tAlright, here it is, the Warhammer40k and Infinite Stratos meld! And you said it couldn't be done!

Kira (From Prototype Spartan): I have NO idea how this even came to be. Seriously. What the hell? Introdcing ICHIKA of all people to Warhammer 40K?

Hey, Warhammer 40K turned Shinji-

Kira: Oh, that's where you got it from?! Shinji was turned from super introvert to what, some badass super guy that is nigh unstoppable?! Ichika already has potential as a fighter and you do THIS?!

Well, yeah. I was inspired to do this from Thousand Shinji, Soaring of the Doukugan Ryu! Orimura Ichika!, and Shinji and Warhammer 40K.

This chapter pretty much sets up Ichika for his trip to the IS Academy. So we'll be covering discovery all the way up to IS Academy time. This chapter will be short, and he IS going to seem a little Mary Sue-ish, but by the time we roll around to the Cecilia fight, you will see how absurdly powerful EVERYONE ELSE is.

Aaaand, there are a lot of line breaks. I kinda did feel rushed about this chapter since I REALLY wanted to get Ichika to IS Academy where you'll see his personality and grit even more. This was more of less a set up chapter for everything else.

Here we go. As usual, I don't own anything related to Infinite Stratos or Warhammer 40K. I wish I did though.

It was an ordinary day. Absolutely average, normal. Not the way I like it though.

This is a world where a man can be beaten violently to death out in the open and no one will say a thing.

It is harsh. It is cruel. The one thing that keeps me safe is my sister and her reputation. If I didn't have her I'd be no better off than some of my friends.

Which all changed, of course, when a speeding car came down the street, a black briefcase flew out the window, and landed at my feet.

Then three black, nondescript cars came chasing after it.

What was all that about…? I guess they wanted the suitcase, but what for?

It's not very heavy though. Made of tough plastic, completely sealed with a three digit lock. It should be easy enough to crack. Normally I'd bring this to Chifuyu-nee but something within me clicked as I gave into curiosity and opened it.

Hm? There's just books. They don't even look rare. Worn out, yes, but definitely not rare. They were also in English… how odd.

The Autobiography of… the name was worn out. Space Marine Codex? A Complete and Thorough History of The Imperium of Man? Guideline to Usage and Maintenance of Bolter Weapons? Basic and Advanced Combat with a Chainsword…? What were these books for? Was a rebellion going on? Heck, what IS a Chainsword anyways?

Well, the biography looks interesting at the least, and it has this logo on the cover that looks like an upside down Greek omega, but it has a sword in the middle and wings. Eh, I might as well take all of it.

During school, I opened up the biography. Upon taking a closer look, it was very worn out, with pages half torn, yellowing pages, as if from another age.

"My name is Minato Arisoto, humble servant of the God-Emperor of Mankind. My life started…"

I was sucked into the story. The Imperium of Man, the battles against alien species, the Space Marines. Oh man, the Space Marines were just amazing in general! It was all breathtaking, and this was just the prologue like part that was mainly context. Every last bit of it was just as awesome as the rest and-

"Orimura!" I ducked underneath a ruler thrown at me.

"Sorry Sensei!" I quickly apologized.

"Put the book away, or I will take it from you."

Quick as a flash, I stuffed it into my bag.

For the first time, I felt selfishness. I didn't want anybody else to have this book.

I learned NEED that day. I don't know exactly what I had discovered, but I knew it was something epic. Something absolutely amazing.

School seemed to drone on forever today, every moment draining the time I could be reading about Arisoto. When the end of the day came, I bolted from the room, not stopping until I reached my home. From there I sprinted to my room to continue reading. It was just all so glorious… but the creation of him as a Space Marine was a bit grotesque.

After a few days my initial hype died down but I still kept on reading vigilantly whenever I could (my grades dropping a slight bit), but I finally turned over the cover and-

Wait, isn't there more?! Why isn't there more?!

I frantically looked at the spine of the book. Volume ONE?! Where's the others?! I have to locate the others! I need to know the rest of the story behind this Space Marine initiate!

After days of frenzied searching, I found them. All… twelve volumes… each 5000 yen. (Roughly 65 USD)

This… would take a while to get, wouldn't it? Hm, I'll need to get a part time job somewhere to save up for those… and what will I tell Chifuyu-nee?

Oh crap, did I actually just think about lying to her?! My older sister… and I just considered lying to her… but no one can find out about this. It feels good… to have my little secret, to have a secret hero.

