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Easy jog into class, and I still have five minutes left. Note to self, make sure I convert my usual training regimen

You ready for death glares?

I pray the Emperor is watching his humble servant march into enemy territory… May he be my shield in this hellish area.

The door opened by itself as I reached out for it. Well, I wasn't expecting that. Is there where our funding goes these days? Making automated doors?

Maybe. Who knows? What's next, we'll just have food coming down from the ceiling and you just press a few buttons and it drops onto your desk?

Now that would be cool.

Okay, yes, it would be. But that money could be used in better ways. Like improving our weapons in which to fight the xenos that populate this world.

Indeed. Unfortunately we are limited to only our bolter, chainsword, Storm Shield, and Tabane-san is working on our Storm Bolter. Now if only we had a sniper rifle version…

Anyways, I decided to sit down, front and center, back up straight and ready to face whatever the world can throw at me. I don't know, I felt like dodging the death glares when I walked in, but I'm getting sloppy.

We can dodge death glares now?

Who said we couldn't?


"Attention!" I turned and saw a green haired, glasses wearing woman who held a clipboard in her hand enter the room.

"Sensei!" all the girls got up and bowed.

"Ma'am!" I stood up and saluted, "Ah, apologizes. Space Marine things get in the way-" I caught the clipboard thrown at me, "Ah, I believe you dropped it."

Her dark green eyes tried to pierce my soul but I held fast, glaring back.

"Maya, you'll have to forgive him," And if it isn't my savior sister, Chifuyu-nee! "He has… idiosyncrasies. Go on, baka, introduce yourself."

I snapped 180 degrees and faced the class with my back straight, "I am Orimura Ichika, humble servant of the God Emperor of Mankind and member of the Ultramarine chapter! Ah, a question?" I gestured at the girl about halfway back, my left side, black hair.

"Why can a pathetic male like you pilot an IS?" she seethed.

"To be honest, I have no clue. But my best guess is that the Emperor saw it fit to give me this opportunity." a small smile creased my face, "To teach me to go forth in life, for I shall know no fear. No fear, no pity, no remorse. It's how I am."

"What's a Space Marine?" another asked, "It sounds like a stupid, made up-"

"Stop. Right. There." I growled, "The Space Marines are not a stupid, made up whatever you think they are. Space Marines are Power Armored Super Soldiers, answering only to the Emperor himself, protectors of Mankind. I will see it that their name is not tarnished." My eyes narrowed as I poured hatred into my glare, causing the girl to recoil a bit.

"That's quite enough," Chifuyu-nee and Yamada-sensei interrupted, "Sit down."

"Yes ma'am! I mean-"

"Just sit." Chifuyu-nee sighed as I took my seat.

The lesson was not fun. It was mainly history of the IS, which I do not exactly care about. Hell, I've met the creator. I could get all of this information in a better form in what, five minutes? Hey, Minato, you alright in there?

I am upset at how that girl called the Space Marines-

I am too. We'll get our chance… in fact, Chifuyu-nee had left a paper or two lying around once or twice, so…

"We'll need to pick a class representative," Chifuyu-nee started as the lesson ended.

You knew about this?


Fuck you Ichika.

Right back at you.

"You may nominate yourself or another classmate-"

"I want to see just how well these supposed 'Space Marines' do," said one girl with mock curiosity.

"If you just want to see me supposedly get my ass handed to me on a silver platter, it's all you have to say," I shrugged, holding back a triumphant smile, "Sure, I'll do it-"

"Absolutely not!" Britannian- Damnit I knew I shouldn't have watched Code Geass before coming here! Er, yes. Blonde British girl standing up, objecting to me being the rep, "I flat out refuse to have a pathetic, weak-"

"Look, I'm going to have to stop you right there."

"Excuse me? Just who do you think you are?"

"The more proper question is, just who the hell do you think I am? Never mind that, you don't just call me weak without ever seeing me battle… Hmmm…" I put a hand on my cheek, "Orimura-sensei, could we perhaps duel tomorrow for the position?"

I saw her look at Yamada-sensei who nodded, "I don't see why not."

