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Months passed and Amy's belly grew and grew. Excitement did as well. The family started to buy clothes, cribs, and other baby essentials to get ready. Amy was ecstatic, nearing her due date. She had been reading pregnancy manuals over and over, even though this was her sixth time being pregnant. Thankfully, Bob had returned exactly when he said he would. It was all good in the Duncan household. Everything seemed perfect. One morning, Amy was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and having cereal. Everybody was home, but Amy was the only one up. She finished her coffee and cleaned her plate in the sink. Something didn't feel right after the plate had been cleaned off, and Amy knew what this meant. Baby 6 was coming! She yelled for Bob and he came running in. Amy was soon settled in a hospital room. About an hour had passed. Bob was faithfully sitting right next to her, stroking her hair and watching the contractions pass. Amy wasn't really in any pain, but she still wanted the baby out. Family trickled in and out, visiting and saying hello. The Duncan's had nothing to do, but wait for the baby to come. They were ready for the excitement and the craziness of a new baby.

3 and a half hours later, it was time for the baby to come. Amy pushed for a half and hour, and then little Lydia Brooke Duncan entered the bright, big world. Amy cradled the young child in her arms. She said sweet little nothings into her daughter's ears, so small and fragile. Bob was in udder shock that they had another child. He wasn't saying much, except for the occasional "Good job Ames," or "Lydia, you're so cute!" Deep inside though, he was filled with resentment. Resentment for what he'd done while he was gone. Of course, he wouldn't admit that or what he'd done. Not to anybody.

Bob had escaped to the cafeteria, hoping to catch a break. He sat alone, coffee and newspaper in front of him, but he didn't drink the coffee or read the paper. He was just lost. Lost in his own thoughts, lost in his life, lost in the daily tasks. Really, he had many other problems, but he was keeping it all bottled up. He really didn't know why. He had everything a man could ask for, a loving wife, brilliant kids, and a job he loved. Why was he so depressed and ready for something new? He'd been sticking to this life for 18 years, why stop now? Sighing, he picked up his coffee and started towards Amy's room. When he returned, Amy was feeding Lydia and watching the news. He told her hello and kissed Lydia on the head. There was a knock at the door, and Amy let them in. It was her family, kids and all, coming to see the baby. 3 year old Charlie ran to her mother. "I missed you mama." She said. Amy gave her a kiss and showed her her new sister. Charlie was in love.

The rest of the family got to see, hold, and love on their new member. They took some family photos as well. Everything was perfect and so great on the outside. On the inside, though, the family had many secrets. Secrets that had to be kept inside. Little did they know, some of these secrets would be revealed. Very soon.