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Zevran grinned as he saw Neria's eyes widen at the sight of their room. For one it was huge, with an adjoining bathroom and a large bed with curtains around it to hide whoever lied inside.

But it wasn't just the room itself but what he had done to it.

"I know we are underground…and surrounded by dwarves. But I wanted to share this room with you, give you break if only for a night." Zevran said, stepping up behind her and brushing her hair away from the side of her neck.

Neria still couldn't speak.

Zevran had made the dwarves set up several candles around the room; a blanket was in the middle of the floor, with large amounts of normal looking food and drinks upon it, with spaces cleared for 2 people to sit.

"Zev…this is amazing but how can we afford this?" Neria looked back at him as he kissed up the side of her neck, the feeling was distracting.

Zevran smiled against her skin and gave a small chuckle. "I've been collecting my own funds Amore, and I had a lot of food packed away for an occasion such as this. None of this will cost your funds at all."

Neria turned towards him and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss. Zevran gladly returned it but would not be distracted by her body for the moment, he pulled away with another soft laugh, took her hand, kissing the palm before leading her to the blanket.

"It is not the best food you've ever tasted." He said as they sat down. "But it is better than the normal rations, no?"

Neria smiled at him happily. "It's perfect Zev."

He chuckled as he cut into some cheese and she reached for some grapes popping them in her mouth.

Zevran watched her do this and Neria caught his gaze, with a quick wink she picked up a strawberry and held it towards him. Keeping his eyes locked on hers he leaned forward and took a bite of it. A challenge was in his gold eyes and Neria found herself blushing.

Once again Neria found herself believing she didn't deserve this.

Either way Neria could care less. She didn't realize that he had been talking until he said her name gently, brows furrowing.

"Neria, what is going on in that pretty head of yours Cara?"

She blinked looking at him and suddenly blurted out.

"What do you feel when you think of me?" Neria blushed brightly and looked away until she felt his hand on her jaw turning her head back towards him. His smile was very gentle, though his eyes remained guarded; he chose his words carefully as he answered.

"I'll make you a deal, you answer truthfully to my questions…and I'll answer truthfully to yours."

Neria still looked to be flustered and nodded quickly. "Ok…I'll take that deal."

Zevran smirked at her. "Ladies first then…same question that you asked me."

Neria blushed and looked him in the eye, biting her lip. "When I think of you…I feel…safe, warm and happy…you make me feel…like I won't ever be alone. Because…you'll always be there for me."

Zevran's eyes softened as he listened to her and she found herself moving closer to him until she sat in his lap their forehead pressed together.

"I feel a need so deep that I'm scared to look too closely at it." She whispered this softly as his hands began sliding down her back to her hips, his lips dancing across her jaw.

"I feel beautiful…wanted." She leaned her head back as his lips touched the hollow of her throat and he hummed his agreement.

Neria was being distracted by the feeling of his lips on her skin; she shuddered reaching for his armor and slowly unbuckling his shoulder guards and chest piece.

"I feel…like I can trust you. More than anyone."

Zevran pulled her lips to his heatedly, her voice was so timid, her movements so slow. He needed more than that…he needed her.

She shuddered against the long kiss before pulling away. "Now it's your turn..." she helped him out of his chest piece and tunic, her hands trailing over the dark skin of his chest as soon as it was exposed, their lips kept pressing together softly. Until she let out a breathless sigh of his name.

"Zevran…Tell me."

Zevran pressed his lips to her throat and dragged them up to her pointed ear, they stayed like that for several moments, his arms around her waist, her arms around his shoulders, hand tangled in his hair.

Then he spoke…his voice a purr slow and careful but oh so perfect.

"Cara…Mi amore. When I think of you…it feels like the wind has been knocked from my lungs…you caught me off guard…a beautiful woman who doesn't realize how lovely she is. When I think of you I feel...protective…" His hands slid inside her robes and she lifted her arms to help him with removing it. Which he gladly did before he slowly slid his arms around her and lifted her, carrying her over to the bed. Lying down with him over top of her.

"I feel affection." He growled by her ears as she batted at his belt, he reached down to help her soon after and they flung it aside.

"I feel joy…" he got caught off guard by Neria flipping their positions and pulling off the band that held her breasts hidden from view.

"Passion." He purred the words as his hands went to cup her breasts giving a light squeeze as Neria tilted her head back with a moan.

"Tell me more" she said breathlessly, her eyes filled with heat, Zevran couldn't believe that this was the same timid girl…the same Neria.

As she had said, there was a need between them that was so deep it was scary to even look too far into it. But Zevran knew in this moment they were just scratching the surface of this passion.

But he wanted to dive deeper than that.

"I feel the same need." He said the words softly, saw her eyes widen, saw the love and admiration. He hoped that his eyes said what his voice refused to.

She sighed his name and the heat between them coiled up and snapped. Zevran wasn't sure how the rest of their clothing came off nor did he care as Neria grinded her hips into his. He sat up and growled into her neck, arms curling around her waist firmly.

