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Numbershot 1: Who's Number One?

Chapter 3

*Duel 9: Droite VS Inari*

Droite's field: Magical Hierophant Hieron, one facedown

Inari's field: Soul of Silvermountain, Block Golem, no facedowns

Magical Hierophant Heiron: Rank 7 DARK Spellcaster/Xyz ATK:2800/DEF:2600 2 Overlay Units

Soul of Silvermountain: Rank 3 EARTH Rock/Xyz ATK:1800/DEF:2200 1 Overlay Unit

Block Golem: Lv.3 EARTH Rock ATK:1000/DEF:1500

"Heiron, our victory is now! Attack Soul of Silvermountain!" Droite said. Her monster, a humanoid male dressed in elegant black, gold, and green robes and holding a staff, gathered energy into the staff before firing a powerful beam of green magic at the target, a HUGE creature made of silver stone with molten spires coming from its body. The beam eroded the creature until it exploded into dust, the explosion taking its partner, a creature made completely out of toy blocks with a drill for one arm, with it and sending Inari flying to the ground.

Droite LP:3100 - WINNER


Droite rose a fist to the air as the crowd cheered, a vibrant smile on her face. She looked to the ground and saw Gauche, waving to him and getting a wave back.

*Duel 10: Yamoto Kazamuki VS Yin-Yang*

Yamoto walked out to the field and saw his opponent. He was a young man with spiky black hair (similar to his own in his Dark Duel Mode), wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, khaki pants, and gray shoes. On his back was a sword in a blue-and-gold sheath, having a winged hilt and bearing a pink ribbon with a gold center. On his left hand was an odd marking resembling three triangles in a larger triangle formation, the bottom-right triangle being brighter. "Hmm, so you are Yin-Yang. You seem familiar to me…" Yamoto mused.

"I crossed over from another world of fanfictions thanks to Vile, just so I could appear in this tournament." Yin-Yang replied. "Make sure you give me a good fight, Yamoto."

"I'll honor that request, as I always do!" Yamoto replied.

"Duel Disk, set!" Yamoto formed his D-Pad on his arm while Yin-Yang caught his D-Pad on his left arm. "D-Gazer, set!" Yin-Yang's D-Gazer flipped onto his face while Yamoto's formed on his face in darkness.

"AR VISION, LINK ESTABLISHED." The voice from the Duel System said, both of their D-Gazers along glowing. Flashes from other D-Gazers rushed across the crowd. "ESTABLISHING LINK BETWEEN A AND B." The area around them began to warp into the augmented reality.

"Ready!" Ace called out, a hand in the air. "Set!" He shot his hand down. "DUEL!"

Yamoto LP:4000

Yin-Yang LP:4000

"The first move is given to Yin-Yang!" Ace decreed.

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Yin-Yang said. "Kaado ni mai settei!" Two facedowns emerged: One monster, and one Magic or Trap Card. "Turn end!"

'Hmm, I think he's up to something.' Yamoto thought. Yamoto thought. "Watashi no turn! Draw!" He drew his card. "Verz Zahhak, Shoukan!" His warped three-headed dragon appeared.

Verz Zahhak: Lv.4 DARK Dragon ATK:1850/DEF:850

"Verz Zahhak, attack his facedown!" The dragon reared back before expelling three streams of black fire. The monster flipped to reveal a lanky gray… thing with fully red eyes, elfish ears, and tentacle-like fingers.

"Alien Grey no kouka hatsudo! Since it flipped up, your dragon is tagged with an A-Counter!" All of a sudden, a disgusting purple organism appeared and attached itself to Zahhak.

Verz Zahhak: 1 A-Counter

"A-Counter…?" Yamoto breathed. Zahhak's flames still incinerated the Alien, however.

"Since Alien Grey was destroyed by battle after being flipped up, I can draw one card!" Yin-Yang said while drawing.

