Trinity woke up from the tedious ring of an alarm clock and covered her head with blankets to block out the sound. She finally got up and pulled on jeans, a shirt, and a baggy grey jacket. She walked downstairs to see her family eating breakfast quietly. Her mom had her curly brown hair in a bun as her green eyes watched the news channel darkly. Meg Lafayette Leonardo was a nurse, but she was also a mutant with the power to heal any physical injuries with her hands that created a green energy the same color as her eyes. She had used her gifts to help people in her hospital incognito; a secret hero and mother to four.

Trinity looked a lot like her, except for the eyes; she had her dad's plum-brown eyes. Her dad was…actually they never tell her. All she knew was her dad worked for the government and left home for months with only distant phone calls to reassure them he would be home soon. Dominic, her 13 year old brother, was done with breakfast and disassembling his watch like it was an important science project. He was a good mix of her mom and dad; he had green-brown eyes, dark skin like them, and dark brown hair. He was a genius and tough man of the household; he had to be with their dad always gone. Allie, Alicia, was ten and was inhaling her cereal. She had her mom's eyes, but had the black Italian curls of their dad. She was an athletic ball of energy and aggression; a prodigy martial artist and ballerina. Cara, only four, was drawing one of her many pictures in her dream book. Cara also had dark brown hair, but her eyes were a deep blue like their Uncle Leon's. Mom explained that it was probably a recessive trait from her, since her eyes were green due to the mutant gene and not inherited.

Cara was quiet, but sweet. She was having some trouble in school because teachers and kids just didn't understand her like her family did. Actually all the Leonardo's were having trouble with school. Dom has been bullied by other kids and would come home with dirty and torn clothes, but not a bruise on him. Allie was getting in trouble for fighting and arguing with fellow students. And Trinity was just done with school; especially with the anti-mutant discussions everyone was having.

Trinity heard the news was talking about mutant trouble in New York with a terrorist group called the Brotherhood and a strange vigilante group called the X-men. Before she could hear anymore, her mother shut the TV off. She looks at her daughter and smiles. "Hey mija, how are you?"

Trinity shrugs. "I'm fine Mami." That was the answer she had to give, so her mom wouldn't worry.

Meg bites her lip and nods while giving Trinity a bagel. "Excited? It's you last week of school."

Trinity nods as she bit into the bagel.

"Going to any parties?" She inquired hopefully. She knew Trinity loved going out with her friends and to parties, but now the girl would rather stay at home.

"No Mami," She tells her. Their brindle mastiff, Fury, walked into the kitchen and placed her massive head on her lap as Trinity patted her head. They named her Fury after their Dad's friend; their 'Uncle' Nick Fury.

My mom looks down and her pager beeps. She looks at it and sighs. "I better drop you kids off, work needs me."

The kids jump out of their chairs and grab their backpacks. Dom peers at his sister questionably, but lets whatever he was going to say go. Allie gives Trinity a smile, probably trying to cheer her up, but Trinity could only manage a small, rather pathetic grin. Cara grabs her oldest sister's hand and Trinity squeezes it happily as she helped her mom load the children into the van.

A minute later a rusty Oldsmobile pulls into their driveway. Allison Blair, one of Trinity's closest friends, was waving to her to get in.

Trinity looks at her mom who grinned. "Go ahead."

Trinity shouldered her bag and gets into Allison's car. Allison grins at Trinity while putting her mass of blond hair and blue highlights into a ponytail. "Hey Trin, you mind if I drive you today?" The rain started to pelt the car.

"Never Daz." Trinity replied while putting on her seatbelt. Trinity's nickname for her friend has always been Dazzler, Daz, because of Allison's flashy persona in her local band. Allison played piano/keyboards and would even bring in an electric violin into her songs as she sung lead.

Allison screeched out of the driveway while telling her silent friend about some new songs she was writing with her band. "Lila Cheney and I created this frickin' amazing song; we're gonna call it Executioner's Song and—" Allison notices that Trinity was staring out the window. "And you don't give a shit?" She finished, but she didn't sound mad or annoyed; just sympathetic.

"Sorry," Trinity mumbled, making sure to look at her friend.

"Don't worry about it," Allison tells her as they pulled into their high school. "But, we're all really worried about you Trin. I mean, the only time we see you out of your house is when you go to school, but you never talk to anyone and when people talk about mutants you look like you want to beat the crap out of someone."