Hero… yes… I should become like Arisoto…

I knew it from right then I wanted to become a Space Marine. A hero.

Because the world knew that Man needed one.

It was another boring day at school. Well, boring compared to the battlegrounds of the Ultramarines. Everyone else seemed excited enough.

It was about lunch time when I was on the roof of the school that a few people came up to the roof as well. Usually I'm alone up here.

"Akagi-san, Nitto-san, Faires-san, what is it?"

"We've noticed you're not fearing what girls can do to you," Akagi started, "Don't you forget your place. You're just a sniveling, perverted young boy. Don't think you can just walk with your head up straight all proud you're a man."

"I will do as I wish. I do not serve you." I spat. Really, these girls are coming after me because they feel the need to intimidate me because girls can pilot an IS. These girls don't even pilot an IS.

Yes, I may seem like a nice guy on the outside, but I am sick of this world. I'm just naturally respectful to those who haven't lost it.

"Hm, maybe we'll just tell the media then. After all, how would the world react if the younger brother of Orimura Chifuyu wasn't obeying the laws of the world?"

Wait, what…I can't ruin her reputation… no… my only real weakness… Chifuyu-nee…

Are you afraid?

"Ha, see, I told you girls he'd listen."

Who… was that?


Captain Titus?

DOES IT MATTER?! Now, answer the question!

Sir, no, sir!

Then why aren't you fighting back?!

I… I don't want to harm Chifuyu's reputation.

In other words, you're afraid of hurting that reputation.


So what's holding you back then, soldier?

She's the only one that's cared for me, and-

Then why are you letting them abuse that?! Will you stand for them using your own family against you?!

Hell no, sir!



"No fear…" I mumbled.

"What was that?" Akagi growled.

"I think he's trying to convince himself he's weak now." Nitto giggled.

"No pity…" I stood up, seething.

"Um… guys…" Faires said, scared.

"NO REMORSE!" I screamed, "How dare you try to use the bonds of my family against me! Such inhumane tactics! Begone!"

The girls screamed as they ran away, down the stairs. Ha… that'll show them. I will not be held back by fear anymore… I need to master it, my fear. Space Marine…?


Thank you. Now, I need to find that second volume about Arisoto…

After a few weeks I was able to buy volume two, which was mainly about his training (The voice of the Space Marine laughed as I read about it. Just what is he in my mind?). If I wanted to be like, no, if I wanted to be a Space Marine, I had to train to do so. I'm more athletic than most of my classmates even if I don't exercise a lot, so I guess I could try it.

I woke up on a cold bed… wait what?

"He's stabilizing," I heard a voice say.

"What did this kid do?" Another asked, "It's like his mind told his body he had a second heart and to send both the real and imaginary heart into overdrive…"

Right… I don't have the implants for Space Marines… damn…

"How is my brother?" Chifuyu-nee… I'm sorry for causing this…

"He's stable now. We managed to stop him from going into too much of an overdrive, and now he's slowly getting back into the green. He should be out by tomorrow."

"Mhm…" I couldn't open my eyes, but I felt her standing next to me, "Baka… what the hell were you doing?"

Training… to become… a hero…

After I was released, I still trained never the less, just not as hard. But I pushed myself, acting as if I had all the implants a Space Marine had, and I adapted to it. Pain was nothing to me if it meant achieving my goal.

Within a few weeks I was able to climb buildings, jump onto the top of the car with a good enough running start, and a lot of other things. Mind over matter was how I trained.

It was about that time I got around to reading the other books, to educate myself about their weaponry, their mental drive.

We shall know no fear indeed.

Out of all the Chapters, the Ultramarines had found that place within me that none of the others did. Perhaps it was because I knew them first.

I got around to building a model chainsword (it looks like it but doesn't actually work) out of wood that I hid, and I felt a tiny ounce of regret that I wouldn't be using a katana, but the chainsword was good enough that I could at least still do the kendo (at least a modified version) that Houki had helped me to learn all those years ago, before the emergence of the IS.

And from there I learned. Not just of the hero Arisoto, but of the Bolters, the Chainsword, the Power Armor, everything that made up a Space Marine. Knowledge is power, and with all of this knowledge, I felt very powerful. Unfortunately I don't have my own Power Armor…

I kept on training, not just with fighting hand to hand with the chainsword, but with guns. The local arcade had some good virtual reality for shooting, and my aim became deadly. Every shot I fired continually became a headshot more and more, until every shot I fired was a headshot.

