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Chapter 5

You are Mal Fallon as a high schooler. In the hallways you accidentally bump into a girl in your class. She is very pale with long black hair that went down to her hips. You remember that her name is Phoebe, the quiet girl who you hear people gossip about all the time.

"Sorry," you say. Instead of replying she just stands there looking at you, and your feet seemed like they were glued to the floor. "So how are you?" you ask.

"Okay... I guess," she replies.

"Good, good." You turn and walk towards your next class and think about what people say about her. Many say she is a freak for reasons unknown to you, and others believe she is just insecure. You're not really sure what to believe, but don't think about it much anyway. You think this would be the last time you'd see her for the day for she usually seems invisible. Little did you know you'd be looking for her later in your career.

You are now back in the present talking to Natara at your apartment.

"Are you sure she has something to do with this? Phoebe doesn't sound like someone who would turn into a killer. It just sounds like she was just a quiet girl who was picked on a lot," states Natara.

"My gut says she is," you reply, "From what I remember she had no friends, was made fun of by most of the people killed, and who knows what happened at home." You look down, "Besides there was that one day."

You are a high schooler again. It is the day before graduation and the entire class is practicing. Phoebe was chosen to give a speech at the ceremony and it was time for her to practice in front of all of the seniors.

"After today we all will go out and search for ourselves. We wil try to find out what we will do with our lives. Some of us will get a job in law enforcement, in the entertainment industry, or as for me... it is being in charge of every single being on the planet." Everyone looks at each other in disbelief.

"What did you just say?" yelled a student.

"When I grow up I want to be the ruler of the world! I intend to do just that." After she said that everyone-including you-begin to laugh. Phoebe looks really hurt as she runs out of the school. She doesn't attend graduation and you hear rumors that she wants to not only rule the world, but get even with her classmates.

Dawg lays his head on your lap and whines. You look at his back and see his bandage wrapped around his wound. You start to scratch behind his ears and Natara comes over and starts to pet him too.

"It doesn't sound like she would be able to kill," started Natara, "Yet it's worth a shot to talk to her."

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