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Chapter 25

Sesshoumaru stewed in his office as he worked on various scrolls that had come across his desk. The room, on the second floor of the castle, had a picturesque view of the castle grounds and the village in the valley below. His desk, perpendicular to the sliding doors leading onto the balcony, had been placed parallel to one of the far walls to offer the best view as he worked. On most days it worked to keep him calm and relaxed, but not today.

Things like this weren't supposed to bother him. The mystery of the "feelings" he seemed to have developed for the human sorcerer still plagued his thoughts. Sesshoumaru found himself letting out a forlorn sigh as his gaze once again fell onto the view of the village below. The village, simply dubbed the village of Taisho, was a small human settlement that had cropped up under the protection of the dog lords that resided on the mountain above them. In other words, the village was under his protection and it was his job to Lord over it.

The village offered up a portion of their crops and in turn Sesshoumaru and the warriors of the castle would protect the land from other demons. While he could go for long lengths of time without eating, when he was in the comfort of his home, he preferred to be indulged, and good food was one of his pleasures. Anything other than the best wasn't tolerated; a trait he had inherited from his mother.

Annoyance flashed across his face when the reason for his mood flashed across his mind again. Humans; for as long as he could remember they were beneath his notice and not worth his time, but with Rin, and now Harry…he found himself making exceptions.

His anger grew. He felt childish and out of order, but he still could not get over the fact that he was feeling something for a human…for a male! Love did not exist in his court. His mother and father had been married in a beneficial agreement and produced offspring purely for an heir. They had mutually gained from the arrangement. But then Touga had went and fallen in love with a human and died for it.

In a fit of anger Sesshoumaru stood and threw his desk out of the window and into the open courtyard below. The sound of its destruction as it crashed on the ground satisfied his anger. He stood in the center of a pile of scrolls as they fell to the ground and realized belatedly that he would have to reorganize all of them. The sound of a door sliding open drew his attention and he watched as the servant stationed outside his office nervously peeked in.

"Milord, is everything alright?"

Sesshoumaru stared down at the lesser dog demon before him before turning his nose away and straightening out his clothes with a few tugs.

"Yes, tell the staff to get dinner ready and…do something about this mess."

He gestured to the pile of scrolls around him before striding out of the room. He needed to get away from the office and do something about his annoyance; a spar with the castle guard was in order.

"How did you get the sword stuck in you again?"

Harry secretly marveled at the large sparring hall; he didn't think he would ever get over the beauty of these traditional Japanese buildings. It was like he was in an old samurai movie. He snorted at the irony and watched as Touga demonstrated how his foot had given out and how he had tripped and conveniently dropped his sword and impaled himself on it.

He still had doubts about that.


Touga looked affronted at the tone Harry had used.

"Yes really! Sounga and I have never really seen eye to eye…and I suppose I have gotten kind of careless now that I know I can't die from normal wounds."

Harry had been able to close up the wound without much trouble and had asked how he had managed to get impaled in the first place, which led them to where they were now, in the sparring hall. Touga had wanted to demonstrate exactly how it had happened, as explaining it had just seemed silly, but this seemed equally silly to Harry. He just rolled his eyes.

"Just admit it was on purpose and stop making a fool of yourself Touga."

Touga's mouth twitched.

"Alright, I may have been having a little fun, now that we're here though…I want to see how good you are at swordplay."

Harry blinked before blanching.

"Um…no it's okay. I'm really not that good. At all."

"Well how have you been fighting up until now then?"

Harry chuckled and ran a hand through his hair.

"By sticking the sharp end in my enemies?"

Touga laughed deeply before walking off towards the side of the hall and grabbing two wooden swords. He threw one at Harry and he fumbled with it before getting a good grip.

"That may work until you're up against someone better at swordplay then you. Now show me your normal stance."

Harry wondered at the stance he usually used before shifting his footing a little and holding the wooden sword out in front of him. He heard Touga chuckle again and pouted in embarrassment.


Harry felt a warm body press up against him and warm arms wrap around him to grab at his hands. He felt incredibly awkward standing in the circle of Touga's arms as he guided in into a correct stance. There was a difference in how he felt around Touga and how he felt around Sesshoumaru: with Sesshoumaru there was attraction, but with Touga…he felt like he was with his godfather again.

Ugh, bad thoughts.

"Are you even paying attention, Harry?"

He blinked and realized he had missed whatever Touga had been saying about the stance he had guided him into.

"Can you say it again?"

Touga grumbled about brats before explaining again how he should have his legs spread further apart and how his grip was too tight and other things that Harry had no idea about when they both head the door to the hall slide open. Harry felt Touga lean further into him and squeeze his hands with a quiet chuckle.

"Why Sesshoumaru, good to see you finally escaped your office."

Harry's danger senses tingled and he gulped at the look on Sesshoumaru's face. He could feel the killing intent coming off of him in waves.

"Spar. Now."

Touga unwrapped himself from Harry and gave him a little pat on the butt for chuckles.

"We'll get back to our lesson later."

Harry had to apparate to the other side of the room to escape the force of Sesshoumaru's wooden sword.

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