"Aliens… I've heard of the power they possess." Yamoto mused. "One of four Reptile Archetypes. The hindrances their A-Counters bring become devastating to those who face them. I must be careful from here on in. Kaado ichi mai settei! Turn end!"

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Yin-Yang drew his card. "Magic Card, Corruption Cell "A", hatsudo! This lets me put another A-Counter on your Zahhak!" A second purple organism attached itself to the dragon.

Verz Zahhak: 2 A-Counters

"Ugh…" Yamoto groaned.

"You feelin' okay, dude?" Yin-Yang asked.

"Last time I faced Aliens, I ended up with 8 A-Counters on one monster. It made me sick to my *urp* stomach." Yamoto said honestly.

"*whistles* Sounds gnarly." The Alien Duelist said. "Don't worry. My A-Counters won't make it that far. Mainly because you won't make it past this turn! Continuous Magic, "A" Cell Incubator, hatsudo!" An odd device with six cylinders emerged. "From now on, each time an A-Counter is removed from the field, my Incubator gains its own Counter! I remove Zahhak's two A-Counters!" The purple organisms fell off Zahhak and landed on the ground, melting into puddles of purple liquid. Two syringes came out from the device, absorbed some of the liquid, and injected them into two of the cylinders. Two more A-Counters formed in the cylinders

Verz Zahhak: 0 A-Counters

"A" Cell Incubator: 2 A-Counters

"Nani…?" Yamoto breathed. The two puddles combined before moving to Yin-Yang's field.

"Tokushu Shoukan!" Suddenly, the puddle bubbled rapidly, and a figure emerged from it. "Koi, Alien Overlord!" The figure had a bipedal red reptilian body covered in thick black armor, purple orbs being on the armor, a long tail, five-taloned feet, and six stick-like arms with clawed hands.

Alien Overlord: Lv.6 DARK Reptile ATK:2200/DEF:1600

"Impressive power." Yamoto mused.

"Alien Overlord no kouka hatsudo! Once per turn, all monsters you control gain an A-Counter!" Another purple organism attached itself to Zahhak.

Verz Zahhak: 1 A-Counter

"Alien Hunter, Shoukan!" This reptilian monster was bipedal with a light blue-green body, black armor, blue orbs in the armor, and carrying an odd spear.

Alien Hunter: Lv.4 WATER Reptile ATK:1600/DEF:800

"Alien Hunter, attack Verz Zahhak!" The blue Alien leapt forward, prepared to strike.

"Kuso. With Overlord on my field, Zahhak loses 300 Attack and Defense Points for each A-Counter it has since it's battling an Alien." Yamoto mused. As if on cue, Zahhak glowed purple and growled weakly.

Verz Zahhak ATK:1550/DEF:550

Soon after this happened, Alien Hunter jammed its spear into Zahhak's middle head, causing the whole thing to explode.

Yamoto LP:3950

"Alien Hunter no kouka hatsudo! Since it destroyed a monster with an A-Counter by battle, it can attack again! Direct attack!" The hunter jumped forward again and swiped with its spear.

Yamoto LP:2350

"Well, maybe I was wrong. Eh, you're dead next round! Alien Overlord, attack him directly!" The larger Alien's six arms pointed at Yamoto and fired jets of purple liquid at Yamoto.

"Gwaaaah!" Yamoto was thrown back from the jets. He looked at the liquid around him. "Ugh… Gross."

Yamoto LP:150

"Yamoto-kun!" Sachi cried.

"I suppose you were lucky that Verz have those values that end in 50. If that dragon had 1800 Attack Points, you would've been screwed." Yin-Yang said. "Kaado ichi mai settei! Turn end!"

"Watashi no turn… Draw!" Yamoto drew his card. 'This combo… Yes!' "Since you control more monsters than I do, Verz Mandrago, Tokushu Shoukan!" A small white-haired plant creature with flytrap hands emerged.