"Considering that my friend was killed because she was one…" She muttered in annoyance; wishing Allison would just drop it.

Allison looks down. "Trin…Sophie wouldn't want you to be like this. She'd want to be having a good time. What about Jamie?"

Trinity tenses uncomfortably as Allison continues. "You remember Jamie Madrox? Colette's cousin, our tightest friend since middle school, your boyfriend—"

"Ex-boyfriend." Trinity tells her.

"Why did you break up with him?" Allison asked her.

Trinity glowers at her. "I'm just done with parties, shopping, acting in theatre, and being in a relationship. I never wanted to hurt Jamie, but I honestly don't need someone to make out with or buy me dinner." She gets out of the car as Allsion follows her.

"Ok." Allison says; dropping the subject, while holding Trinity's arm in a casual form of an apology. Trinity holds onto her gratefully; wondering if she should apologize but deciding not to risk reopening the conversation back up.

They suddenly see Colette race over to them. Her Haitian accent rings out. "Allison! Trin! Have you two seen Jamie?" Her brown eyes implored them for an answer as she girls shook their heads in confusion.

"Why?" Trinity asked nervously.

Colette and her parents were from Haiti, but they came to the U.S. about a few years ago when Colette's mother's sister and her husband were killed in a storm in Louisiana; leaving their only son Jamie Madrox and the ruins of a pepper plantation behind. Colette's parents adopted Jamie and moved to New Jersey for a new start. Trinity and Allison became great friends with Colette and Jamie, but sometimes Jamie would run off for days on end.

Allsion says. "He's probably skipping school again."

"He's been gone for a week." Colette answered nervously. "My parents are worried sick 'bout him."

Trinity felt sick and anxious as well. Jamie, where are you?

Soon, first period bell rings and the girls run to class. Trinity sat down in a desk as a class seminar began on current events. The class had to move their desks into a circle and talk about an important event in the U.S., and then have discussions/arguments about it. To Trinity's frustration that were talking about mutants. One kid, who Trinity couldn't stand, was expressing his views on the mutant race:

"Mutants do not serve the community in any way. As you all seen in the news about the Brotherhood; all they do is cause harm. That's why I think they should be terminated for the safety of our community."

"Wait, are you saying they should be murdered!?" A student exclaimed as Trinity tensed.

"Murdered. That word implies that these mutants have human rights, but they aren't human and do not apply for these rights." The boy answered smugly.

Trinity glared at the boy and clenched her hands in silent rage and disgust.

"I don't really agree," One girl answers. "But mutants should be contained so we can be safe from them."

Several students agree as the boy continues. "The Brotherhood of Mutants are terrorists and represent the danger mutants have for us. If we don't stop mutants now they will be too powerful to take down—"

"What if you were a mutant!" Trinity suddenly spoke up.

Everyone, even the teacher, who was ignoring the seminar to eat breakfast at her desk, looked at her.

The boy sniffed. "Well, if I was a danger to our society I would want someone to exterminate me—"

"That's a damn lie." Trinity interrupted angrily. "You're nothing but hypocritical ass—"

"Trinity Leonardo!" the teacher snaps. "Watch your language."

Trinity stood up and walked up to the boy's desk and growled. "The Brotherhood does not represent mutant kind. Just because one group does something—it doesn't mean the entire race is corrupt! Mutants aren't just powerful adults!" Trinity suddenly thought about her cousins. "Some are just innocent kids! Who made you God? To think they should be murdered!" Trinity finished her argument and waited for the boy to say something.

The boy looks away from her and scoffs. "Well, I would expect you to argue for mutants. Seeing that your friend was a freak."

Trinity felt blood thunder in her ears as he continued.

"She was a danger to the community and sorry if you liked her, but why do you think no one tried to convict the people who burned up her apartment? Because they knew what those guys did was right—"

Trinity slapped the guy as hard as she could. The boy stood up and glared at her incredulously and the teacher was about to say something when Trinity tackled him to the ground. "Take that back!" She screamed.

"No! Those freaks belong in a prison—OW you bitch!" Trinity slammed her fist into his ear as he shoved her off and kicked her face. Trinity saw white pinpoints of light, but they were turning into colors…wait the colors were around the people again. Trinity touched her face and felt that her lip was bleeding. The teacher was shouting and the boy was yelling back. When Trinity opened her eyes everyone was silent. Some people jumped out of their desks as she stood. They were all staring at her in shock. Trinity felt scared as the teacher pushed the emergency button on the school phone. The boy cursed. "You're-you're one of them!"