I became deadly in all forms of fighting, close and long. I learned how sheer amounts of determination can win a battle. How determination plus firepower wins even more. How determination plus even more firepower (or should it be dakka at this point?) can win nearly every battle. Strategy, analysis, plans, gambits, all of those fit like pieces of a puzzle with my fighting style.

The Voice had long since pronounced me a Space Marine initiate.

And so I kept training. I had to. I might not be able to pilot an IS but maybe I can join the military even if it is very unlikely since the world is very female dominant. Man are but slaves in this day and age, but a few have made it with enough grit and determination, even if they're only mercenaries.

It was that time that my sister, Chifuyu-nee was up for the finals in the Mondo Grosso. Unfortunately, I still had school, so I walked out of the house as usual.

Suddenly a black van came rushing up and three men in suits and black sunglasses popped up.

"Get him." I heard one say with my trained hearing.

The first two came running up to me, and I got in a fighting stance. Nothing like combat in the morning. I ducked underneath one punch and head butted the guy in the stomach. Then I spun around and caught the second guy's punch, and as his partner got up, I swung him into him, making both of them crash into the ground.

"Son of a bitch…" Suit 1 growled as he got up, "That's it. Come here kid." he ran with a punch ready, but I simply sidestepped and countered, punching him right between the eyes. He fell over, swearing underneath his breath. The third guy jumped in as he put his phone away. Tch, backup perhaps?

We can not hold off against this many enemies with our capabilities and they have superior pursuit abilities to our escaping.

So then we do the only logical thing… Have the greatest final stand the world will ever know.

I dodged the third new guy, then stood up and punched him across the face twice, then spun around and kicked him in the face. The second guy was up again, so I pushed off the ground, and as I spun around, extended my leg out, flew through the air, and kicked him in the face. (1)

It was then that three more cars showed up, each with five guys getting out of each.

"Well then…" I got ready for a massive brawl, "FOR THE GOD-EMPEROR OF MANKIND!"

"Ugh…" I groaned as they dragged me into one of the cars.

"Tch, little shit… unfortunately we can't hurt him since he won't be of much value then…" You… traitors… "Let's get him to the drop off area."

I couldn't do much because I was sore all over. What… do they plan to do with me? Wait, Chifuyu-nee's tournament is today. I see.

We should have suspected this. Unfortunately we did not.

Can I ask just what are you? You've been in my head for a while now, but I don't know what you are.

I bear the voice of Captain Titus, but I am not him. I am the voice of the one you want to be. The Space Marine you wish to be.

So you are what my mind created to push myself?


I see… So now what? I should rest and recover, think of a plan to escape once I am capable of fighting.

We must analyze the entire situation before making a move. Acting preemptively without knowledge is unacceptable.

Indeed. But I also need to heal these wounds, since I can not fight my way out if I am too injured. Sleeping should help do that, perhaps.

I awoke handcuffed to a metal pole in a dark room. Tch, this might be tricky. It was really dark though. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and actually peer around without being blinded. There was a glowing in the back, which looked a lot like a computer.

"There we go…" the guy at the computer said in an excited tone, "Hehheh, soon I'll be getting my pay. And this was an easy job…"

"Yeah. Who knew that kidnapping this little runt would be of profit?"

These men… traitors to Man, working for our oppressors…

Xenos as they use inhumane tactics and exploit familial bonds…

I will not stand for it…

I must break these handcuffs. I have to!

I grunted as I tried to pull them apart to break them. Too… strong…

Let the God Emperor be your guide…

"Ha kid, don't worry, your big sis'll be here soon. But she'll already have lost by then." one voice laughed.

I… believe in you… Emperor…

"No fear."

"Yeah. Here's the kid." I saw a camera pointed at me, "Quit or he dies."

"No pity." I broke the handcuffs in silence.

"So, you have-"

"NO REMORSE!" I screamed, launching myself at the two men. Turns out there were a lot more but I still kept fighting, "I HAVE LIVED IN HELL, SEEN VILE DAEMONS YOU WOULD WISH YOU HAD NEVER SAW, AND SAVED MANY FROM A DARK LIFE! YOU WOULD DARE FACE ME, LITTLE MAN?!"

"S-sound the alarm!"

"It won't matter!" I took the man at the computer's head and bashed it through the screen, then retrieved his gun, "I may be in darkness here but the Emperor is my torch! I shall burn a hole through!"

I kept on fighting the endless waves of guards, but this time I held out better because I had a gun on me this time.

