Bella. Bella, Edward." Alice said while gesturing in-between us. I shot him a small shy smile. Not something I do very often. People are usually really surprised to know that I get shy around people I don't know very well, especially men.

"Buckle up." His velvety voice broke through my mantra and I reluctantly drew the belt around myself. I don't like when people tell me what to do. Especially my friend's grumpy ass older brother.

Alice continued to chat away about how happy her mom would be that she finally gets to meet me but I wasn't paying very much attention to her. My thoughts were consumed with the mystery man behind the wheel. When I first came into the car he seemed surprised and confused but nice all the same. But now he's clutching the steering wheel as if his life depends on it and is glaring out the front window.

I'd be lying if I said the man wasn't sexy as hell but I knew of his womanizing ways. Alice had always been quick to rant about her older brother and all the 'useless sluts' he hangs around with. Not to mention his face is all over the Internet, TV, and city. The Cullen's are well known people.

From what I know Edward is the heir to the Cullen business and will soon be the Mob Boss of the Irish mafia here in Chicago. The only thing stopping him is the fact that he has to be wed before he's allowed to claim his title.

I don't know his exact age but judging by his looks he must be at least a good deal older than Alice and I. I'd say somewhere in his mid to late twenties. He didn't look that old though. His wild bronze hair stood out in each which direction on his head. He had to be pretty tall seeing as his head almost touched the roof of the BMW.

He had those gorgeous pink kiss me lips that I just longed to suck on. His eyebrows were not to thick but not to thin and were the same copper penny color as his hair. He had a very masculine face with that strong pointed jaw with slight stubble and high cheekbones.

Then there were his eyes. An almost mystical green that looked deadly at the moment as he glared at the cars in front of us. The color was almost that of a leaf on a flower, not as dark though. I took a sharp intake of breath as his gaze shot towards the review mirror and caught me during my mental assessment.

I found that I was literally unable to look away from him, as much as I longed to. I could feel the heat rising to my face as his eyes bore into my skull. I face must've shown how frightened I was at the moment because his eyes seemed to soften for split second before they froze up again and turned away to glare at the nothingness of the road ahead.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

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