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This chapter is of Sword at Professor Xavier's school. It's from her point of view, in third person. I call her Sword, because this is the new name, and the new identity she gave herself.

It's been almost a year since Sword left home, and she's made no contact with her parents.

Chapter One

Cyclops nodded at the class. "Dismissed." he said as the bell rang.

The students hurried to gather their books and leave; no one wanted to be a straggler.

It was the weekend at last! Every student chatted and made plans for the weekend, excited for their free time.

All except Sword. No one wanted to hang out with the one who glared daggers every time someone tried to be friendly to her. The one who studied constantly. The one who locked herself in empty rooms all alone for hours on end.

Just as she wanted it.

Sword was also looking forward to the weekend. One of the teachers was leaving on vacation for the next little while, and Sword could have the empty classroom all to herself. She could train. Pull out her swords again.

Her mind flashed back to the many times her father had dragged her into the training room. She shook her head.

"Forget about the past," she mumbled for the millionth time.

Ignoring the students around her, she pushed her way to her room. Sword had three roommates, who always managed to get on her every last nerve.

"Hi Sword!" squealed Stella. Stella loved girly, pink stuff. In Sword's opinion, she squealed and giggled WAY too much.

Stella's mutancy could make things vanish. Not people (yet), but animals and other objects. She would stare at something intently, and it would simply cease to exist. This made her very popular with the cook, as no matter how disgusting the "food" was, she would always turn in an emptied plate.

Sword ignored the high-pitched greeting, and made her way to her bed, where she dumped her books.

At that moment the door burst open, and her other roommates, Kitty and Allison tumbled in.

Kitty Pryde seemed to have an unending flow of friends, despite her problems at home. (Whatever they were, Sword never bothered to find out.) She had a natural beauty and cheer. Kitty could melt through walls, and everything else.

Allison was sarcastic, and not all that likable. She seemed to go through mountains of boyfriends. No wonder; she could make people like - or love - her. As soon as Sword had heard about Allison's ability, she had held her swords at Allison's throat, and made her swear never to use it on her. She and Allison never really got along.

"Where are you going?" Stella was very chatty today.

"Off," Sword muttered.

"Where?" Stella asked, unaffected by Sword's attitude.

Sword kept her silence, despite the raised eyebrow that came from Allison.

"Where?" Stella repeated eagerly.

Sword stomped out, and slammed the door behind her. She thought she heard a snicker. She stalked down the halls, clearing her mind in preparation for the coming practice session.

She entered the empty classroom and locked the door behind her, making sure she was alone.

She clenched her fists just right and - out they came. The swords shone in the afternoon light that poured in from the tall, floor-to-ceiling window. Sword took a perfectly balanced stance, and the imaginary army attacked.

She fought barely for three minutes, when a voice sounded in her head.

«Sword. It's Professor Xavier.»

Sword jumped, swords still flashing.

«I'd like to see you in my office, please.»

Sword sheathed her weapons relunctantly, and tried to push back the pang of fear. Students were rarely called into Professor X's office unless it was something really serious.

She unlocked the door, and hurried through the halls. They were quiet, and seemed almost eerie…

Sword shook her head, and walked faster, finally arriving at the professor's office, all too soon, but way too slowly.

"Come in," said a voice inside, before she had time to knock. She timidly opened the door.

Professor Xavier sat at his desk. He smiled kindly at her.

"Please, sit," he nodded at a comfortable-looking chair across from his wheelchair.

Sword sat gingerly on the edge of the chair, studying the room carefully.

There seemed to be no limit to the books that filled the office, piled everywhere, practically begging to be read from overstuffed shelves and tipping piles. Behind the professor, a pair of glass doors led out to an elegant balcony.

"I'm sorry I had to call you here like that," said Professor Xavier. "But you weren't in your room when I sent a messenger."

Sword merely nodded, not caring about the pleasantries.

The professor smiled gently. "I wanted to talk to you about-" He was interrupted by the school's alarm, as the glass doors behind him were smashed.

Sword clenched her fists.

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