"You minx. " He hissed biting into her neck and relishing in the sweet groan she made, hips pressing more firmly to his.


He shuddered and crushed his mouth to hers, kissing her with everything he had, that same feeling of her magic sparking between had him groaning as their tongues slid against one another. He pulled away with a wicked grin at seeing her lips swollen; biting into her plump bottom lip he tugged lightly before sliding his lips down her throat, her head tilting for him.

He needed her to give him some sign that he could do more than this, his hands moved to cup her breasts, his thumbs sliding across her nipples and feeling them harden under his touch. His mouth worked at her throat, his hands pretty much massaging her breasts, and his hips moved up against hers sensually.


"Please what?" he groaned licking and sucking his way across to the other side of her neck and creating a mark as he bit down, thumbs sliding across her nipples in unison, he nearly smirked at the chocked moan she gave.

"Please what?" he tried again waiting patiently until he felt her shudder and give in. Her head fell forward, lustful eyes meeting his and she groaned before finally speaking.

"Zevran…Please…" she paused, eye lashes lowering slightly, his thumbs slid over her breasts again and she gasped out.

"Fuck me…"

He groaned before turning them, she shuddered as he pushed her against the bed on her knee's her cheek pressed to the pillows as he settled in behind her and slid his hands over her ass quickly before gripping her hips and growling his response.

"Anything for you, Neria."

She had no time to respond as he sheathed himself inside her with one firm thrust, pushing her legs farther apart as she screamed with pleasure, hands tearing at the sheets. He groaned loving the way her heat clamped down around him like an inferno…he pulled her hips back towards each of his thrusts, pounding into her as she writhed beneath him.

She came within seconds crying out his name in pure pleasure, he watched back arch as she clawed at the sheets and groaned loudly. Their surroundings disappeared, it didn't matter where they were, all that mattered is what they were doing now.

He grabbed her and pulled her up against him, her back hitting his chest as one hand stayed at her hip, the other played with her breasts as he groaned by her ear.

"Were nowhere near done piccolo fiamma." She gasped happily, and arched for him as he kept moving within her, it was almost violent, his grip on her was strong enough to bruise, but that was not his intent.

He groaned into her neck. "Maker Neria." He kept thrusting, feeling her shudder from each one, her kiss-swollen lips parted in bliss as their bodies rocked together perfectly.

She turned the tables, using a bit of force magic to throw him away, not too hard, he landed on his back near the end of the bed as she climbed atop of him and slid back down upon his arousal, he gripped her hips and helped her move as she rode him hard and fast. Her hands braced against his chest were sparking with magic, electricity snaked between them as she dragged nails down his chest lightly.

The pace they were going was frantic and Zevran could feel her approaching her second climax, her warmth tightening around him as he bucked up into her relentlessly.

She was fucking perfect.

He gripped her hips and pulled her down hard as his hips snapped up, that heat building up in her overflowing as she came for the second time that night, her scream torn from her throat hoarsely. The electricity seemed to glow around them and Zevran groaned, fighting his own release; he rolled them over still moving in her as he pressed his forehead to hers, there was nowhere they weren't touching.

She was still riding out her climax, moaning and sliding her hands around him to move over his back, her legs lifted to wrap fully around his waist and pull him deeper. Her moans urging him on.

Their eyes met for just a second, the lust and desire was so thick in both their minds, but Zevran felt his thrusts slowing, becoming less hard, more deep and slow.

She moaned and pulled him even closer, their overheated skin sparking as her magic continued to pulse around them harmlessly.

Zevran couldn't help it…his hand gripped her hip. The other hand placed by her head as he leaned down to catch her lips in a slow meaningful kiss. Their lips hardly parted now as their bodies slowly moved together, her hips rolling into his slow deep thrusts as she groaned.

Their lustful bonding had now changed to something else. Something that caused Neria's heart to flutter as she heard the groan rumbling out of his chest.

This wasn't casual sex…this is what people called making love. Neria shuddered groaning into his mouth as his tongue slid over hers slowly.

"Yes...oh Zev yes…don't stop…deeper…" her voice was pleading and he groaned, he shifted slightly to nearly pull all the way out of her each time before sliding fully back in, hitting her womb as she moaned.

They were being soft, their hands trailing over each other as if for the first time, desperately trying to touch every inch of each other.

When her third climax hit she arched off the bed, her lips parting in a silent gasp as he buried his face in her neck, still moving within her as he soon followed her over.

He collapsed on top of her, his eyes locked on hers as they had been the entire time, their breaths mingling as he traced her face with his fingertips.

Neria gave him the sweetest of smiles, a smile that could break the hardest of hearts. And whispered breathlessly.

"Let's do that again."

Zevran could only chuckle. They had started out rough and quick…and it had turned into something so much more, something he wanted to revisit over and over.

Zevran lowered his lips to hers and responded softly.

"I am yours as long as you want me Cara."


Piccolo fiame- little flame.

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