"Perfect. You know what the slogan of the Imperium is? The enemies of Man fear many things. They fear discovery, defeat, and death. But most of all, they fear the wrath of the Space Marines!" I grinned, "Don't expect it to be an easy fight."

"Oh, I don't. I expect it to be a fight where I wipe the floor with you. I see past all of that big talk. You're nothing but-"

"Words already?" I sat down, "Sticks and stones don't break my bones and words'll never hurt me. So please, save comments for after the battle. Also, if you back down, we can forget this happened."

"That's it! You're so dead!"

At lunch, I was sitting alone in one of the corners, gladly eating my packed lunch for the day because I get the feeling someone is going to poison my lunch if I buy it.

Why don't you just check for poison?

Because even if their food looks pretty good, I'm not risking death at this point. Maybe once I've built up some credibility with the male side of life, because for now, they hate me. But if I can get them on my side, if I die-

Then they'll all rush to your defense and most likely rebel after their hero is killed.

Yes. After all, I know in each of their hearts, they don't like the current system. They all want things back to at least when we were even.

They just need a man to rally behind.

Mhm, after all, it's always hard to jump on the bandwagon first.

But, not all of them hate me here. At least there's a few who are pretty respectful, and they might not do it in public, but a few said hello, waved, flirted, whatnot. I was pretty friendly, since I don't need any more enemies, and it wouldn't hurt to have someone to count on. I just hope they aren't setting me up for a trap.

"Excuse me," a brunette girl who came up to me asked in a very condescending tone, "But I heard you're fighting Cecilia tomorrow."

"That is correct ma'am." I nodded, noticing she was a third year here, "Ah, I'm sorry if I don't use the correct honorifics. They've, erm, generally been overwritten by my other mannerisms."

"Right, right… Anyways, I'm sure you need to learn how to pilot-"

"Ah. I'm sorry, but I'll have to deny that offer. I've already used one, and it's not that difficult." I shrugged, "It's almost like playing a video game."

"The IS is not a toy or like a video game!" she hissed, "It is a mystical work of art that has been worked on for many years, allowing the true way the world should be to-"

"What gives you the right to say how the world should be?" my voice dipped into a growl, "Who died and made you king of the world? Or perhaps I should queen? Matriarch? Some other royal title, your Highness?" The sarcasm was just practically oozing onto the floor from my mouth, "Because the last time I checked, you didn't rule the world. No one did."

"What, and you think you're the ruler?" Did she even listen to what I just said?

"Far from it." I scoffed, "I'm just a man who fights to change the world. I don't want to rule it, that is just too much work. Now if you'll excuse me, I just lost my appetite. Tends to happen when someone gets a little too arrogant." I threw out my lunch and headed back to the classroom.

End of the day…

I think I did a good enough job of pissing Cecilia off, and that irritating girl from lunch.

And why would you want to do that?

Well, blind rage, for one, is something that works against her. Second, I'm not just going to take being called weak like that. I am a Space Marine, who are FAR from weak. And that other girl just because she was extremely arrogant.

Ah, Room 1025, was it? Here we are.

Keys… keys… where are… aha, there we go. Unlock the door… head in. Wow, it's very fancy in here.

And the shower is running. Best to leave a note-

Uh oh, it's stopped. This is bad-

"I-ichika?!" A long, dark brown haired girl asked.

"Oh. Hey Houki." I shrugged, shoving my hands into my IS' uniforms pockets, "Yeah, apparently this is my room too. Interesting. And here I thought they'd have stuck me in some crap room or the janitor's closet." I sat down on the bed closer to the window, "So, how's it been? Ah, right, I'll step outside. You should get dressed."

"R-right…" I saw in the reflection of the window she was blushing.

"Just call for me when you're done." I opened the door and headed outside.

Into of course, hell itself.

"AAAHHH! ORIMURA-SAN'S A PERVERT FOR SEEING US IN OUR NIGHT CLOTHES!" they screamed, and started attacking me. They'll do anything to get a reason to attack me. This is just silly.