Trinity turned to the windows; where she would see her reflection and she saw her eyes…her eyes were pitch-black! There were no brown irises or whites…just black. Trinity shrieked as she held her face. She felt scared for some reason. She needed to get out. She ran out of her classroom and into the hall. Students were walking in the hallway and waiting outside the classroom for 2nd period. When they saw her they paled and exclaimed at her eyes. There were even more colors swirling around the students and she felt sick anxiety. Trinity ran through the crowd as she heard:

"What the hell!"

"What happened to her!"

"She's a mutie!"

"God look out she's getting closer!"

Colette was suddenly there and grabbed her arm. "Trin! What?" She looked scared, but she was worried about her friend.

Trinity wrenched out of her grip when she heard Allison's voice: "Trinity! Wait!"

Trinity burst through the doors and ran. She ran toward the little forest next to her school and didn't care that it was still raining. She ran deep into the woods until she tripped on a tree root and fell. Trinity covered her head and stayed on the ground. Not me, not me too. She thought as she passed out.

Dominic was at the museum for the class trip and waited to hear from a doctor about mutant genetics, which was a part of the modern science exhibit. The presenter's name was Moira MacTaggart and Dom wondered if it was the same MacTaggart that his mom talked about a lot. He felt someone throw some paper at him, but ignored the snickering of his classmates. "Nerd." He heard them whispered as he waited to hear the presentation. Dom was sick of the class picking on him for being smarter than they were. He suddenly stopped thinking about it when a beautiful woman with short auburn hair walked in and stood at the podium. She greets them with her Scottish dialect.

"Good mornin', my name is Dr. Moira MacTaggart. I am a genetic expert and I am here to tell you all about homo sapiens mutation: the x-gene."

Some of the kids grumbled. "Great we're learning about the freak-gene."

Dom whispered to them. "Hey, shut up." And turned his attention back to the doctor.

"The x-gene is a mutation that is evolving human into a stronger race. Evolution is increasing at faster rate than anyone has ever seen. The x-gene enables a person with special powers of both a physical and mental nature. For example, the x-gene can enable telepaths and telekinetics to use more than the usual 10% of their brains to read minds, move objects, and perform many other fascinating feats. The x-gene can also change a person's anatomy, like with one of my patients; they developed wings on their back. Any person can have the mutant gene and it doesn't truly activate until puberty, but in some rare cases I've found people who had activated mutations ever since they were born. Yes young man, do you have a question?" The doctor acknowledges Dom's raised hand.

"Is the x-gene hereditary?" Dom asked; thinking about his Uncle Leon and mom.

"Yes, my studies have discovered that parents can pass the x-gene to their offspring or that siblings have the x-gene while the parents did not or that they were simply x-gene carriers."

Soon Moira finished her presentation, most of the students rush off to get lunch, but the boy who asked a question stayed behind. He looked familiar to Moira, but she smiled and inquired. "Hello, do you still have some questions?"

"Yes ma'am." The boy replied. "You said that mutations can be carried by parents, but aren't activated?"

Moira nods. "That's correct."

"Would there be something other than puberty that triggers the x-gene to activate?" The boy asked curiously.

Moira raised an eyebrow; this boy was smart. "Why yes, I've interviewed some mutants whose powers first activated in intense events of stress."

The boy listens and nods. "Thanks doctor,"

Before he could leave Moira asked. "Excuse me young man, what's your name?"

"Dominic Leonardo."

Moira's eyes widen. "Your mother, is she Meg Lafayette?"

"Yes," Dominic answered cautiously at the woman's excitement.

"Oh! I've taught Meg when she was in school! Her brother and sister too!" Moira exclaimed excitedly.

"Really?" Dom asked. "You taught at the institute?"

"Yes," Moira was about to talk about the good old days, but she held her tongue. "Oh, has your mother told you about it?"

"Not really, but my uncle Leon and uncle Hank talk about it and told us some stories about it, but I think they were just pulling my leg about some stuff." Dom shrugged as he remembered them telling his sisters and him about danger rooms and crazy adventures.

Moira smiles. "Uncle Hank?"

"Yeah, he's Leon's and my mom's best friend from school."

