Across Time

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Oichi was in a difficult situation. Someone had planted new flowers in her flowerbed.

"Oh dear…" she muttered. "What shall Ichi do now?" Oichi kicked futilely at the flowers in her wheelchair. The flowers were a garish shade of yellow, unlike the lovely; lovely red she'd wanted to plant.

"Oichi?" A nurse, a new one, jogged across the lawn, panting. Her name had started with an M, hadn't it? Was it Motonoki? She had been telling Ichi a story about her family. Apparently they weren't very close, like Ichi's family. Poor girl. She was very kind, and middle aged and wore the classic nurse uniform here, which was a plain blue shirt and loose blue pants. Her brown hair was in a tight bun, and worry lines were etched across her face.

"Oichi! What were you doing?! Everyone is worried and-" She stopped short at the sight of tears in Oichi's eyes. "What happened here, dear?"

Oichi hung her head. "Ichi is sorry. Ichi didn't mean to make anyone worry, she just wanted to plant flowers! But now, Ichi's flowerbed has been taken, and Ichi doesn't know what to do…"

The nurse's face softened, and she patted Oichi on the back. All the Nurses knew Oichi; she'd been here for several years. The girl's mental state was fragile they all knew that. Being a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her elder brother and his wife, Oda Nobunga and Nouhime, she'd broken down and had been placed into the mental ward. The young woman's mental state before her brother's violence had been rather fragile as well; it'd just been how she was born. The young woman, now twenty, had been recuperating well, but it had been as if something was obstructing her progress…

"Don't worry, Oichi. We can find you a new flowerbed, and I promise, you can plant all the flowers you want."

"Really? You promise?" Oichi looked up into the woman's eyes. They were a soft brown, she noticed. Very, very pretty, like the soil she'd plant her flowers in.

"Pinky promise, Oichi." The woman extended her pinky towards Oichi. It was a sort of tradition between the two, as it had developed over the years she'd been here.

"Oichi, can I ask you a favor?" The woman peered at Oichi.

"I-Ichi supposes so. What is it Motonoki?" The woman smiled brightly, temporarily erasing all signs of worry from her face.

"We have a new part-time worker here, do you want to say hello? His name is Azai Nagamasa. He's very kind. I'm sure you'll like him."

"O-Okay. U-um, will you wheel Ichi over?" As the woman wheeled Oichi over to the main building, she spotted the outline of a man, wearing the same uniform as Motonoki. Oichi was suddenly struck with a bout of nervousness. What would he be like? Would he like her? Oh, she knew this was a mistake; she shouldn't have let Motonoki let them meet…

"Is this her?" The man's voice was deep and carried a gruff undertone; Oichi found herself entranced by it. She wanted to look up and see the strange man's face but she felt as though she couldn't…

"Yes it is." Motonoki bent down to whisper is Oichi's ear. "Now Ichi, remember what I said about eye contact? I want you to look up at Mr. Nagamasa, okay?"

As if the woman's voice had broken a spell on Oichi, she looked up, and found herself captured in sharp brown eyes. The man was obviously Japanese, like her, with dark brown hair and eyes. He had pale skin and thin lips, and his hair was held back in a long, low ponytail, with two thick strips hanging down to frame his face, along with short bangs.

Almost unanimously, small blushes stained each other's cheeks, painting their faces a soft pink.

For an odd reason, Oichi found herself drawn to this man, with his pale, thin lips, and pretty, soil brown hair.

"H-hello! I'm Oichi. It's a pleasure to meet you…" Oichi nervously shifted in her wheelchair, waiting for the man's response. After what seemed like forever, the man spoke.

"Nagamasa. My name is Azai Nagamasa."

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