Verz Mandrago: Lv.4 DARK Plant ATK:1550/DEF:1450

"Magic Card, Infestation Vector, hatsudo! I can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or below DARK monster from my hand! Verz Olanta, Tokushu Shoukan!" A bulky blue-skinned humanoid with black armor emerged, surrounded by blue flames.

Verz Olanta: Lv.4 DARK Pyro ATK:1650/DEF:1250

"Verz Olanta no kouka hatsudo! By releasing it, one face-up monster you control is destroyed!" Olanta became a giant blue fireball and charged forward, engulfing Alien Overlord and destroying it.

"Damn!" Yin-Yang cried.

"Now I release my Verz Mandrago! Adobansu Shoukan!" The plant monster was suddenly engulfed in darkness, which grew larger. "Arawareyo… Verz Coppélial!" From the darkness, an odd machine emerged. It appeared to be the top half of a large robot, the torso looking similar to a train with a red core (the Verz symbol engraved on a circle in the middle), with two cylindrical arms, two "horns" on the top, and a small black creature sitting within a glass case as the "head".

Verz Coppélial: Lv.6 DARK Machine ATK:2450/DEF:2050

"Oh, hell." Yin-Yang thought.

"Verz Coppélial, attack his Alien Hunter!" The machine's red core began whirring loudly, and its arms became cloaked in red energy. Then the machine charged forward, slamming the Hunter between its arms and destroying it.

Yin-Yang LP:3150

"Kaado ichi mai settei! Turn end!" Yamoto ended his turn. 'If he gets a card he needs, he'll run right into my facedowns. It all depends on what he goes for.'

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Yin-Yang drew his card. "Magic Card, Mystical Space Typhoon, hatsudo! I destroy my "A" Cell Incubator!" A cyclone obliterated the device, sending the A-Counters elsewhere. "Now the A-Counters it had are given to your monster!" The two Counters latched onto Coppélial.

Verz Coppélial: 2 A-Counters

"Continuous Trap, Brainwashing Beam, hatsudo!" As the Trap Card flipped up, Yin-Yang's eyes began to glow eerily. "A monster with an A-Counter cannot escape this card." Energy rings came from his eyes, impacting Coppélial. "Since it has an A-Counter, Verz Coppélial is switched to my control." The machine vanished in darkness, re-appearing on Yin-Yang's field. "Your monsters are sneaky. Those facedowns could be a problem if Coppélial is still alive. I guess I'll fix that! Since Coppélial is your monster, I can do this with just one monster! I release Verz Coppélial!" The machine vanished in darkness, the A-Counters liquefying and fusing with the darkness. "Adobansu Shoukan!" From the liquid darkness, a large monster emerged. "Arawareyo… Cosmic Horror… Gangi'el!" This reptilian giant had a light blue upper body, six large silver-colored octopus-like tentacles, and a lower body made of dark-colored tentacles.

Cosmic Horror Gangi'el: Lv.7 LIGHT Reptile ATK:2600/DEF:2000

"Oh, man! Yamoto might be finished right now! His monster's been crushed and he's down to two facedowns!" Ace commented on the mic.

"Obviously someone hasn't heard of Verz Coppélial or its effect before!" Yamoto called out.

"Eh?!" Yin-Yang and Ace said together.

Yamoto smirked with a flash of his eyes. "Verz Coppélial no kouka hatsudo! Since it left the field because of your action… one monster you control is given to me until my End Phase! The control game works both ways, Yin-Yang!" The creature within Coppélial's case emerged and attached itself to Gangi'el's head, causing the giant to struggle. The monster dissipated into yellow particles, re-forming on Yamoto's field.

"Bakana!" Yin-Yang cried. 'Damn it… I can't use my face-downs without an Alien on my field!' "Turn end!" 'I can only hope that he doesn't draw a monster!'

"Watashi no turn… Draw!" Yamoto drew his card. He glanced at it and turned it around. Corrosive Contagion Infestation. "No monster. …Good thing I have a back-up plan. Continuous Trap, Call of the Haunted, hatsudo!"