"Yes I remember Hank; such a bright and athletic student—"

"Dominic!" The teacher called. "It's time to go!"

Dom smiles at Moira. "Nice meeting you doctor." He hurries after his class.

As soon as he walked outside, someone shoved him. Dom stumbled and turned around with fists raised. He was met by several boys from his class laughing at him:

"Wow, the boy thinks he can fight!"

"The only fighting he's been in is Call of Duty."

"So Dom, why did you hang back? Excited that a girl would actually talk to you?"

Dom scowled at them, but said nothing as he tried to walk away, only to be blocked by more guys. "Where you going Leonardo?"

"Probably going home to bitch to his mommy!" Someone snickered.

Dom clenched his jaw.

"Naw man, he usually runs to grandparents' restaurant; his house is too far for his fat-but."

"That dumb Italian place?" A boy asked.

"Yeah, wait does your dad work there Leonardo? Is he the janitor?" One kid with braces teased.

"Dude, his dad don't got a job. He's a bum."

"No he's not." Dominic snarled.

One kid gives him another push. "Oh yeah? What does he do?"

"He works for the government!" Dominic answered heatedly.

"Ooh, so he's a stooge?" Someone else asked.

"Shut up!" Dominic barked as one kid, who had the muscles of a 15 year old, grabbed his bag and wrenched him toward him.

"You know we all can beat the crap out of you." He tells him.

"Go ahead, I know that you're too scared to fight me one-on-one." Dominic snapped.

The boy throws him away from him as the other kids "ooohed".

"Hey guys, let's see how fast this nerd can run—"

Dom didn't waste any time sprinting away as the boys chased him. He knew they would thrash him as soon as they caught and he didn't want to relive the humiliation or pain. Dominic pushed passed the people on the sidewalk. He saw the cross walk on the street was clear and ran. As soon as he was in the street, the cross walk was flooded with cars. Dom felt fear pump his blood as he tried to dodge some cars that were slamming their brakes to avoid him. Dom sprinted toward the sidewalk on the other side—only to have a truck run him down. The truck stopped as pedestrians and drivers screamed: "Someone call 911!" The boys see what happen and run away; fearful that they had just killed someone.

Dom jumped up from behind the truck; his backpack and clothes were totaled, but when the truck hit him; he didn't feel any pain. He looked at his arms and body to see he wasn't bleeding. He runs away from the street and into an alley. When he was a block away he checked his arms and legs; nothing, no bruises, broken bones, or cuts. He survived being hit—no, being run-over by a truck. He was miraculously alright. Dom suddenly remembered Moira's presentation and froze. Am I a…? Dom didn't want to think about it as he ran to his grandparent's house/restaurant.

Allie was at recess playing a game of kick ball with her friends. When she grew bored she tried to look for more games to play. She stopped when she saw some kids playing tag. She walks over to see if she could join, but stopped when she heard:

"So the bad guys are mutants and the heroes are the avengers."

Allie knew she should walk away; let them play their stupid game, but she spoke up. "Why are the mutants bad guys?"

One girl looks at her like she asked her why the sky was blue. "Uh, because they are."

"No they're not." Allie snapped; annoyed.

"Yeah they are." Another kid answered.

"Says who?" Allie asked.

"My daddy says they're menaces." A girl in a dress replied.

"You're daddy's wrong." Allie told her.

"No he's not!"

"Yeah he is!" Allie shouted louder than her; making the girl back down.

"What do you know Allie!" A boy snapped.

"That mutants aren't bad guys." Allie answered; crossing her arms.

"You're a mutie-lover!"

Allie never heard of the word, but the way the kids said made her angry. "What?"

"You love mutants—I bet you are one!" a girl says.

"So what if I am?" Allie sneered.

"Then you're a criminal!" the boy answered.

"Shut up Geekson." Allie snipped.

"My name's Greekson, freak." The boy answered.

Allie bit her lip. "Don't call me that."

"Freak!" the girl who shouted at her smiled.

"Freak. Freak. Freak!" The group of girls and boys teased.

Allie glared at them and tried to unclench her hands; the principal said if she got into another fight she'd be expelled.

Allie turned around to walk away and play with her friends who were watching her nervously. As she took a step. A girl teased. "You're a bigger freak than your nerdy brother!" Allie stopped as her face flushed. She saw mud on the ground from the rain this morning and scooped up some. She turned toward the girl and flung the mud into her face. "Who's the freak now?"

