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As a special treat in regards to the all-new Madoka Magica Movies, BlackSky and Enastasia are proud to present:

Choose Your Side


"Even if it's a deception, this is the future she wanted."

A high-pitched scream pierced through the stilled air as the being crashed to the ground with its dieing breath. Below the shrill scream you could faintly hear a different voice. A sad voice. A figure laid in the distance, engulfed by darkness. Terror struck the two.

Madoka, no. Not again, it can't be. It wasn't supposed to end like this. Homura couldn't bear the scene she stood in front of. The world slowly turned grey. Homura came to the decision of using her last move, her second chance, her only chance.

She rotated the shield she wore on her left arm, as the world reconstructed itself once again for the magical girl's demand. Homura had to once again leave this world behind and restart, with all the hope she had left.

"This will not do."

A/N: Alright, this is the prologue to our brand new Madoka Magica Fanfic, Choose Your Side!

Now we know the prologue isn't much, but we hope you'll get the idea and get excited for what's to come. There will only be Madoka Magica in this and we might include the official spin-off Oriko Magica too. Both BlackSky (Me.) and Enastasia will be writing this together.