"No way!" Yin-Yang cried.

"Way! Verz Olanta, Tokushu Shoukan!" The blue-flame-covered humanoid returned to the field.

Verz Olanta: Lv.4 DARK Pyro ATK:1650/DEF:1250

Yamoto grinned in a way that could only be considered a troll face. "What can I say? We DARK Duelists are tricky! Sorry! Verz Olanta, Gangi'el, attack Yin-Yang directly!" Olanta became a blue fireball and charged forward, slamming into Yin-Yang. The Alien Duelist recovered only long enough to see Gangi'el's eyes glow, and two laser beams shot from them, causing a powerful explosion near Yin-Yang's feet, knocking him to the ground from the force.

Yamoto LP:50 – WINNER


Yamoto's face appeared with the word "WIN" as the buzzer sounded, and the Augmented Reality vanished. The Verz Duelist waved to the crowd as they cheered loudly. Droite, Gauche, and Sachi were the ones cheering the loudest. Yamoto went over to Yin-Yang and helped him up. "Good Duel."

Yin-Yang smiled. "Yeah, it was. Nice turnaround."

"You definitely seem familiar. Who exactly are you?" Yamoto asked.

Yin-Yang looked back and forth, then whispered in Yamoto's ear. "It's actually Yin-Yang Yo-Yo, an author on this site and one of Vile's friends. He let me in here as a guest appearance. Don't tell anyone, capische?"

Yamoto smirked. "Capische." The two of them fistbumped before leaving the field.

*Duel 11: Sen VS Ryo*

Sen's field: Wattaildragon, one facedown

Ryo's field: Flaming Star Emperor – Choraio, 2 copies of Flaming Dance – "Tensen" active, no facedowns

Wattaildragon: Lv.6 LIGHT Dragon ATK:2500/DEF:1000

Flaming Star Emperor – Choraio: Rank 3 FIRE Beast-Warrior/Xyz ATK:4800(boosted by both Tensens, originally 2200)/DEF:200

"Choraio, incinerate his Wattaildragon with your dancing inferno!" Ryo ordered. His monster, a humanoid form with a lion-esque head, red, white, and gold armor, two swords, and white flames in the forms of beasts beside him, pointed forward, and the two flame beasts charged forward and combined into one, completely incinerating the target, an electric blue and yellow dragon with electricity coming off its tail. Sen was sent backward from the shockwave, landing on the ground.

Ryo LP:2300

Sen LP:0 – LOSER

Ryo gave a calm bow to the crowd as they cheered. "Ah… warm victory…"

*Duel 12: Saffron VS Keegan Arclight*

Saffron's field: Ultimate Obedient Fiend, no facedowns

Keegan's field: OOPArts Crystal Alien, one facedown

Ultimate Obedient Fiend: Lv.10 FIRE Fiend ATK:3500/DEF:3000

OOPArts Crystal Alien: Rank 3 LIGHT Rock/Xyz ATK:2100/DEF:1000 1 Overlay Unit (effect active)

"OOPArts Crystal Alien, use our own damage against them!" Keegan declared. His blue crystal monster fired a laser beam from its mirror, but the opponent, a HUGE red fiend with a mouth in its chest, intercepted the laser with a blast of wispy purple energy, dissipating the laser. However, the laser blast struck Alien's mirror, causing it to glow. Then, the energy fired right back at its user, obliterating the fiend and knocking Saffron back onto the ground.

Keegan LP:3000

Saffron LP:0 – LOSER

Keegan let out a breath as the crowd cheered. "I did it." The boy breathed. He looked to the crowd, seeing his father and two brothers looking at him with smiles.

*Duel 13: Ryoga Kamishiro VS Ginji*

Shark moved out to the field, and was surprised at his opponent. Ginji looked awful, his hair all mussed up, a few tears in his shirt. "Damn… Ginji, what happened to you?" Shark asked.

