Cybertron Apartments

Chapter 5

Lust (OC), Jetstorm

Prompt: Sessions

"Thank you again, my dear, for the help," Lust, an accomplished Techno-organic Psychiatrist, smiled as she watched her new landlady help carry her belongings into her room. She found the young woman endearing for her willingness to help but her articulated mind churned with the prospects behind her helpful nature, like any psych would,

"Not a problem," Jane smiled, bending and arching her back to relieve the strain from carrying the heavy boxes, "I hope you'll be happy here, and my door is always open if there are any problems,"

"Lovely," she smiled,

"But remember, nothing illegal is to occur here, or I'll be obligated to notify the authorities," Jane stated, as she did during their discussion earlier. She seemed well informed as to the nature of Psychiatry and knew Lust was capable of exchanging mecdication for her otherwise serious patients,

"On my honor, Miss Jane, nothing illegal will occur within my apartment, my hours are strickly between 9am to 5pm, anything before or after will be personal visitors," she smiled, seeing the young human's eyes brighten a little, "Besides, its my day off,"

"Okay, I hope you enjoy it thought," Jane smiled, saying her goodbyes before making her way back to her own apartment. Smiling at the retreating woman, Lust began setting everything up in her new home.

It wasn't long before she began dumping her used boxes into the buildings disposal chute that she had someone approaching. Rounding the corner from the elevator was a trine of almost identical seekers. She was not oblivious of the war that had raged on her ancestral home, so she knew full well who these infamous seekers where; armour a rich red and crisp white was none other than Commander Starscream, following him were his trine brothers; Skywarp and Thundercracker.

As they came to her, Starscream's ruby optics spied her and took in her appearance. It was plain to see she was a techno-organic having a rattlesnake as a beast mode, but her profession also allowed her to pin point obvious character flaws: his boastful confidence writing his faceplates like a book spoke volumes of how he was accustomed of getting what he wanted, without a regard to others. His posture was like any seeker when they observe something or someone they take an interest in; a prideful and territory strut the warned others not to interfere, as basic as the behaviour was, the mocking and exsasperated looks on Skywarp and Thundercracker made it certain how brash and cocky Starscream was,

"Well hello~," he cooed, leaning against her door frame and leering down at her, "So, new to the building?" it was obvious she was new, but she decided to indulge this cocky seeker, if only for fun,

"Oh my yes. Miss Jane was very considerate when we were discussing my residence here," she smiled, not overly flirty but seemingly oblivious to his charms,

"Yeah nice lady," he dimissed quickly, "But I'm more interested in you," he smirked leaning closer. Turning away amoment she noticed another femme coming out of the next apartment, noticing the 4 of them before her blue optics flaming with anger. She smirked as Skywarp and Thundercracker took a step away from Starscream when this new femme stormed forward, missing Starscream's attention,

"Really, but it seems this young femme is more interested in you than I," her lips widened as he turned to the newcomer, paling a moment before trying to flee, only to be successfully looped and bound by a whip. The blue seeker femme grumbled under her breath as she dragged Starscream without resistance,

"I'm so sorry if mah dolt of a roommate made ya feel uncomfortable ma'am," she nodded, her accent a thick southern style, as if she were a 'Southern Belle' if she read that human novel right,

"No problem at all," she smiled but handed the new femme her card, "But if you deem it necessary, here is my card," the blue femme took it and read it carefully looking to Starscream and back,

"Much obliged darlin' but he's far beyond help," saying their goodbyes, she and the compliant trine returned to their apartments. Sparing a soft giggle, Lust returned inside to relax.

The past few weeks have been good. Her clients found it easier to come to her new apartment/office in Autobot city and she had even picked up a few extra clients within the apartment complex itself.

Drift, Jane's roommate, had visited her concerning a rather…traumatic break-up with another mech before he had met Perceptor. She was more than welcoming to help the samurai bot sort out his trauma and helped build his self-confidence, noting to Perceptor to play a part as well.

Jane sometimes frequented her home, for friendly chats and afternoon tea. She found the human had a rather stable life save for the trauma of losing family members; she had come to terms and moved on.

