Cybertron Apartments

INFO: In this universe, Cybertronians live amongst humans, working as we do. The larger Cybertronians such as Metroplex, Fortess Maximus, Omega Supreme etc aid in using their alternate modes (Metroplex is Autobot City, Fortress Maximus is a near by Military base, Omega Supreme aids with Space exploration as well as travelling between Moon Base and earth). Cybertronian heights are no taller than 8 feet tall and the smallest being maybe 5'4". Despite the different factions dividing the Cybertronian race, they are merely view as different racial categories, like humans consisting of Caucasians, African American, European etc. There is no war and most get alone peacefully. I'm also using a few concepts from Mass Effect like the autoTaxis on the citadel and maybe others when I think of them.

Chapter 1

"You know what! Fuck the lot of ya I QUIT!" Okay, bitching and cussing wasn't how I wanted to leave but damn it this job was so irritating! I had been working admin for 6 years, and I'm damn good at it, and what do they do?! Pass me over every time, forcing me to stay back to some ungodly hour and give me all their work because they're too lazy to do it themselves. I maybe the receptionist, my job description depicting I'm to try and make their workload lighter, but I don't DO they're jobs for them! I am not their fucking mother!

Again, didn't need the cuss but it just felt good to do it! Man I'm glad it's 5pm, I need a drink. It was a daily ritual every Friday after work. I'd go from work to Autobot city and hang out with me friends if I could help it. I'm what people call a Cybertronian enthusiast; meaning a majority of my friends and mates are alien robots from a dead planet. A more popular term is Xenophilliac, but I don't pay attention to them, I'm friends with whom ever I choose. Heck, I'm friends with the damn city himself,

"Greetings Jane, how are you?" Came to booming voice at the check in gate. Smiling at the monotone voice, I poke my head out of my small yet dependable car to see the holo image of the city Transformer,

"Hey Metroplex, I've been better," I smiled, he was actually a really sweet mech once you got to know him,

"Vocal fluctuations suggested underlying grievances, are you operating efficiently?" he asked, see this is why I love these guys, everyone of them is different, the speech patterns of some of them are rather entertaining if not endearing,

"I quit my job and I need to cool off," I replied, scanning my travel pass into the nearby scanner,

"Acknowledge, Swerve's corner has began daily operations. Recommendations are highly satisfactory," Now for someone just meeting the big lug, he wouldn't have sounded convincing but I've known him since I graduated high school and I could hear e smile in his otherwise mono styled voice. Thanking him and with the promise to see his main processor later, I drove through.

Thankfully, Autobot city had somehow found the answer to peak hour traffic, how? Some bot would probably give you some technical answer with a lot of big words most people couldn't understand, and that was the dumbed down version. In any case, it was smooth sailing to Swerve's corner. It was quite the popular club for both humans and Cybertronians alike, strictly a neutral zone with 0 tolerance for racial fuelled arguments and fights. Walking to the front door, I can see a long line of both Humans and Cybertronians waiting to get into the bar. As I walk down to the end of the line, someone calls out my name,

"Yo Jane!" Looking back, I found it was Skids manning the door tonight, his big smile always seemed to bring out the best in people,

"Hey Skids, busy?" I asked, pointing to the long line of patrons,

"Kinda, still setting the band up, but you can go in," he smiled, lifting the rope for me but I looked to the line,

"It's cool, I'll wait like everyone else," I was never one to jump a que, even if it was a friend who offered. It took a lot to offend Skids but he knew I meant well and dropped the rope back down. The wait wasn't too long since I was among the first 100 to go in. The music was loud, everyone was having a great time and the drinks were plentiful, my kind of night.

I had to hand it to Swerve, if it weren't for him I'd still be a 21 year old spending my Friday nights at home with a bad movie instead of clubbing. I found my usual place at the bar and didn't have to utter a word before a human grade of emerging was placed in front of me,

"Thanks swerve," looking over to the short minibot manning his bar,

"No sweat Janey, but word down the info net said you quit your horrid job," he smirked, another small quality I had discovered from my Cybertronian circle, they loved to gossip, "good for you, you've been miserable at that trash heap for years, have one on the house," he smiled, organizing a tab for myself,

"Thanks, though I think I could've gone out a little more eloquently," I sighed, taking a swift swig of the tangy, sweet beverage - a helpful hint about human energon, it goes to your head really fast if you're not careful,

"What did you do?" He asked, cleaning a cube with an old dish rag,

"Told them to fuck off then stormed out," I wasn't proud of it but I know I would do it again,

"Jane, you do have more class than that," came an extremely familiar voice, looking back I found 2 of my oldest friends and roommates; Perceptor and Drift. I have been living with the couple since university here at Autobot city. The 2 had been inseparable and went through god knows how many roommates before they found me. I found Perceptor's witty humor and extraordinary intelligence a welcomed reprieve from the normal company I entertained and Drift's love for the Japanese culture inspiring as well as endearing. I tolerated what often drove people away and they accepted me as I am.