Ginji glared at Shark, bags under his eyes. "Rikuo and Kaio split… Our gang crumbled, leaving us all on the streets. It's your fault, Shark. Now you're gonna pay!"

Shark stepped back. "I think you've lost it. I guess I'll just beat you for the tournament!"

"Duel Disk, set!" Both players' D-Pad clicked onto their wrists, activating. "D-Gazer, set!" Both players' Gazers flipped onto their faces.

"AR VISION, LINK ESTABLISHED." The voice from the Duel System said, both of their D-Gazers along glowing. Flashes from other D-Gazers rushed across the crowd. "ESTABLISHING LINK BETWEEN A AND B." The area around them began to warp into the augmented reality.

"Ready!" Ace called out, a hand in the air. "Set!" He shot his hand down. "DUEL!"

Shark LP:4000

Ginji LP:4000

"The first move is given to Ryoga Kamishiro!" Ace decreed.

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Shark drew his card. "Big Jaws, Shoukan!" His signature blade-finned shark emerged through a water tornado.

Big Jaws: Lv.3 WATER Fish ATK:1800/DEF:300

"Kaado ichi mai settei. Turn end!" His facedown emerged.

"Boku no turn… Draw!" Ginji drew his card shakily. "I've gotten better since before, Shark. Dark Weasel, Shoukan!" An odd monster emerged: A black-furred bipedal weasel with a light gray chest. Its claws were very sharp, and its face looked manic, its mouth foaming.

Dark Weasel: Lv.4 DARK Beast ATK:1400/DEF:1500

"Whoa. When did Ginji get that card?" Shark wondered.

"Dark Weasel no kouka hatsudo! Once per turn, I can either destroy or discard a Level 2 monster I control. By doing this, Dark Weasel gains 500 Attack Points until your End Phase!" Ginji took one of his card and sent it to the Graveyard, and an image of the monster emerged in front of the weasel: A green-colored anglerfish with large blue eyes. The weasel snarled and chomped down, dissipating the image.

Dark Weasel ATK:1900

Ginji smirked. "Nimble Angler no kouka hatsudo! Since I sent it from my hand to the Graveyard, I can call forth two Level 3 or below Nimble monsters from my Deck! Nimble Momonga and Nimble Musasabi, Tokushu Shoukan!" Two odd flying squirrel-like monsters emerged. One had dark brown, slightly reddish fur and green eyes, and the other had slightly lighter brown fur and gleaming purple eyes. Both were curled in a defensive position.

Nimble Momonga: Lv.2 EARTH Beast ATK:1000/DEF:100

Nimble Musasabi: Lv.2 EARTH Beast ATK:800/DEF:100

"Now then… Dark Weasel! Attack Nimble Musasabi!" Ginji ordered.

"Nani?" Shark cried as Ginji's weasel turned on its own partner and mauling it, causing it to be destroyed.

"Dark Weasel can attack other monsters on my field." Ginji said. "Nimble Musasabi no kouka hatsudo! Since it was destroyed by battle, you lose 500 Life Points!" Shark was surrounded by a red aura, causing him pain.

Shark LP:3500

"Also, I am able to Summon 2 more Nimble Musasabis from my Deck in Attack Mode!" Just like that, two more of the lighter brown squirrels emerged. "Kaado ichi mai settei. Turn end!"

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Shark drew his card. "Friller Rabca, Shoukan! His monster emerged as a thin gold shark-like monster.

Friller Rabca: Lv.3 WATER Fish ATK:700/DEF:1500

"Ore wa, Reberu San no Big Jaws to, Friller Rabca de Obarei!" His two monsters turned fully blue and spiraled into the air. A red spiral portal opened up, and both his monsters sailed inside. "Ni tai no monsuta de, Obarei Netwaaku kochiku! Ekushiizu Shoukan! Arawareyo, Senkou Bokan (Underwater Mothership) – Aero Shark!" From beneath the ground, his signature Rank 3 Xyz Monster shot up with a gurgling roar, two blue Overlay Units circling it.