"Excuse me," I sidestepped, ducked, jumped, and dodged as I went to go looking for a vending machine somewhere, "Coming through. Come on, I just want one thing from a vending machine! Is that so much to ask for?"

Apparently so.

Not helping. Ugh, come on people! Out of the way! I. JUST. WANT. TO. BUY, A. DRINK! AAAAGGHHHHH!

Deciding that dodging wasn't going to work, I started plowing through them. YES! Target in sightlines! Must… reach… for wallet… Take money out…

As they kept on attacking, scratching, all that, I slipped the note into the machine and hit a random button, grabbed my drink, and started my journey back.

"Damn… and I just wanted a drink…" I sighed as I opened up whatever this thing was. I can't tell what it is… Ah, taste like cherry flavor… delicious.

"So… how have you been?"

"Fine. Had a few fights here and there. Got into arguments a lot."

"Doesn't sound like the last time we knew each other."

"The world changed."

"…I suppose."

"Let's see, I also got kidnapped, fought my way out, by of course, shooting the guys who had kidnapped me-" I said, shrugging.

Houki leapt back, "Y-you've shot someone?!"

"They kidnapped me and tried to use me to get Chifuyu-nee to forfeit her title defense match. They did use me. I can not forgive such an inhumane thing, such a thing of xenos."


"Don't worry though, I'm not insane. It's just that I don't like being used. I'm still human, you know?" I got a nod in return, "Well, I'm going to hit the showers. You can go to sleep if you want to…"

Match Day

I decided to take a stroll during dawn and get a good feel for the arena I would be fighting in. It was empty, devoid of men and women.

I know that I won't have the support of Man for now, but I will work to change that. Some men have been known to cheer on people from these stands… Just imagine what it would be like for all of us to be united under one banner, under the banner of Man. Even if I am favoring the Ultramarines, it would be amazing to see men waving flags of every chapter.

Just imagine it! Every color of every Space Marine chapter with all of their logos flying in the wind! It would be most glorious, and I am sure the Emperor would approve if he saw it.

I stood in the center of the arena and looked out towards the north side, imagining a crowd of Space Marine supporters, ready to follow their leader into glorious battle against the injustice that is here in this world.


Well, I might as well go back to sleep…

I was standing around on the sand flooring/ground of the arena, waiting for Cecilia. Oh, also apparently she requested the match be broadcasted everywhere just to show the world how pathetic I supposedly am.

So, are you prepared for this battle? It will be difficult.

I understand that. Tabane-san sent in the Storm Bolter this morning. However, we don't know what kind of IS she has- and I see it. Storm Bolter won't be effective… it's long range… Damn, sniper rifle and all that too.

"Ha! Your IS can't even fly!" she taunted, "So how are you going to beat me, Space Marine?"

I flicked my right wrist as the buzzer to start the match went off and a chainsword appeared in my hand. Putting the tip in the ground, I drew a circle.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" Cecilia screamed, "Come on and fight!"

"Patience," I smirked, finishing the circle. It was roughly ten feet in diameter, "Do you see this circle here?"


"Good. I thought you'd gone blind there for a second." I cleared my throat, "Alcott-san, I will defeat you without stepping fully outside this circle, to answer your question on how I shall defeat you."

"Are you so confident?! Fine, I'll fix that soon!"

"Perhaps it is your confidence that will be changed." I got into a battle stance as the entire suit of Power Armor appeared on me, "Look at this armor, Alcott-san. It is a symbol of hope, fear, love, hatred, and death. What will it be for you today?"

"WHY YOU!" she took a shot at me, but I simply blocked it with the chainsword.

"Please, I thought you could do better than that. What did you mention after class all the time yesterday? Oh, you're a Representative pilot. I had thought they'd know better than just to shoot the enemy head on."

"Ichika…" Houki's voice came through, "Are you sure it is a good idea to annoy her?"

"An annoyed enemy is one that will mess up in their rage," I rested the sword on my shoulder, "Is that it? Is that all you had planned for me?"

"Take this!" she unleashed four small drones that all came at me, shooting rapid fire.