The girl shrieked as some kids at the playground laughed. "Allie! You're so gro-oss."

"Maybe you can ask your daddy how to clean it off." Allie replied, but the girl growled:

"You're just jealous my daddy loves me more than your daddy loves you!"

Allie felt tears prick her eyes as she wiped her hands onto the girl's dress; making the girl scream and slap her.

The girls were in the mud tackling each other; Allie had the upper hand. A boy who tried to pull Allie's hair to help the girl received a bloody nose and he ran for the teacher who grabbed Allie roughly and yelled at her. Allie was so mad that she remained silent as she was taken to the principal's office. When they walked inside the school, the teacher scolded:

"I can't believe you did that to poor Karen! I am very disappointed in you—"

"She started it!" Allie yelled back.

"You're always causing trouble; just because your father isn't home…" Allie ignored her as she sat in the office chair and tried not to cry.

Cara was sitting in the office waiting for her mama. Her preschool teachers saw some of the pictures in her dream book and looked worried and sent her to the principal's office. Cara was scared; she didn't do anything wrong. Soon the principal and her mama walked in. Cara smiled at her mama, but stopped when she saw the principal's nervous face.

Cara stayed in the chair as her mama and principal Trunchell sat down. Mrs. Trunchell began. "Mrs. Leonardo, your daughter has been having trouble paying attention in school."

Mama nodded in understanding.

"Also, some of the teachers are concerned about the crafts and drawings she does…as you know we are a Christian-based institution." The principal opened Cara's dream book to a picture of a man with silver claws, the blue-fuzzy elf with a tail, and a pretty woman with white eyes. Cara thought her pictures were good, but the principal didn't think so. "We are worried about some of these illustrations."

"They're only drawings." Her mama answered.

"It's not just the drawings, she adds stories to them like these pictures are actual people—"

"They are." Cara piped up.

The principal shook her head and showed her a picture of a man on fire. "Cara, what is this?"

"A picture I drew." Cara tells her.

"Why is the man on fire?"

"That's his power." Cara answered.

"No, Cara, fire hurts people."

"It doesn't hurt Shiro."

"Who's Shiro?"

"Someone I'm going to meet; I saw him in a dream." Cara replied cheerfully. The principal peers at her mama who looked tired.

"Also," Mrs. Tranchell continued. "We had the children make their own stuff animals and this is what Cara created." She shows Meg a blue stuff animal in a red and black outfit…the doll had gold ovals for eyes, pointed ears, and a tail. "The teachers were not happy she created a demon—"

"But he is a mutant not a demon!" Cara cried. "His name is Bamf!" The adults made a face of shock, until Cara explains. "That's the sound he makes when he teleports: bamf! Bamf! BAMF!"

The principal sighs. "Cara I'm afraid you can't bring this sort of stuff to school; it offends the other students and teachers—"

"They're offended by mutants?" Meg asked.

Mrs. Trunchell nods. "Well, mutants are a controversial topic—"

"So you're telling me if a mutant child wanted to go here you would refuse them because they offend people?" Meg inquired portentously.

Mrs. Trunchell replies after a moment. "It's a touchy subject."

Meg's phone starts to ring and she sighs. "I'm afraid I don't have time for this Mrs. Trunchell, so I'll be taking Cara out of this school since it can't handle her imagination." Before the principal could stop her Meg scoops up Cara and grabbed the doll and book while marching outside. Once she made to her car she answers her phone. "Hello?"

Meg listened in dread as Trinity's high school told her that her daughter had assaulted a student, disrupted the school, and that she was now expelled due to being a…mutant. Meg puts Cara down so she could tell the school what she thought about all of this; not caring if she was cussing them out. She was infuriated that they said they didn't know where her daughter was and she hung up on them only to have Allie's school call her. Meg listened and groaned when she heard Allie had gotten herself into another fight, but had to answer a incoming call from her husband's, Salvatore's, father. He told that Dominic was at their house and his clothes were in tatters. Meg asked her father-in-law if he could watch Cara and pick up Allie from school, so she could go get Trinity. She grabbed Cara and put her in her car seat as she tried to think where Trinity could be. "Is Trini in trouble?" Cara asked.

Meg kissed her baby's forehead. "I just need to pick her up." She tried to mask her worry from her child as she jumped into the driver's seat and pealed out of the parking lot.

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