Underwater Mothership – Aero Shark: Rank 3 WATER Fish/Xyz ATK:1900/DEF:1000 2 Overlay Units

"Hoo-wee! I remember this bad boy from Ryoga's first time in the circuits! What a comeback he's making here, eh, folks?" Ace commented, getting applause from the ground.

"Go, Shark-kun!" Ariel cried in the stands.

Shark smiled, not the least bit offended about the mention of his past circuit times. "Aero Shark no kouka hatsudo! By using an Overlay Unit, you take 400 damage for each card in my hand!" One of the blue orbs was absorbed into the apparatus. "Aero Torpedo!" Four torpedoes were fired from the apparatus, which all split into four missiles. The missiles struck all around Ginji's area, making him growl.

Aero Shark: 1 Overlay Unit

Ginji LP:2400

"I don't think you've gotten much better at all, Ginji." Shark commented. "Aero Shark, attack Nimble Musasabi! Big Eater!" The huge twin-shark monster charged forward, a claw shooting out from the apparatus. The claw grabbed hold of one of the Musasabis and pulled it to Aero Shark, allowing it to chomp down on it, destroying it. Due to Musasabi's effect, though, a red aura caused Shark slight pain. When he recovered, his eyes widened.

Shark LP:3000

Ginji LP:2400

"Nani? No damage?" Shark cried.

Ginji was grinning. "Trap Card, Spirit Barrier, hatsudo." His facedown was active. "So long as I control a monster, I can't take any Battle Damage."

"Kuso…" Shark groaned. "At least Dark Weasel can't get enough Attack Points to surpass Aero Shark. Turn end!"

Dark Weasel ATK:1400

"Boku no turn… Draw!" Ginji drew his card. "Nimble Manta, Shoukan!" His monster emerged as a small manta with a blue back and a white belly, two big purple eyes seen on it.

Nimble Manta: Lv.2 WATER Fish ATK:800/DEF:100

"Dark Weasel no kouka hatsudo! By destroying my Manta, Weasel gains 500 Attack Points!" The weasel whipped its head and snarled at the manta before leaping at it, chomping down and destroying it, snarling rabidly as power went through it.

Dark Weasel ATK:1900

"Nimble Manta no kouka hatsudo! Because it was sent to the Graveyard by a card effect, I can Special Summon 2 Nimble Mantas from my Deck!" Two more of the mantas emerged. "I switch Nimble Momonga to Attack Mode!" The darker flying squirrel left its defensive position and snarled. "Dark Weasel, attack Aero Shark!" The weasel roared before leaping forward, claws bared. It jammed its claws into the two sharks of the monster, causing it to roar in pain, but a light began beeping brightly, and the Xyz Monster exploded, taking the weasel with it. Ginji laughed. "Dark Weasel was a needed sacrifice! Now you're wide open! Now, my four Nimbles! Attack Shark directly!" The two flying squirrels and two mantas all flashed their eyes red before charging forward, all of them with the intent to strike.

Shark grunted. "Trap Card, Bubble Bringer, hatsudo! This lets me negate your Nimble Momonga's direct attack!" A wave of bubbles billowed from the card, impacting Momonga and forcing it back to Ginji's field.

Ginji growled. "So what?! I still have three more! Have at him!" The two mantas sideswiped Shark with their tails, then Musasabi scratched Shark with its claws, knocking him back onto his rear.

Shark LP:600

"Damn, now that's one hell of a move!" Ace said over the mic. "I don't know what's got Ginji so angry, but he's using it to the fullest with a powerful onslaught! Shark's sitting in a frying pan now, and Ginji's starting to cook him!"

"I'll make you pay for driving us into the dirt, Shark." Ginji growled. "Magic Card, Shisha Sosei (Monster Reborn), hatsudo! Dark Weasel, Tokushu Shoukan!" His rabid weasel returned to the field.