"Hmph." I spun the chainsword at amazing speeds, enough that each shot simply was blocked by the chainsword, "Is that all your puny guns can do?"

She fired again with her rifle this time around, but once again it was blocked, "Again, your gun sucks."

"How dare you insult the weaponry of Blue Tears! This, for your information, is a Starlight Mark III! It is one of the highest quality sniper rifles there is!"

"But it's not like a high damage weapon will do you any good if you can't hit your enemy. But what if I show you a weapon that has both rapid fire and high damage?" I put the chainsword on my back and felt it vanish back into the armory, while the familiar shape of a weapon known as a Bolter appeared in my hands, ready to go, "Two words, Alcott Cecilia. More dakka."

She fired off the drones again, which I simply shot down calmly, the .998 caliber bullets doing the job as each one was destroyed.

"I'm tired of your sniper rifle," I yawned, taking aim, "I'll take it out."

"As if! It's made of tank grade armor! Like your pathetic gun-"


The sniper rifle was hit by several bursts from the Bolter, and the bolts did their job, putting holes in her sniper rifle and then blowing it up. Ha, that was a little too easy.

"Damnit, eat this!" She launched four rockets at me, and I drew the Chainsword once again.

"Pathetic." I sliced one rocket, blocked another with the shield, threw it to destroy another rocket, the explosion sending it back where I caught it, then cut the last one in half, "I hope you realize you must take this fight seriously."

"Hmph. Well, you should at least be a little proud. No one has ever forced me to activate this mode."

"What? I can't hear you over me kicking your ass." I started shooting at her as the Chainsword and Storm Shield vanished and the Bolter appeared in my hands, but a shield blocked me, "Oh come on."

"Blue Tears, activate [Sorrow Unforgiven]."

Oh bugger us. That does not sound good.

"Tears that never dry, sadness that can never be forgiven, a pain that won't go away! And make you feel it!" My display darkened itself as a bright blue light lit up the arena, and when it readjusted itself, Cecilia was still in the air…

With wings made out of those drones, four pods that looked like they had laser Gatling guns, another two pods that had missile launchers, and now she had two sniper rifles… mounted on her shoulders with laser sights tracking me.

Oh, and now she has an even huger sniper rifle.

Now, I know I said that I'd stay in the circle, but there's a time to forget things like that.

I rolled out of the way as the first barrage of drones came after me. I stopped, aimed the bolter, and took out one drone, since they move so damn quickly.

That's when I noticed the sniper rifles had stopped moving.

Minato, Storm Shield!

Got it!

The square shield with its Ultramarine design popped onto my left wrist, and I ducked down, putting the shield up to deflect the blasts. Okay, so I have to keep on moving since those sniper rifles need a lock on, plus those drones can keep on following me, and who knows how many she has! That first wave had eight but her wings still look virtually the same.


You can scan her?

I'm not the best though. It'll take me some time.

Just get me the basics.

"Yes! Dance, dance!" she sang as she shot me, with me having to jump every few seconds to avoid a blast… hm, so there's a delay between shots. Looks like all that power comes with a cost. It obviously has to charge all that power up, meaning it can't rapid fire.

"Go! Drone Storm!" Half of her drones flew at me- wait, she isn't moving. That means she's directly controlling the drones, which is what the shoulder snipers are for! Yes, it's an ingenious system! That also means it applies for those hover pods… See, what happens is that she releases the pods or drones, which she controls, meaning she can't shoot. But the automated sniper rifles are there to keep on firing so the enemy can't line up a shot. There has to be a weakness somewhere…

Done. She's got 40 drones that make up the wings, all directly controlled by her, which means she doesn't move, same with those pods… I've figured out that we need to shoot blindly to take out those sniper rifles.

Alright then… Wait, I have a better idea. I'll need to Storm Shield and Chainsword.

Done. What are you… oh damn.

Yep. Beat the sniper with close range weaponry. If I close the distance, she won't be able to use all of those things.

Great. Let's go.

