Hello again!

Geesh it's kind of sad that this is the least amount of time it's ever taken me in between two chapters. Hopefully the new writer of this story will be much better at that than me! may-kaname-cullen is currently working on the next chapter to 'We Belong' and the next chapter is supposed to be up on Monday...so go check out her profile and keep updated if you want to continue to read this story! I'm absolutely, 100% sure that her chapters will be amazing, and I'm more than excited to see what's in store for the story.

So I guess that's it then...looks like this is goodbye. (Not forever though-I promise to continue writing other things)

I just want you all to know that I love ya so much and you are the best fans I ever could have asked for. Thank you all so much for believing in my writing, and loving this story so fully. Please continue to read it! may-kaname-cullen will do a wonderful job with it, I just know it.

Goodbye, lovelies! And thank you again. I'm sorry to have disappointed you.