After a long time, I heard metal being bent behind me. Instinctively my gun pointed at the hole as it was ripped apart, revealing… Chifuyu-nee.

"Chifuyu-nee… You didn't need to come for me…" I choked out as tears filled my eyes. It's… not wrong for a Space Marine to have emotions… right?

It isn't wrong.


Chifuyu-nee embraced me in a hug as she landed next to me, choosing not to notice the gun in my hand or the bleeding bodies that had tried to exploit my bond with her.

I was taken to the hospital after that. No major injuries, just a lot of bruising. It'll heal. Injuries heal, after all. Chifuyu-nee didn't ask about what I had yelled, since I'm sure she heard it. All we did was really act like a family.

However, Chifuyu had to leave for Germany to teach there, and she didn't say why. I'll live though. Besides, it means I can train without fear of discovery.

And so it began, my training from hell, self imposed. Running for miles without stopping in the morning, entire afternoons dedicated to upper both strength building, endurance training, everything. I hadn't grown that much muscle but I was still very strong. Which means my enemy will underestimate me if they go after me again.

I also got into a few fights here and there, but they were nothing. Generally troublemaker students looking for a fight.

Also, I had to remake my chainsword since it was way too light for me now, using metal for the inside but wood on the outside to keep its 'model' appearance.

Day in, day out of just training.

Chifuyu-nee came back eventually, and life still went along as it did before.

It seemed things weren't progressing that much. I still trained though, hoping to gain power to lead Man back to where we used to be.

Then came the time for testing… and I got lost, okay?

So now I'm just wandering around the halls, trying to find where I'm supposed to be.

Where the hell is it?

Not even a map.

You're telling me. Screw it, I'll just go into the next room I see and here we go-

Holy shit it's an Infinite Stratos. The machine of Man's oppressors.

You know what, since women always seem to like the fact men can't really touch it, I'm going to just for the laughs.

I started walking towards it, and about three-fourths of the way there a voice called out behind me, "Hey! You can't be in here!"

A second, "What's a boy doing here?! Get him out!"

Before they could come into the room, I reached out and touched the Infinite Stratos.

And that's when it started moving.

What the fuck?!

…Did I really just activate this thing?

"Machine of my oppressors, will you betray them for me?" the machine got up and then knelt down on one knee. Hmph. I see how it is.

See, I know about the nature of the IS. It's a powered exoskeleton unit and its main reason it can even function is the fact its core has a personality. That's why no unmanned one has been created because AI have a thing for interacting with people. This one apparently likes me better than women. Says a lot about how they treat their machines.

It is awaiting your command.

"Before they take me away, machine spirit, I want you to know who I am. I am Orimura Ichika, humble servant of the God Emperor of Mankind. Remember it. Now stand on your feet."

Once it stood up, I removed my hand from the Infinite Stratos, and turned around.

Several security squads with stun weapons pointed at me. What, I just activated an IS when I am a MAN, nothing special.

Sarcasm is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

So what happens now?

Hopefully they don't kill me to keep the 'purity' of the IS.

"What's going on? I received a call about you not being at the test and some idiot being in the IS testing room." Chifuyu-nee's voice parted the crowd.

I placed a hand on the IS, "Please show Chifuyu-nee what is going on."

And the IS knelt down on one knee again.

"Stand, machine spirit."

Again, once it stood, I took off my hand.

Chifuyu-nee's face looked confused, proud, and completely blown away all at once.

Ha, never underestimate a Space Marine.

So, Chifuyu-nee managed to keep me from being killed, at the least.

I read through today's headlines as I walked to school.

Man Pilots IS, World In Shock. Fitting.

You're telling me. So, what do I call you? Titus?

You know, why don't you just call me Minato?

From those books? Then again that is the reason you were created. Very well, I shall call you Minato.

Oh, and did I mention I'm getting enrolled in the IS Academy here? I get to go feet first into the den of the enemy. It'll be another day in the park… hopefully.

"There he is, get him!" several men in various clothing yelled, "How dare you accept going to the IS Academy! You traitor to man!"

I dodged their attacks, not wanting to hurt my fellow brethren.

"I am no traitor." I growled, "Unless you think the man who's going to walk into hell and prove Man's worth is a traitor."

"Don't make yourself sound good!" the second man snarled.

Tch, I don't want to hurt them, so I'll just sweep their legs and walk away.

