Chapter I

San Francisco

The yellow cab drove through the streets of the city, heading for a familiar destination-at least, for one of its occupants. Ryu had been to San Francisco often to see his lifelong friend and training partner, Ken. But this time was different-he was bringing a guest with him. And Ryu tried to make the identity of the guest a surprise.

The cab pulled up to the mansion, and both Ryu and his guest got out. She looked at the Masters' estate, and said, "Your friend lives here? This place is bigger than my apartment complex!" Ryu said, "Wait until we get inside." They made their way to the front door, and rung the doorbell. The door opened, and Foster, the butler, greeted them. He said, "Good day."

Ryu replied, "Good day, Foster. It's been a long time." Foster looked at Ryu, and said, "Indeed it had, Mister Hoshi. I shall tell the master you're here. Please follow me." Ryu and his guest followed the butler into the living room, where Ken, Eliza, and Mel were sitting around the TV. Foster said, "Sir…" Ken turned to the butler, and said, "Yes, Foster?" Foster said, "You have a guest…or rather guests. Mister Hoshi and company are here to see you."

At that Ryu came in. Ken got up, and as he did, Eliza and Mel followed. Ken embraced his friend, saying, "Ryu, buddy! How have you been?" Ryu replied, "I've been well. I've also been through a lot, as well." Eliza hugged him, as well-and kissed him on his cheek. She said, "It's such a pleasure to see you again." Ryu said, "Thank you, Eliza. Your hospitality always warms my heart." Mel said, "Yeah! Uncle Ryu's here!" Ryu said, "Yes, Mel. I have even better stories to tell you."

Ken said, "Hey-the butler said that you had company. Who is it?" Ryu said, "Oh, my guest. I'm sure you remember her." Ryu turned to the entryway-and Chun-Li walked in. She smiled, and said, "Hello, Ken." Ken said, "Hello, Chun-Li! Wow…it's been a while!" Still smiling, she said, "Yes it has. But as an investigator, I keep busy." Ken said, "Oh…well, then. I want you to meet my wife, Eliza." Chun-Li hugged Eliza, and said, "It's such a pleasure to meet you." Eliza said, "Likewise! Oh, I can't wait to take you shopping!" Ken then said, "And this little guy is my son, Mel."

Chun-Li walked up to him, and said, "Ohhh….aren't you a handsome little man?" He shyly smiled at her, and held out his hand. She took it, and shook little Mel's hand. Ken said, "Foster-take their bags for them." Foster replied, "Yessir." Ken said, "Come on, have a seat! You must be exhausted from your flight." As Ryu and Chun-Li sat in the living room, Eliza said, "Would you like something to drink?" Both Ryu and Chun-Li answered, "Yes, please."

Ken watched this, and thought, They act like a couple…I wonder…Eliza brought the drinks in, while Mel went outside to play with the family dogs. Ken then asked, "So Ryu…did you find what you were looking for in China?" Ryu coughed lightly, and said, "Well, Ken…to tell you the truth, I did find what I was searching for. And even more…what I was looking for…was also looking for me, as well." Eliza said, "So…you went to China to find her? That's so romantic!"

Chun-Li replied, "Yes, it is. And since that day…I have never been happier. But I learned-we learned- that being in love meant dealing with the great things, as well as some not so good things." Ken said, "We suspected something was happening with you when she called us trying to find you after you when you went off to fight Akuma. And now…we see the proof. This is great for both of you! I was worried that my buddy wouldn't find someone! Ow!" Ken turned, and saw that Eliza had pinched him.

Ryu and Chun-Li laughed, and Ken chuckled, as well. Ken then looked at a watch, and said, "Hey-it's kinda early. How about we go out for dinner-my treat?" Ryu said, "Thank you! We appreciate the hospitality." Eliza said, "Well, then-you two can go change, and we'll be waiting for you." Ryu and Chun-Li then got up, and the butler said, "I'll escort you to your rooms." They arrived at a set of doors, and the butler said, "This is your room, sir. And the lady's room is across the hall."

