Words I don't know how to say

This is my first fanfiction in… well ever. I love the dragon age series and I've read multiple fanfics on this website about them. But ive rarely found one where…Zevran gets a happy normal ending where it's not just casual sex but true love. (And I love his character. I like Alistair to…but Bioware makes to many sexy elves!) This story starts right at the ambush. And I apologize for spelling. I am dyslexic. But I'll try my best.

Anyway, this story is my own making with my magef! Warden, constructive criticism welcomed. Bioware owns all and I am simply playing with their toys. Now on with the story!

Zevran felt a smug smirk pull at his lips as he saw his fellow assassin mage running around the corner, playing her role perfectly. As he knew she would of course. Behind her was the group led by the two remaining grey wardens in Fereldan, his targets.

What fools they would be when they realized the truth of this…momentous occasion.

He'd been told one was a mage, the other a warrior. But no matter how much he was warned. Zevran was not prepared for what he saw turning the corner into their ambush. Not that he showed any indication of this.

First came running in was an elven girl with long pale blond golden hair trailing behind her as she moved and fierce dark blue eyes. She was the mage he had been told, yet, she was wearing a mixture of heavy armor and leather that was a mixture of red and grey. A hood attached to the cloak. Two one handed swords were in her hands seeming to glow with slight shimmers of red and blue.

Close behind her was her fellow grey warden, Garbed in full plate, helm and all, his shield bore the symbol of the wardens on it.

The next was a woman that wore leather armor and carried a bow, with dark red hair, yet her armor was somewhat…religious? It was leather but it looked like chantry symbols were adorned on the chest piece.

Lastly who came running in behind them was an absolutely gigantic dark skinned man with white hair and violet eyes. His great sword was just as big as him. The only odd thing besides his size was the horns curling out from his temples.

Maker, is that a qunari?

Zevran ignored the thoughts. What strange company this little warden kept! They all looked deadly and confident.

When they came to a stop at last, Zevran smirked wider….signalling his allies out from their spots. The tree was dropped, naturally the warden's rag-tag group jumped out of the way, but it still blocked the way as planned.

Zevran pulled his sword and dagger from his back, his eyes going cold, face fixing into a blank mask as his eyes narrowed in on the elven grey warden.

"The grey wardens die here!" Zevran shouted.

Then the arrows flew.

The Elven warden threw out orders her voice loud and demanding. The two warriors moved in, qunari and human moving with each other as they slashed through the crows like butter with practiced ease. The Human woman went to higher ground picking off the archers with her own arrows.

That just left Zevran and the female warden to fend for themselves.

They met in the middle of the field. Blades locking and he saw an extremely focussed look on her face, her blades erupted into flames and she pushed him back.

Zevran not to be bested began beating her back in return. A test of will and strength.

It became a dance between their blades. He was faster, her armor held her back slightly, but whatever magic she was using kept her safe, she seemed to almost fade out of sight slightly.

Dodge, slash, kick, jump back, dart forward, parry, stab. They moved back and forth neither gaining an advantage over the other.

Zevran could hear his fellow comrades falling around him but his eyes were locked on the elf in front of him. Dark blue eyes meeting gold and narrowing in unison.

She scowled suddenly and shoved him back, darting back out of range, lifting her swords in an x like fashion her lips moving frantically.

A mist folded around Zevran and he tried to evade it but it was too late to hold his breath as it was sucked into his nose. His vision became blurry and he stumbled but didn't cry out…trying to hit at anything in range, friend or foe.

For just a moment his vision cleared, enough for him to see the shield rushing towards his face.

After that he saw nothing at all as his head struck the ground.

-Leliana and Sten were busy cleaning out the pockets of the dead when Neria heard her name being called by her orleasian friend.

"Neria! The one you were fighting. He's still breathing."

Neria rose from her crouch and peered over at her friend before calling over Sten and Alistair to come and see what this was about.

The would-be-assassin was lying at their feet. His eyes shut, lips slightly parted, despite the blood he almost looked peaceful, Neria nearly smiled at the sight.

"What do you want to do with him?" Alistair said, eyeing her with an almost suspicious gaze. Neria tilted her head, her pale hair falling down to shade her eyes from his view.

"I suppose we should wake him up and question him. Leli? You're the best at knots, would you do the honors?"

The rogue gave her a quick smile and a nod, her red hair bouncing as she happily went to tie the poor man up. Neria nodded her thanks before pulling her water skin, kneeling down by the man. She poured it unceremoniously over his face.

Zevran sputtered beneath her arm and tried to shoot up only for Neria to push him back down with a steady hand. Her eyes became blank and simply uncaring.

Zevran raised his head slightly and blinked the water from his eyes, Mere inches form his face was his target. Even closer than that was a dagger she had at his throat.

"Oh…I thought I would wake up dead, or not wake up at all as the case may be."

Neria's eyes narrowed in response and she simply said in a matter of fact tone.

"I could easily fix that."

Zevran smirked. "I do not doubt it. But considering I'm not dead yet, I'm assuming you want something from me yes?"

Neria didn't move the blade away from his throat simply tilted her head to look back at her companions who all nodded to her silently.

Zevran tested the ropes while she wasn't looking, but they were tied in knotd as skilled as the ones he could tie.

Neria turned her attention back to him.

"I have some questions before I let you bleed out with your friend." She jerked her thumb at the nearby corpse of the mage that had lured them into the trap.