Yes, I've been dealing with this. Both men and women hate me. Men as I pilot the machine of their oppressors, women as I ruin the 'purity' of the IS.

I'm also legally allowed to carry a stun gun with me now. Not that I use it all the time. Seriously, I'm not looking for a fight. They just always like to look for me, unfortunately.

"Morning, Ichika."

"Not going to throw a punch? Line's open," I chuckled as Dan just laughed.

"Nope. You might be the only male IS pilot, and until all you're papers are filled out you aren't going, but you're still my friend." he smiled, "And don't worry, my sis is still rooting for you too."

"Glad to see she isn't corrupted with today's society. Good to see there's some good left in this world."

"Hm. But hey, when you get to the Academy, give 'em hell for all of us, alright?"

"Will do." I raised my finger into the air, "After all, just who the hell do you think I am?"

About three weeks later, it was another boring day at home.

Riiiiing! The phone rang. Chifuyu-nee picked it up, "Yes?" A few seconds later she handed it to me, "It's for you."

"Who is this?" I asked.


"Ah, Shi-"

"Ik-kun, use my first name!" Ah, good old Tabane. I still remember her from all the way back then. She's still just as nice as she was back then. Oh, and the reason she hasn't made an IS for men yet is because the error is apparently so deeply buried… or was it that she forgot, where to fix it, so essentially fixing it means building it literally from scratch again.

"Very well, Tabane-san, what is it?"

"Well, I figured I'd ask you what you wanted on your IS I'm making for you!" Hm… "Ik-kun?"

"Tabane, is there a way I could show you what I wanted?" I whispered.

"Um, sure. I'll pick you up tomorrow and we'll talk it over." Okay, I'll need to bring all of my books tomorrow then…

"Mkay. Thank you Tabane-san."

"No problem! See you tomorrow!"

It took forever for the next day to come, but finally it came.

Tabane picked me up and we went on our merry way to her laboratory.

"So…" she flipped the lights on, "What exactly did you want to show me?"

I opened the bag and took out the books, carefully laying them on the table, with the one on top being the Power Armor book I had picked up.

"Ik-kun…" she looked through the books, "Is this what you want?"

"The Ultramarine's Power Armor." I flipped to page 354 and showed her, "Do you think you can do it?"

"Without all the implants?" she asked, looking at the page, "Yes… And the weapons?"

I showed her the weapons book, "For right now, all I need is the Bolter and Chainsword. But if we can make the other ones that would be great."

"You won't be able to fly though…" Tabane mused as she looked through the other books, "I can work on that though."

"Alright then…"

"The Ceramite shouldn't be too hard to replicate, the aesthetics won't be hard either…" Tabane looked through the books again, "I think if we put enough time into it, it should be done by the end of the week. You seem to know a lot about it and that should help me."

"Let's get going." I nodded.

One week later… and it was glorious.

"Try it on." Tabane wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"Machine Spirit, rise in the name of the Emperor and join me in my quest for Man!" I yelled as a bright flash of light filled the room. When it subsided, I had on me the Ultramarine's Champion Armor.

Hey, Minato, you still there?

The IS… is asking me to take over as the main personality?

Main personality?

Apparently this machine spirit is very strong but would rather reveal itself when there is little hope left.

Who said machine spirits were perfect, I guess. Go ahead.

Alright… done.

"Try bringing out the Bolter." Tabane suggested, "Actually, follow me first."

She led me down to a room that looked a lot like a simulation room, "Now let me just load up some combat data and you'll be good to go!"

She closed the door behind her and a few seconds later I was facing three tanks that I didn't know the model of.


You know it.

The weight was a little heavier than I expected as the Bolter appeared in my hands.

I fired a short burst at the first tank, the .998 caliber bolts did their trick, piercing the tank's armor and then exploding, further damaging the tank. A few more bolts took out the others, and within a minute both tanks were destroyed. No wonder these can't be used in standard military operations.

~Here, let me add a few more targets… Try the chainsword. Use the Storm Shield only if you have to.~

A few soldiers appeared and began firing. Pathetic weapons think they can hurt me!

I put away the Bolter and summoned my Chainsword, dashing at the soldiers, a grin on my face masked by the helmet. Slice one, slice two, slice three, man I could this all day!

I finished off the last one, and deactivated my IS. It's deactivated form is a fingerless glove that bears the symbol of the Ultramarines on it.

Perfect, isn't it?

You're telling me.

"Thanks Tabane-san. It was a pleasure working with you."

"Make sure to show them what you're made of!"