The butler left, and Ryu said, "Oh…I didn't know we'd have separate rooms…" Chun-Li said, "It's not that bad, right?" Ryu said, "True…plus I don't want Ken to know the full extent of our relationship…not yet, anyway." Chun-Li said, "Oh…" Ryu said, "He'd probably tease me about it." Chun-Li said, "You should tell him that we're both adults, and what we do in the bedroom is our business." Ryu sheepishly laughed, and replied, "Well, if we get too…in the mood here, it will be everyone's business." Chun-Li shaking her head, while smiling, said, "Come on, loverboy. Let's get changed and head out for dinner."

-Street Fighter II-

It was around 10 pm. Mel had been put to bed, and Ken, Eliza, Ryu and Chun-Li were enjoying drinks. Ken said, "So what happened with Akuma?" Ryu replied, "I went back to Japan to fight Akuma because I saw visions that if I couldn't master the Satsui no Hado, it would lead me to hurt everyone I've every cared about." Ken said, "Akuma-he's the one who beat Sensei." Ryu said, "And he would have beaten me, as well. But Chun-Li came and helped me. In the end, I discovered a new power and was able to beat Akuma." Eliza said, "Wow…that's so incredible."

Chun-Li then said, "And Ryu returned the favor for me. When Shadaloo came after him-they also came after me. Bison used a mind-control device on me and made me fight Ryu. But Ryu freed me from Bison's mind-control and supported me as I defeated Bison-and avenged my father, as well." Ken said, "Well, it seems like you both were there for each other when the other needed him…and her." Ryu said, "I have enjoyed this…but it is rather late. I think I will turn in." Chun-Li said, "That's sounds like a good idea. I think I'll head for bed, too." Eliza said, "OK, then. Good night, you guys! And Chun-we're going to have an awesome girls' day out tomorrow!"

Minutes later, Ryu was sitting on his bed, doing a breathing exercise to aid him sleeping. He heard a soft knock, and the door opened. Chun-Li then came in, wearing a light blue 'babydoll'-a gown that stopped mid-thigh. She came in, and sat on Ryu's lap. She said, "Who loves you?" He smiled, and softly said, "I do. And who do you love, my haru keikoku?" She said, in a seductive tone, "Only you, my wei da long." They then passionately kissed, unaware that they were being listened in on. Eliza quietly said, "This isn't right, Ken!" Ken said, "I know! But I can't escape the feeling that something's happening between them…"

Meanwhile, Ryu asked, "And when did you buy this?" Chun-Li said, "Oh, I've always had this. It's just that when we're intimate, I don't bother with it. But…I suppose I can wear it…for you." She then kissed him, and Ryu held her in his embrace. Unfortunately for the amorous couple, the spying Ken and Eliza pushed too hard on the door, and the door opened, and they both sprawled into the bedroom.

Ryu and Chun-Li turned, and Chun-Li leapt out of Ryu's embrace. Ken said, "Hey guys…we were just…" Eliza then grabbed Ken, and said, "…leaving. Good night, you two!" And as they walked out, Ryu and Chun-Li could hear them arguing. Ryu sighed, and said, "Well, that's that." Chun-Li kissed him, and said, "Well, I hope you have a nice night's sleep." She then headed across the hall, and Ryu closed the door, and lay on the bed. Despite what happened, he still had a smile on his face, as he fell asleep.

Author: Dadgummit, Ken! Talk about a moment killer! Anyways, that's the first chapter! And for a bi-bilingual (would that be tri-lingual? Quad-lingual?) bonus-Ryu called Chun-Li 'haru keikoku-which is a Japanese translation of 'spring beauty'-which is what Chun-Li means. And she calls him 'wei da long', which means 'mighty dragon' in Chinese. And guess what Ryu is?