"I know, but sometimes I just can't help it," I sighed, taking another swig as Perceptor and Drift sat on either side of me,

"She is correct Perceptor-kun, she does have a bit of a temper but with good reason considering the state of her workplace," Drift added, making feel that little bit better about the whole situation, although that may be the high grade talking, I was getting that relaxing buzz from the potent beverage,

"But now what are you going to do? It has been difficult enough paying rent between the 3 of us, now you are unemployed," Perceptor stated, damn his smart, sharp mind,

"Don't worry, I've saved up plenty to support myself and you guys in an emergency like this...but I just hate working for others now, it's just...not me," I could feel my speech slurring after finishing my drink, refusing anymore Human grade offered and just sticking to water for now,

"You could came work here," Swerve suggested, "People have been complaining about the lack of human workers here, didn't you take a food and beverage course back in high school?" He asked, passing out another high grade to a tipsy mech close by,

"Nah, not my thing but I'll keep that in mind," I nodded, trying to shake the buzz and focus on my present predicament,

"We'll, self-employment could be a veritable avenue for you. You did complete a business traineeship while you were recently employed, have you ever considered running your own business?" Perceptor asked, noticing my inebriated state, asking for some snack food to help my body process the alcohol,

"Of Course, but I just could never figure out what I could do; I mean half of the self employment gigs are franchises and are still restricted," I groaned, the pleasant bus retreating and replacing itself with a dull ache,

"Don't worry Jane-kun, we will aid you in finding some form of employment," Drift smiled, pulling me into a welcomed hug. He was a bit more open emotionally than Perceptor in public areas but I could understand that since Perceptor was quite a shy scientist back at Uni.

The night wore on as usual, I took to drinking again but steering clear of any Cybertronian based drinks. By the end of the evening I was still tipsy and I refuse to drive intoxicated. Metroplex was nice enough to hold my car in his storage facilities until I could come and pick it up tomorrow. Drift and Perceptor had kept their drinking to a minimum so their frames had already worked out the buzz. Lying me out in back of the autoTaxi, it zipped us back to our apartment. On the way, my hazy mind caught something as the taxi came to a stop. It was one of the many building that made up Metroplex' alternate city form, most of which were owned by external companies for profit. A huge "For sale" sign was plastered on a billboard for all to see. Comprehending this, a light went off in my head,

"Housing," I muttered, catching Drift and Perceptor's attention,

"I beg your pardon?" Perceptor asked, turning away from the front window to look at my tired form,

"Maybe I should manage an apartment building," I mumbled, my tired mind winning over, "I could buy that building…there are a lot of people looking for cheep apartments…and we won't have to worry about rent since we own the building," my words were slurred but they understood. If they had answered me I didn't hear, my body had already fallen asleep.

Man, one thing I found about clubbing I really hated was the day after. My head was pounding despite the few drinks I had. Poking my head out of my pillows I found a tall glass of water, 2 painkillers and a note. Pulling myself out of my warm blanket cocoon I took the medication while I read the note.

"Dear Jane, in case you forgot the conversation we had on the way back from Swerve's Corner, you had mentioned managing an apartment complex to be a more preferred option of employment. Drift and I have gone to pick up your car as well as gather information on the building you had pointed out. Please take it easy this morning.

Signed, Percepter and Drift"

Smiling at their concern and kindness, I crawl out of bed and get changed. It didn't help when my hangover was impairing my ability to stand up straight but the painkillers were kicking in. Walking out into our small kitchenette and lounge room, I pulled out a cold compress strip from the freezer and stuck it to my forehead, sighing as the cold chill eased the pain considerably.

Sitting with a nice bowl of porridge and bananas, I decide to watch a movie until the others get home. I turned off my phone just incase my mother tried to call and lecture me how I had a good stable job and that I was insane to walk out like I did. I sent an email saying I was sorry for the outburst but my resignation still stood. I just didn't want to deal with that backwash until my headache stopped.

It wasn't until my second movie that I heard the door open, leaning back I saw the familiar teal and red frame followed by white and red. Wasting no time, the 2 mechs came and sat next to me, boxing me in a warm hug,

"Feeling better?" Drift asked, noticing the cool strip on my forehead and easing it off,

"Yeah, headache is gone but I'm still a little tired," I admitted, standing to place my dish in the dishwasher,

"Well, you'll be happy to know that the apartment building has received any offers, we were the first to inquire. Are you sure you wish to pursue such an opportunity? It may cost you more than predicted," Perceptor then began to ramble off what could go wrong and what might happen down the line,

"Come on Perceptor, you're a scientist. Doesn't the saying go 'Nothing pursued, Nothing gained?" I asked, walking back to them and sitting between them,

"Indeed, but caution is always the watch word in situations such as this one. I just don't want to see you stressed over the matter should something go array," he stressed. I tell ya, sometimes these guys were too good to me. I smiled and hugged the microscope transformer, feeling him return the embrace,

"I'll be fine. I got friends like you looking out for me. And besides, it'll save you guys money on rent since I'll own the building," I smiled, seeing Perceptor think of a comeback or a rebutted, slowing concede defeat and handed me the datapad with all the information regarding the building, price and other necessities to arrange new ownership.

It maybe rough going, but I dare say this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. An early chapter but a new one nonetheless.