"Take this!" I ran at her, using the Storm Shield to block all the incoming attacks. Heh, she may be a Representative Pilot, but she really lacks in the tactics department.

"I'll destroy you!"

Heads up, missile and Gatling pods released. Don't think our shield will protect us from damage.

How close are they?

Not too far actually, you're closing in on them, I'd say… maybe 40 yards?

Well, I hope this works.

I leapt up with all my strength and grabbed one of the Gatling gun pods. Climbing my way to the top, I swung my body around to avoid all the other things shooting at me. I stabbed it out with the Chainsword, then as it fell I leapt and grabbed another one, this time impaling it as I landed. A rocket came whizzing at my face, but I slashed it in half before jumping to the pod that had fired at me. The Gatling guns fired at me but I pushed up and then let myself down to yank the pod into the gunfire, which exploded and I dropped down, but then another pod was below me and I was swept up. Well, only one thing to do.

I swapped out for my Bolter and leapt off, shooting the pods as they flew on by. Unfortunately I had to reload, but then again, I decided to just throw my Chainsword at the last one.


I hit the ground after shooting the last of the pods, but got back up quickly.

"Geez, they make those things out of plastic?"

"Shut up!" she snarled before firing at me. Block with the shield… Hey, Minato, can you get that sword for me?

Activating Weapon Retrieval System

The weapon (which was stuck in the ground), came out and flew over to me, and I caught it in my hand.

"For the Emperor!" I leapt up once again, sprinting at her as well, sword ready to strike. I managed to destroy a few drones and held onto her wings, slashing and hacking at the rest of them.

"Get off of me you foul cretin!" I ducked underneath a sniper rifle shot while cutting off one shoulder sniper.

"Make me!" I laughed with malice grabbing the knife she tried to stab me with, "Pathetic! You call that a knife?" I lifted my Chainsword high in the air, "NOW THIS IS A KNIFE!"

I lashed at her with the shield, forcing us down on the ground as she lost control.

"You're such a pest!" she tried to shoot at me with her sniper rifle at close range.

"And you're stupid, using a sniper rifle at this range," I sliced the barrel before she could get another shot, "Come on, take out your knife, and let's see this done." I readied my chainsword.

"You're dead."

The only problem with her using a knife and having flying capabilities is that she is really damn fast. It's hard to keep up with her and those knife strikes can pack a punch. What, already fifty shield points gone, in a few stabs? Did I mention I only have about 500, since the suit is made for combat after running out of the shields as well. I told that during the time Tabane-san and I were crafting this suit, since I'd get sent out on a military operation, maybe they'd send me on some impossible mission, for an IS, since once your shields are out in an IS, you're pretty much screwed.

Not with this one though. It can keep going after running out of shields. Sure, you lose a little bit of defense and become pretty mortal, but still.

What if we were to attack all around us?

Minato, you have a good point.

I spun around, and hitting something solid was a pretty good sign.

"Let's end this!" I ran at her as she got up, delivering a quick two cuts across her torso, "I win-"


"Gah…" I looked towards her location to find she had reverted back into her normal form, with her drones-

BITs. That's what they're called, by the way.

Whatever, those are back somehow, she has a sniper rifle again and-

Mother fucker, I forgot to take out those missile pods on her armor skirt the first time around!

"Tch, what?!"

"Ah, didn't you know? When I shift out of [Sorrow Unforgiven], then I can regenerate all of my equipment. Mind you, I have to wait fifteen minutes cool down before that effect can be used again, but it's a small price to pay."


"What's the matter now? I thought you said that you won!" she taunted before flying away, "Now to use everything I've got against you!"

Storm Shield, NOW!

Got it! Here-


I awoke in a field of fog, in the middle of a billowing storm.

Tch, I can barely stand in this… and it's tiring me out too…

I gotta… take a rest-

Then something fell from the heavens shaking the ground with tremendous might. It was massive, blue with a gold trim, tabard…

A real Ultramarine.

He walked towards me, unflinching in this foggy storm, as if he expected the storm to part before him.

"You… Minato…?"

"I am not Minato."

"The other Machine Spirit? You… followed me into my mind?"