Zevran eyed the corpse and gave a shrug as best as he could in his current position on the ground.

"Such a waste, but very well my dear lady, if you insist on interrogating me let me save you some time. My name is Zevran, Zev to my friends, and I am an assassin of the antivan crows charged with the task of killing any remaining grey wardens in Fereldan. Which I have failed at, sadly."

Neria gave a small scoff. "I'm rather happy you failed."

"Ditto" Alistair said behind her, glaring down at the elf, his arms crossed.

Zevran gave a cocky grin and simply said. "As I would be were I in your position."

Neria sighed. "What in the name of the maker are the antivan crows?"

Zevran gave a fake gasp "you have not heard of my fellow crows? We are men and woman with many skills and accomplishments."

"Not for being good assassins I see." Neria said with a shrug.

"Tsk. So this is a Feraldans form of 'torture' before the actual torture? Mocking your prisoners. How rude."

Neria rolled her eyes as Leliana spoke up behind her.

"I can tell you about the Antivan crows Neria, They are an elite order of assassins based out of Antiva. There are several known deaths that many believe the crows were responsible for, though they left no proof."

Neria nodded thoughtfully and Zevran spoke up.

"My my, such informative lovely women that travel with this ferocious group."

Neria turned her attention back to Zevran with a sigh. "You're awfully glib for a prisoner you know." Her dagger pressed closer to his neck in warning.

"Such is my way. Or so I am told." He leaned his head back to stare up at her, her dark blue eyes narrowed again and she frowned.

"Who hired you?" She snapped out quickly and the questions began.

"A rather large angry man in the capital, Logain I think his name was? Yes that's it."

"When were you to see him next?"

"I wasn't, if I had finished the job I would return to Antiva and your Logain would hear of the news if he did not already know. If I had failed I would be dead or I should be, as far as the crows are concerned. No need to see him again then."

"Are you loyal to Logain then?" Alistair added.

"I have no idea what his problem is with you. I'm guessing it has to do with politics and who's in power. I was simply hired to perform a service, but beyond that I am not loyal to him at all."

Neria paused for a moment thinking over her questions.

"How much were you paid?." She asked quickly.

"I wasn't paid anything at all. The crows however were paid quite handsomely or so I am told. Which makes me as poor as a chantry mouse I suppose. Ah as is the usual though, we do all the dirty work and get none of the rewards, such a shame."

"Why do you work for them then?" Neria asked, generally curious now.

"In all honesty I wasn't given much of a choice. The crows bought me on the slave market when I was very young and raised me as one of their own."

"Why didn't you leave when you were old enough to make choices?"

"Don't get me wrong my dear lady it isn't all bad. Being a crow gets you respect, gets you woman…and men, whatever it is you happen to fancy. But despite all these gains, it is still a cage, a gilded cage, pretty but still confining. The whole severance package is garbage; if you ever consider joining I would really advise against it."

"Thank; I'll keep that in mind." Neria said drily.

Zevran gave her a smile. "You seem like a smart girl. I'm sure you have better options."

Neria tapped her free hand against her knee. A nervous habit that she stopped once she realized Zevran watching her fingers in slight amusement.

"Why are you telling me this?" She said, suddenly suspicious.

"Why not? I was not paid for silence! Not that I offered it for sale exactly." Zevran said this all dismissively.

"Aren't you at least loyal to your employer?" Leliana asked this, sounding confused.

"Loyalty…is an interesting thing and if your lovely leader is done interrogating me we can speak on it further."

Neria's eyes narrowed. "Fine I'm listening but make it quick."

"You see, I failed to kill you, so to the crows, my life is forfeit. That's how it works, but the thing is, I like living and the only way to get out of the crows is to sign up with someone they can't touch. So let me serve you instead."

Neria suddenly laughed. When she finally calmed down she snickered some more.

"You must think I'm royally stupid." She said between her snickers.

Zevran gave Hmmm eyeing her up and down and smirking when she laughed. "I think your entirely too tough to kill and utterly gorgeous. Not that I think you'll respond to simple flattery but they're worse things in life then serving the whims of a deadly sex goddess."

Neria blinked as she heard this, lips parting though no words came out, her cheeks flushed with an embarrassment then she scowled. Regaining her confident, dominant state.

"Why would I want your help?" Neria said quickly moving on from that comment.

Zevran grinned. "I am skilled at many things including stealth and picking locks. I could also stand around and look pretty, warm your bed? Fend off unwanted suitors, no?"

Neria glared at him and he grinned sheepishly.

"And can I expect any loyalty at all from you?"

"I happen to be a very loyal person. Up until the point when someone expects me to die for failing…that's not really a fault is it? Unless you're like the crows and in that case I don't come very well recommended."

Neria unthinkingly worried her bottom lip with her teeth, thinking it over.

"I'll even shine boots; I promise you won't find a better offer anywhere." Zevran smiled at her and winked.

Neria stared at him for a moment, her mind going back to her time at the tower and she came to her decision.

"Fine. I'll accept your offer. But your weapons stay with me for now."

"What!? You're taking the assassin with us now?" Alistair said in absolute disbelief.

Neria cut Zevran's binds and helped him to his feet, simply stating.


"Oh…well." Alistair fumbled, what was he supposed to say to that?

"Come on, it's time to go and set up camp." Neria said with a wave of her hand.

Without a look in Alistair's direction Neria began leading the way.

Zevran followed behind watching her long hair move as she walked.

Well…this was an interesting turn of events.

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