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A New Member of the Force

Chapter 1

You are Detective Mal Fallon. It is a cloudless night and you are driving home from work. You think of all the stress you went through that day and how you need some sleep. With the Lady Killer dead you and Natara had to go through lots of paperwork and not to mention Kai seemed extra annoying today.

You park the car in front of your apartment and head to the door. On the way to the door you step on a skateboard left outside. You fall over and land flat on your back on the sidewalk. The skateboard rolls towards a metal garbage can and hits it with a loud bang. You curse under your breath until you hear a wine. Surprised, you slowly get up and look towards the alley. It seems like the sound had come from there. There's a stack of wooden boxes in the alley. Huddled next to these boxes is a frightened german shepard puppy. You try to move towards the door, but you can't ignore the dog looking at you.

With a sigh you move towards the puppy, but he whines again and snuggles closer to the boxes. This puppy is obviously scared of you, and wouldn't willingly let you touch him.

"Okay, now what?" you say to yourself. Thinking fast you run upstairs and fetch some bologna. When you get back outside you see that the puppy is still right where you left him. You tear off a piece of bologna and toss it to him. He gets up, sniffs the bologna, and ate it as if it would be his last meal. You tear off another piece and toss it right by our shoes, but even though he wanted it he wouldn't come toward you. After a few moments you back up to the door and he runs to the bologna and eats it. You get a doorstop so the door would stay open while you weren't holding it, put another piece of bologna by the door, and go towards the stairs. As you go up the stairs you put a piece of the meat on each step. At the top you watch the puppy sniff the doorway, eat the meat, and scamper to the stairs.

"That's it, go to the food," you quietly say. He makes his way up the steps eating the food as he went. When he gets to the top step he sees your feet and cowers. You put a piece of bologna in your hand and offer it to him. "Come on, come on Furball." He sniffs your hand, eats the bologna, and starts licking your hand. When he finished you took your hand and started to scratch his neck. The puppy, obviously not frightened of you anymore, wags his little tail. You pick him up and looked at where he had been and see a little puddle.

"I have a feeling you're responsible for that." The puppy starts licking your face. "Ok, ok, ok, I forgive you. Next time just let it be on a newspaper, or better yet Seth Holland." He barks and licks you again before yawning. You set him on a recliner, clean up his accident, put a newspaper on the kitchen floor, and get ready for bed. Satisfied with the preparations you've made so far you decide to get him food, a collar, etc. tomorrow. Looking at the puppy on the recliner you say, "Goodnight." and head to bed. You figured the puppy could sleep on that chair, but as soon as you lay down to go to sleep you feel a fuzzy thing right next to you. Right there is a german shepard who was obviously worn out.

"I had a rough day too," you say. You yawn and then hear a yawn come from the puppy, "Copycat." Both of you fall asleep in the next few minutes.

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