Even young Waspinator, another new tennent to the building, would come see her regarding his string of misfortune and unlucky encounters during and after the war. He was a hard case, but she persevered and achieve promising results,

"Alright Waspinator, same time next week?" she asked, walking the Wasp predacon to her door,

"Yezzz Snake-bot, Wazzpinator will come back," he smiled, his mandibles twitching as he left. He was her last client for the day and she was looking forward to a long soak to relax when her Room call was buzzed. Looking at the viewing screen, she recognised the blue mech waiting for her reply. A sly smirk crossed her features, lighting pressing the speak key,

"Come on up~ room 6-4," she purred, chuckling as she saw the young mech shiver and hurry inside. She didn't have to wait long before a light rap sounded from her door. Walking to the door, she found the same seeker bot standing before her, a little down cast despite the blue visor hiding his optics. "Jetstorm, please come in,"

"Thanking you, Miss Lust," his Russian accent sent a shiver through her as he walked in, taking a seat where she asked all her clients to sit,

"So," she purred, sitting opposite to the young blue seeker, crossing her legs seductively while enjoying the sight of him squirm, "What brings you to my humble abode? Our session isn't for another week," she watched as the young mech fidgeted,

"Um, I couldn't being waiting another week to be seeing you…Lust," he muttered, dropping the formalities,

"Did something happen? Do you…want to talk about it?" she purred, it was always like this with her favourite client. Jetstorm had been working as a security guard in the Autobot City Penitentiary, along with his twin brother Jetfire. Working under Sentinel Prime was a nightmare for both of them but Jetstorm seemed to be unable to deal with it even with his brother's help. Having met Lust by chance during the war, after she had set up her business he would always come to her,

She found it endearing that he didn't openly ask for her help, it was all part of the fun. Even though she was his therapist and he, her client, there was an unspoken…relationship between them, something that could be acted upon should one of them require companionship,

"Well, if my little Blue bot isn't going to cooperate, after coming all this way~" before he could react, she pulled out a simple gold pendulum on a thin wire, as it swung back and forth, Jetstorm didn't resist as his covered optics began to follow the golden disc, his mind slowing and relaxing with the added effect of her rattling tail. The shivering shakes and the motion of the pendulum finally plunged his mind into a compliant and suggestive state, much to Lust's delight, "Now, Jetstorm, you are to be completely honest with me until the end of our little session, understand?" she asked, implanting the temporary suggestion,

"Yes…lady Lust," he replied, relaxed and smiling, it was always a thrill for him to be under her thrall,

"Tell me what happened, why is it you came to me ahead of your next session?" she asked, placing the pendulum down and reclining slightly,

"Brother and I were to be moving criminals from lunch to yard for exercising," he began, "One prisoner is to being difficult, but brother and I am no seeing shive in his servos…he is attacking brother with weapon…and I am to be losing it,"

"You lost your temper, in the defence of your twin…now why did you feel this way?" this continued on for a half hour; Jetstorm revealed he was forced into longer hours and hated how Sentinel was treating not just himself but his brother as well. The attacking inmate was the last straw, resulting in suspended pay and Sentinel punishing him instead of giving a harsher penalty to the inmate, "Well, that is a lot to cope with," moving sultry toward the incapacitated mech, settling coolly on his lap, her tail lightly shaking and enticing Jetstorm, "Perhaps some…medication will help ease your tension,"

"Please…it hurts," Jetstorm begged, leaning forward to lock lips with Lust. Moaning into the kiss, she quickly left his lap, much to his discomfort but followed with his own groan as Lust quickly lead him into her room, pulled into her addicting embrace, lips locked in a frenzy of passion, closing her door while their night was filled with emotion and love.

Jane had just finished speaking with some new tenants and was making her way back down when she almost bumped into a blue bot,

"Oh, I am being sorry, ma'am," his voice seemed dreamy, like he had awoken from a brilliant dream…or he was high,

"It's fine…are you okay?" she asked, concerned before she looked past him to see Lust, wrapped in a silk gown and a smooth smirk on her face,

"Couldn't being better," he smiled, loosing some of his dreaminess and become more chipper, striding past her and down the stairs. A little confused, she looked to Lust again, seeing her smirk grow,

"Um…do I need to know?" Jane asked,

"Not unless you want to," Lust purred, Jane merely shook her head and left, leaving Lust to return to her room and begin for a new day.