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A Chance at Happiness

Chapter One

The day began like each one before it, waking up five minutes before my alarm was set to ring off, allowing me five minutes to lie in bed and ruminate over my sucky life. The almost ever-present hangover buzzed behind my eyeballs, and I didn't want to get up at all today. This had become the new morning routine for me, ever since Erica Hahn had left me in the hospital parking lot, without even a backwards look. I banished the thoughts of her to the back of my mind, it was way too early in the day to drink or cry, and thinking of the blonde surgeon usually resulted in one or either outcomes. I sat up and stretched, holding the bed sheets up against my bare chest. I contemplated shoving my heel into the back of the man sleeping next to me, following the whole "misery loves company" school of thought, but I figured I'd rather be dressed before I kick the sorry sop out on his ass. I grabbed jeans and a shirt at random, not really caring about my appearance, I had reached a point in my sadness where brushing my hair as well as my teeth was an ambitious task. I was in the kitchen making coffee for the road when the guy stumbled into the main room, wearing only his boxers as he was apparently too dumb to find the rest of his clothing. I suppressed a groan upon seeing him; he looked way more attractive after multiple tequila shots.

"Hey babe, why the rush? Come back in here and we can finish what we started last night." His tone of voice oozed sleaze, and I seriously considered throwing the hot coffee at his face to shut him up. I was in no way, a morning person.

"I have to get to work. You have to go." I growled irritably. He took a couple steps forward at me.

"You come with me, and work will be the last thing on your mind. Consider it a stress-reliever." I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my purse.

"Go get some goddamn clothing on." I muttered, waiting until he strode into my room to grab my cellphone.

"Mark Sloan here." The voice of my best friend crackled through the speaker.

"Mark, I need your help. You know the drill." I groaned into the phone, irritated that I had to sink to this level again.

"Jeez Cal really? This is the second time this week!" he announced.

"Just hurry!" I huffed, before hanging up on him. The ugly guy-who-has-yet-to-be-named had returned, fully clothed this time.

"Can we at least sit down for a cup of coffee? C'mon, you may learn to love me." I checked the floor to make sure he wasn't leaving a trail of slime wherever he walked.

"Not likely." I muttered under my breath, too low for him to hear, hopefully.

"What was that Babe?" he asked. I didn't have to make up an excuse, as the doorbell rang right on time.

"Get that for me will ya?" I asked, heading back into the kitchen and trying to look busy. The guy, whom I've newly dubbed as Sleazeball, strode confidently over to the door and swung it open, Mark towering over him from the other side.

"Who the hell are you?" Sleazeball less-than-eloquently asked.

"Mark Sloan, Callie's boyfriend. Who the hell are you?" he roared, in a show of faux-anger. The lie rolled off his tongue easily, he had used it so many times before. Mark flexed his biceps involuntarily and studied his knuckles, looking as if he was about to beat the living crap out of the smaller man. Sleazeball looked back at me with a deer-in-the-headlights expression, and I fumbled to look appropriately shocked. The guy darted around Mark's intimidating figure and sprinted down the hallway, frightened out of his wits.

"My God Cal, where are you finding these guys?" he asked as he swung the door shut behind him, "I was relieved to see him leave, the view from behind as he ran like a little girl was actually more attractive-looking than his face!" I searched for my house keys as I got ready to leave.

"Yeah, tequila makes people seem a lot more attractive." I muttered, shutting the door behind us.

"Then you must have been pretty damn drunk. Seriously Cal, I'm worried about you. Picking up random guys in bars, screwing them, and then kicking them out the next day isn't a healthy way to get over Er-"

"She-whom-shall-not-be-named-or-talked-about. And seriously, the man-whore of Seattle Grace Hospital is giving relationship advice?" I sarcastically shot back. We had already jumped in his car and were halfway to the hospital before I groaned, smacking myself in the forehead.

"I forgot the coffee at my apartment, I was in such a rush to leave I must have left it on the counter." I groaned. I had no idea how I was supposed to make it through a forty-eight hour shift, coming off a hangover, without coffee. I may as well have been asked to walk to the end of the earth.

"Don't worry." He sighed, pulling into the parking lot of a random coffee shop and pulling some bills out from his wallet. "Bone-dry cappuccino please." I grabbed the money from his hand and jumped out of the car, mumbling about how we were going to be late for work. The sun had just begun to rise above the horizon, painting everything it touched in a hazy pink light.

"Purcell's Café, Home of Seattle's Best Coffee" I read out their sign, "Yeah, you and about four-hundred other coffee shops in town." I pushed open the door, causing a delicate bell to sound my arrival. The place didn't seem too busy, probably because it was five-thirty in the morning and every sane person who wasn't a doctor was still asleep.

"What can I get you Ma'am?" a friendly woman behind a display of baked goods asked me.

"One black coffee, and a bone-dry cappuccino." She took down the order and then motioned to me to wait. I stepped off to the side, scanning the near-empty store, the homey décor, when my eyes fell upon the only other person there. A gorgeous blonde woman stood huddled in the corner nearby, her beautiful face lit up like a work of art by the virgin light of the young sun. Her arms were wrapped around herself as if she was chilled, despite the long pants and turtleneck sweater she was dressed in, and the unnaturally warm fall morning. Her baby blue eyes darted nervously around the room, as if she was scared something was coming for her. I felt compelled by curiosity, and something stronger, to go up and talk to her. As soon as I made a move to approach her, she fixed me with a frightened blue gaze.

"Hi, I'm Callie Torrez." I introduced myself, offering a friendly smile and a hand to shake. She eyed me suspiciously, and was about to move to shake my hand, when a loud car horn blared from outside. The jittery woman gave a terrified squeal, as if she had been physically slapped, and jumped about a foot in the air, her delicate features contorted as if she was about to cry. I stared daggers out at the vehicle, a silver SUV with dark tinted windows. Just then, they called the woman's order and she darted like a jackrabbit, bag and coffees in hand, out the door. My proffered hand still hung in the air, completely confused and unnerved by the interaction. I heard them call my order, and I grabbed the warm cups and paid the cashier, before heading out to Mark's waiting vehicle.

"Hey, what was that in there Cal?" he asked, taking in my spaced-out look. I was too deep in thought about the mysterious blonde to hear him. Why was she so terrified of me? She had stared at my hand like it was a foreign gesture, almost like for a second she didn't know what to do with it. And she hadn't spoken a word during our brief interaction.

"Earth to Callie?" Mark waved his hand in front of my face. She really was gorgeous, even in fear, her blue eyes were enchanting. Her blonde hair was silky and slightly wavy, perfectly framing her heart-shaped face.

"Calliope Iphig-" Mark Yelled at the top of his lungs, snapping me out of my trance just in time for me to slap a hand over his mouth.

"I thought I told you not to use my full name!" I scolded angrily.

"Hey, calm down, I just wanted to make sure you weren't having an absence seizure or something. What happened in there?" he asked, looking at me concerned as he pulled into the hospital parking lot. I sighed sadly, not quite knowing how to respond, before saying,

"Truthfully Mark, I don't know."

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