"Wait, just one thing. Why are you doing this for me?"

"…When I heard that you were the only male pilot, I knew they'd discriminate and all that against you. So if you had your own machine, you'd have a fighting chance."

"And now I have more than just a mere fighting chance," I looked at the glove, "I'll make sure to show them the light of the Emperor."

"You do that," she nodded as I left.

A limo came to pick me up for my trip.

I didn't pack much. Just my books, a change of workout clothes, a notebook for a journal and a pen. Stun gun's still on me, as usual, and I'm now dressed in this white and whatever school uniform. I don't like this color. I'd much rather it be blue and gold.

"Morning. Ready for hell?" a male voice greeted me from the driver's seat as I got in.

"A guy driving? Who would've thought?" I chuckled, "And besides, isn't it a Space Marine's job to go into hell, guns blazing?"

"Eh, ODSTs do the same," he shrugged as I closed the door, "Though I'd rather be a Spartan than a Space Marine, no offense though. But I'm still cool with the whole Emperor of Mankind."

"I see."

"But hey, let's not let that come between us," the car started, "We're still fellow men, right? Can't have ourselves trying to kill each other. 'Sides, the world could use an Emperor of Mankind to lead us back to former glory. If we don't, at least we've got you, right Space Marine?"

I like this guy. Minato commented, Seriously, if this guy was an IS Pilot, think of the possibilities.

I know, Minato. It would be nice to have some backup. Plus, Space Marine and Spartan side by side? That would be awesome!

"Mhm," I nodded.

"You scared though? Ah, what am I saying? After all, Space Marines-"

"Shall know no fear," I finished, "Indeed. I have mastered my fear. Perhaps it should be tempered into a blade for me to use."

"Wish I knew a blacksmith for that." the driver laughed.

We chatted for a while, up until we reached the gates.

"You're on your own from here on out," the driver sighed, "It was nice talking to you."

"Same here." I slung on my backpack, "Take care of yourself."

"I should be saying that to you. And hey, Marine?"


"Give them hell. From all of us."

"On the name of the Emperor, I will." I gave a determined look at him.

"Have fun in that deep darkness known as the IS Academy."

"Verses of Sigimund, Book CIV, Verse One: You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows."

"I see… Take care, last hope of Man." he closed the window and drove off.

Are you ready?

I was born ready for this. Emperor, hear this humble servant's plea for help when I ask of you to guide me, to be my shield and sword in this foul den of Chaos itself. Guide this final envoy and hope of Man to victory, and help me retake this world and give it back to you.

Poetic. He would be pleased.

I don't know about that, but thanks.

I swiped my ID card, and the golden gates opened.

"Orimura Ichika?" the female guards snarled.

"Yes." I showed my ID tag, "Reporting in."

"Take these." she handed me a sheet of paper, "It has all the necessary information you'll need. Now go."

"Thank you." I subtly nodded. Room 1025 for my dorm assignment, but class starts in fifteen minutes… and the map on the back says Room 1-1 is halfway across the school.

Substandard training already?

I'll make some adjustments later. For now, let's have a nice early morning jog to class.

I shall know no fear.


(1) Yes, Ichika just Spinzakued that guy.

Oh, and yes, Ichika did actually convince his body he had two hearts.

And there you have it! Ichika's first steps as a Space Marine!

Yes, he's a LOT different, and he's a lot more Badass this time around. Oooh, yes. You will see just how badass Ichika can be now that he's a Space Marine… or should I say Ultramarine?

Kira: Hm, I wonder who the driver was.

Well, unlike another certain story, this one won't be appearing again. Yeah, I decided not to have female extremists attack like in Prototype Spartan (spoiler!), since I felt like I'd just be copying. But just wait until you see what he has to deal with in IS Academy.

And for this world… I took Kira's world is about a 7-8 ish on the Sliding Scale of Gender Inequality on TvTropes.

Ichika's world is more like me taking it up to eleven. Even if a 9 on said scale is no men at all.

This is a world that men are treated like animals. They can be killed in broad daylight and no one will care. In fact, some would seek death as it is more preferable than some of the other things that could happen to them.

I leave that to your imagination.

If you've read Prototype Spartan, you may know what I am talking about.

But yes, this is a Crapsack World for men.

And yet, Ichika still fights and stands up for Man, in the name of the Emperor.

This is one of the few serious fics I will probably ever write. Hell, it was hard to actually keep him in character for most of the time. But I did it! First chapter so far though…

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