We Belong

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Chapter Seven- Grapes

No matter how long I tried to procrastinate leaving that room, I knew I was still gonna leave any ways. Willing or forced. And I'm getting really sick of people telling me how to live my life.

But not even two hours after A-hole's rude awakening and the traumatic memory session there was a loud pounding on the door and insistence from Mr. Dick himself that I have to eat something. Does he not understand that there have been days on end where I didn't eat a thing? I'm pretty sure a few hours isn't going to kill me.

Nevertheless, Alice opened the door and quickly shoved me through the opening, causing me to crash into a rock hard abdomen. Warm arms wrapped around me and it took me a moment to realize it was his grip I was currently being held in. The last I remembered his touch was colder than the Arctic Ocean.

"Be careful with her Alice!" He hissed out, while drawing me closer. I only fought back a little, too drowsy and out of it to care at the moment.

"She's not a china doll, Edward." My eyes snapped to Alice's when she spoke those words. Partly from the humor in her words, I mean is she not the very same girl who dresses me up everyday like her prized Barbie doll? But also out of shock that she had taken the very words I was about to say from my mouth.

All Butthole did was grumble something incoherent under his breath and start leading me in the direction I assume to be the kitchen. It wasn't a long walk, all we had to do was walk down the staircase and hand a left and there it was in all of it's white and black glory.

Everything from the cabinets, to the stove, to the tile flooring was a unique mixture of black and white. Different patterns and styles could be seen but the colors were all the same and altogether it-admittedly-looked really cool and fashion forward.

A-Hole lead me to a really high white wooden stool with a soft black cushion and attempted to help me up. That was until I swipped his hands away that were dangerously close to my booty. Nuh-Uh Mister, don't even think about it.

"What would you like?" His voice was softer than before, almost caring and it took me by surprise. I had no problem being a bitch to the possessive vampire man that is holding me hostage, but this side of him seemed different. More human.

"I uh, um, don't care," I stumbled out, a light blush rising to my face at the thought of how stupid I must have sounded.

Again to my surprise, a strong, masculine laugh erupted from his throat and I could barely compress a small smile. What is going on with me? I'm getting all giddy over a guy who is holding me against my will. This is not some cliche romance/mystery novel where the heroine falls for her captor!

Geez, I need help. Only 10 minutes later an appetizing Cuban sandwich and a fruit bowl of only strawberries, grapes, and apples was set in front of me along with a glass of ice cold lemonade.

Just as I was about to dig into the delicious meal, I heard the chair right next to mine being pulled out and didn't even have to look over to know it was Mr. Dick whom was suddenly acting not so dickish.

I could feel his gaze upon me, not my body like most guys would look at since Alice did a good job of putting it all on display, instead he was looking at my face as if memorizing every little blemish and pore.

It was weird to say the least. I've never had someone stare at me in such a way before. It was strangely...romantic. And I didn't very well like the way my body was reacting to him. Let's just say I might be changing my panties sooner than I expected to.

I could barely suppress a groan as I crossed my legs together tightly in hope of gaining more friction and solving my growing, um, issue.

"Are you not having anything?" I asked, less out of concern and more so in hope of distracting myself. I took a deep breath and lifted my head to met his gaze head on. Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

His normally vibrant grass green orbs were now a startlingly dark black. But they were certainly not without emotion. His eyes held the strongest amount of lust I've ever seen before in my life and a moment of fear seized me.

He wouldn't try anything, right? I mean he is holding me here hostage and I've yet to know why. Besides some made up story about us being fated to be together. A feeling in my heart told me that he'd never do such a thing. But a nagging voice in my mind reminded me that I had no idea what he was capable of.

My breathing hitched and my heart beats increased as he brought his face just a hair breaths away from mine and whispered, "Eat," before bringing a grape up to my face.

The violet grape was grasped lightly between his thumb and pointer and he held it right near my dry mouth, waiting for me to open it. And despite my better judgment, I found myself parting my lips ever so slightly.

But it was enough for him to slip the juicy fruit into my mouth. His warm fingertips lingered ever so lightly on my chapped lips, half a second longer than necessary before slowly retracting his hand and face away from me.

My body was frozen in a state of shock and disgust. I just had a very erotic moment with the man who is keeping me from...It wasn't until then that I realized the only thing he was keeping me from doing is going back home to my doped up mother and her handsy alcoholic boy toys.

It's not like I was being shackled to a basement, starved and shivering, awaiting my inevitable death. In reality the only thing I had lost while being here is my freedom.

And thats something I'm not willing to live without.

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