"How do you deduce it is your mind?"

"Nothing else is here besides fog, which can mean confusion, chaos. Which generally means a battle where your plan has gone wrong."

"Hm, I see." he saw me sniffling, "Do not cry of happiness. Is this not expected? The Emperor protects. He protects those loyal to him. One… such as you."


He knelt down, and I held back a gasp, "I am forever yours to command. While I may reside in the back of your mind for much of the time, when the time be right, I will not hesitate to protect that which the Emperor sees fit. Meaning you. Now come, let us destroy this opponent that would mock us."

"Yes…" I stood up, "Together, let us go and smite the enemies of Man."

"THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!" I roared as the smoke cleared. Whoa, do I have an echo in my voice?

"W-what happened to your IS?!" Cecilia stammered.

I took a look at it… whoa…

You have been deemed worthy to be considered an Ultramarine. If you are not sure, look down at your chest.

I looked down, and normally where it was an eagle like spread, now there was the upside down omega with eagle like wings.

"Is this First Shift…" I smiled.

"D-don't tell me you've b-been fighting with only the initial settings!"

Would you like your weapon now?

Let's give her hell with that Bolter.

"I gave you a chance, Alcott Cecilia. I told you that if you had backed down…" The Bolter was leveled out her, and now I didn't really care that she was firing at me, since I barely had to put in any effort to dodge, "And now that you are close to defeat, will you surrender? If you knew this was going to happen," I fired a burst at her, dropping her shields into the red, "Would you have surrendered?"

"M-maybe…" I see that even she can tell when a fight is finished sometimes. Besides, she's still shooting, seeing I can dodge with ease and just dropped her shields pretty quickly even with all the stuff I did before. She has every right to be scared and ask for mercy from a Space Marine, "Er… have… mercy?"

Not that Space Marines actually consider mercy.

"No mercy for those that would disrespect the Space Marines. That's the kind of person I am." I ended the fight by firing into her, taking out the last of her shields.


Again? There are a lot of explosions today.

"What is it now?" I looked around to find three figures in armor.

I'm seeing three IS pilot life signs. They're all the same unit, made for balance. Unknown model, not yet registered.

You're a lot faster now.

Apparently the Machine Spirit, after we went through First Shift, has given me a lot more computing power.

Cool. Now, let's give them hell.

First girl came up with her katana along with second starting to go onto my left most likely for a flank with third opening fire with an assault rifle.

Clang! the sound filled the air as I blocked both of their strikes with a well timed step away and shield block.

"Pathetic scum," they snarled, "Hiding behind a shield."

"Cowards," I spat back, "Waiting until I am weakened after a battle instead of just charging in from the start… HAVE AT YOU!" Since the shield is normally on my left arm, I swung with my right, nicking first girl with the sword, and it cutting through her katana, "As if you're weapons could even begin to match up to the holy weapons of the Space Marines!"

"It's a stupid looking weapon and impractical!" second girl snarled.

"Please, don't say too much. I might die of laughter from how funny you are." I blocked her katana slice, but she anticipated a counter with the Chainsword.

What she didn't expect was me bashing her in the face with the shield. Followed by me chaining a few punches in as I put the other weapons away. With a finishing combo of a knee to the crotch, punch to the face, then kick in the ribs, second girl was down.

I whipped around as the shields took a few hits from behind. The Bolter appeared in my hands and I opened fire on third girl, dodged the first girl's punch, and continued shooting, "Ah, I see that you're an ambusher," I smiled, "But I prefer running into the enemies and simply ripping them all to shreds. It can also be done from far away. Observe."

I fired a single bolt into her gun, where it wedged itself with the armor piercing effect.

She laughed for a second before her gun became a bunch of confetti as the bolt exploded, "What the-"

"Hell are you looking at! Focus!" I chuckled as she turned around to see me within hacking distance with my Chainsword, "Oh sh-"

She didn't have time to focus as the sounds of a revving Chainsword filled the air. Her shields dropped to zero, meaning I can take on the last one.


