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Chapter 24

Harry was sitting in what could pass for a library in Touga's (or was it Sesshoumaru's) castle. The only difference was that instead of books there were scrolls. Took a while for him to get used to having to unroll stuff and then having to roll it back up when he was done. Some of them were really long too; many wrinkles were made and then hidden.

He sighed and threw himself down on the pile of pillows he had been reading on. There were so many scrolls in this place and it was pretty well organized, but he was never as much of a bookworm as Hermione was. There was only so much reading he could do before he got tired and distracted. Thankfully when he had taken the language off of Miroku, the written language had been wrapped up in the package.

Most of the spells in the scrolls though…almost all of the spells, they were all either potion recipes or rituals; no fancy wand waving. Maybe wand lore had just been more of a European thing.

Harry groaned and ran his hands down his face. If only Hermione were here…

But she wasn't, so he had to do this all himself.

What am I supposed to do?

It was the question of the century really. He supposed he could go on a revenge rampage after Naraku, but he had never really been that kind of person. He would fight him, and help find ways to defeat him…but he didn't want to make that his sole purpose. He had had enough of killing evil villains to last a lifetime. Was it so bad that he might want to let someone else handle that?

He stared out of a nearby window to the sky above. The clouds drifted slowly by against the blue background. If only he could be a cloud, drifting by without any cares to the world around him.


Harry ruffled his hair in frustration before sitting back up and picking up another scroll. For now he would just learn as many of these spells he could. Well…he read over the macabre ritual in the scroll in front of him…maybe just the friendlier ones.

It might have been unconscious or he might actually be aware of it and just trying to ignore it, but Harry realized after an encounter with Sesshoumaru in the hallways of Touga's castle that he had been avoiding him. And if the glare on Sesshoumaru's face was anything to go by when he tried to stumble over an excuse of needing to leave, he knew it too.

Maybe it really was subconscious? He had just been so absorbed in learning as many of the spells as he could. He had already made some headway with more of the healing spells; he had learned how to knit together severed limbs and how to stop blood flow in case someone was bleeding out, and there was still a lot more he needed to learn.

It was just…he was falling into his own self-induced trap again.

When he was on to something, or when he was studying to learn something important, sometimes he tended to ignore everything else around him. That trait of Hermione's had rubbed off on him over the years. And now that he noticed he had been avoiding Sesshoumaru he found himself avoiding him even more because he was embarrassed that he had done it at all in the first place!

He blamed Sesshoumaru. He was just so dang confusing!

What right did he have to get mad at him when he himself had been the one to start it to begin with? He had tried at first, to get to know him better, but whenever he tried to start up a conversation with him, he would never look at him, and his responses were always short.

So when his confidence started dwindling he found himself in the library more and more, conveniently away from Sesshoumaru.

Harry cleared his throat and tried to walk around Sesshoumaru, but Sesshoumaru was having none of that though and moved in front of him before he could get far. Harry blushed.

"Um…excuse me, but I need to get past."

Sesshoumaru simply stared down at him before grabbing the scroll he was carrying in his arms and turning his attention to it. Harry's hands twitched with the need to grab it back. Who did he think he was anyway?

Harry was intrigued though when he saw Sesshoumaru's eyes light up with a spark of interest. He fought down another blush when those eyes landed back on him.

"Do you know how to use this spell?"

Harry was confused for all but a second when he remembered which scroll that was; it was on the restoration of limbs.

"I…yes, pretty much. There are still some tests I need to run on a live subject though."

Harry found the scroll shoved back into his arms before a hand was at his back that sent warmth radiating through him. Sesshoumaru was pushing him forward.

"You will do these tests on me."

Harry's eyes widened and when he tried to step out of Sesshoumaru's hold, he found the hand sliding up to his neck. He struggled to get his thoughts straight.

"I can't! There are lots of things that could misfire! I want to be a hundred percent sure nothing goes wrong before I use the spell on you!"

Sesshoumaru ignored him.

"There you are Harry!"

Both Sesshoumaru and Harry stopped and turned towards the voice only to stare in surprise. Touga was walking towards them as calm as can be with Sounga sticking out of his chest.

"Ah I see you've found the dilemma I have." Touga drew his eyes over the two and an amused smile came across his face.

"Did I interrupt something?"

Harry coughed before escaping Sesshouamru's hand and hurrying over to Touga.

"How did you even do that? Never mind, let's just go." He stared at the wound and hummed. "I'm going to need ink mixed with rabbits blood and a brush."

Touga nodded and started to walk away with Harry but not before sending a look at his son.

Sesshoumaru only glared back.

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