"Hey, don't be too disappointed," I grinned as the Storm Bolter appeared in my hands, "You get to be first blood for a Storm Bolter. Be proud."

Then I unleashed its full extent, pumping her IS full of bolts.

All of their shields were at zero now. Pathetic…

Then again, it takes one to know one, eh?

So what should we do to them?

We shall extend an arm of mercy. Not as Space Marines, but as a man.

I walked up to the three of them, "Deactivate your IS and remove the quick summoning tools." They hesitated. I pointed a Storm Bolter at them, "Now."

Three bracers hit the ground. That's more like it.

"Now, you are going to listen to me carefully. I am going to escort you out. You will leave this facility, and go back to you employers and tell them you failed. Then decide for yourselves whether you're doing the right thing."

I thought you said no second chances.

They did not know what they were getting into, fighting a Space Marine. Cecilia did, but still chose to press on. These women on the other hand… not so much.

I got a bit of a chewing out from Chifuyu-nee about letting them go, but it's not like they'll get far. They will most likely be detained by police soon. Also, apparently I just proved the theory about an IS or three have been stolen. Seriously, if the governments around the world have been trying to cover up the fact that they have lost an IS, they should've known the truth would come up sooner or later.

So what was with all of that, not killing them?

The match was being broadcasted live. By doing something like that I establish myself as a morally just person that actually has kindness in them. Also, I win myself possible supporters since I didn't go axe crazy evil murderer on their ass. So really, it was a tactical move, but there's part of me that want to see people redeemed.

But those who are redeemed will still have the temptation to go back.

Then they can overcome it. Now, I have to go thank Cecilia for a wonderful match.

"Alcott-san." I called out to the British girl, "I have a few words for you."

"W-what is it?!" she turned away. I noticed some liquid marks on the carpet. Tears…? Wait, she did say she was a Representative Pilot, she's rich and has always been the family pride…

"I first would like to say good match. You were an excellent fighter, for one going up against the Space Marines. Also, turn around and face me." she did so very slowly, still looking at the ground. I put a hand out, "Thank you for facing me."

"W-why would some p-pathetic man like you do this to me?!" she wailed.

"I'm not pathetic." I sighed, "This is me doing the right thing. If you won't shake my hand because I'm male and all of that bullshit society comes up with, fine by me. At least I showed the respect my opponents deserve. Have a good day, Alcott-san."

I started to walk away, back to my room, not bothering to talk to her anymore. Her pride certainly is an issue.

I think that could've gone a bit better.

I didn't want to try to fix that pride and crying yet. With all the circumstances, as the family pride, they must've I don't know, taken her out of the family inheritance or something? Plus perhaps being the family laughingstock- Oh… man… I've really screwed her over…

Anyway to help her?

I guess I can try talking to her some other time. After all, I may be a fighter who doesn't' hesitate in combat, but I'm not a monster. I'm still a very nice person, after all. So perhaps I'll just have to make things up to her…


Uh… how do we do that?

And Ichika is still almost just as oblivious this time around. Yaaaaay! There was much rejoicing.

Or not. Who knows how he'll turn up? If you're wondering why that is, he HAS dedicated his entire life and mind to being a Space Marine. He didn't have time for this thing you call 'romance' :D

But yes, I'd like your guys' opinion if you actually do want Harem Humor in this fic. I mean, it's entirely possible (and will present a lot more problems… mainly Ichika getting attacked for all that… but it's not like he can't tank it), but if I don't do the Harem Stuff, then I can focus more on the world Ichika lives in. Your guys' call, really.

Oh, and Ichika's way of acting around others is also kind of strange if you look at it. Yes, he is a cold-blooded killer in combat, but outside of combat, he's still that really nice guy, but he has a tendency to snap when someone starts calling men weak. In short, a Gentle Giant.

And you know that OoC I talked about at the beginning? Yeah, I meant Yamada-sensei. Some other people might turn up as OoC later on. I don't know, I kinda just liked the idea of having Killer Maya. Come on, you know it'll be great for that… certain scene involving a falling IS.

Anyways, that about wraps it up! Seeya next chapter!