Dark Weasel ATK:1400/DEF:1500

"Dark Weasel no kouka hatsudo! I discard Nimble Sunfish to give it 500 extra Attack Points!" An image of a light blue sunfish emerged, only to be eaten and dissipated by the weasel.

Dark Weasel ATK:1900

"Turn end!" Ginji declared.

"Shark-kun…" Ariel whimpered.

"This looks bad." Rio mused.

"I'm not worried." Marcus said with a smile. "Shark has the power to get through this."

"Ore no turn! Draw!" Shark drew his card. He smirked. "Bingo. Bubble Bringer no kouka hatsudo! By sending it to the Graveyard, I can Special Summon a Level 3 or lower WATER monster from my Graveyard! Friller Rabca, Tokushu Shoukan!" The thin gold shark re-emerged. "Shark Sucker, Shoukan!" This monster was a thin blue shark with a disc on top of it.

Shark Sucker: Lv.3 WATER Fish ATK:200/DEF:1000

"Magic Card, Tidal Draw, hatsudo! By adding the Levels of my WATER monsters and dividing by three, I can draw cards equal to the result! With six Levels, that's two cards!" He drew twice, putting him at five cards. "Since Friller Rabca was Summoned with Bubble Bringer, it counts as two monsters for an Xyz Summon! Ore wa Reberu San no Shark Sucker to, Friller Rabca ni tai bun de Obarei!" Friller Rabca split in two, then all three forms turned fully blue and spiraled into the air. Another red spiral portal opened up, and all three monsters sailed inside. "San tai no mizuzokusei (WATER Attribute) monsuta de, Obarei Netwaaku kochiku! Ekushiizu Shoukan! Arawareyo, Senkou Senkan (Underwater Dreadnought) – Terror Shark!" From the ground, a huge black apparatus emerged. Attached to it were three red sharks in a triangle fashion, their eyes glowing red. The apparatus held missile pods and laser cannons. Two blue Overlay Units circled it.

Underwater Dreadnought – Terror Shark: Rank 3 WATER Fish/Xyz ATK:2500/DEF:200 2 Overlay Units

"One Xyz won't aid you against all five of my monsters. Especially since my Spirit Barrier is still in play." Ginji said.

"Like it's gonna help. Terror Shark no kouka hatsudo!" One of the blue orbs was absorbed into its apparatus.

Terror Shark: 1 Overlay Unit

"By using an Overlay Unit, I can discard any number of cards from my hand!" He discarded all five cards.

"Whoa! Shark just dumped his whole hand! What's he up to?!" Ace cried.

"For every card I discarded, I can destroy one card you control!" Shark declared. "You may have a full field… but they're about to bite the dust! OPEN FIRE!" Five of the missile pods beeped, then all of them fired a combined mass of torpedoes. The torpedoes rained down on Ginji's field, striking all of his Nimbles and destroying each and every one of them.

"BAKANA!" Ginji cried.

"Sorry, Ginji, but I win! Terror Shark! Attack Ginji directly!" The three sharks roared as the laser cannons whirred to life. Then, pink laser beams fired out from each out, causing explosions around their target.

"Eyaaaaaaahhhhh!" Ginji cried as he was thrown back, landing on the ground.

Shark LP:600 - WINNER


Shark's face appeared with the word "WIN" as the buzzer sounded, and the Augmented Reality vanished. The crowd cheered loudly, Ariel the loudest, while Shark raised a fist to the air. All of a sudden, Ace's voice rang out. "Move, Ryoga!" When Shark heard the voice, his face snapped to Ginji, who held an odd gun in his hands with a glare.

"You're mine!" Ginji growled, firing a laser blast from the gun.

"Waah!" Shark yelped, quickly moving out of the way.

"Someone get that kid!" Ace cried.

Ginji looked at Ace, then back at Shark. "This ain't over, Shark!" He growled before rushing out of the ring, skidding past two security guards.

"After him!" The guards yelled, chasing after Ginji, who rounded a corner. However, after a few turns, they found an unexpected sight: Ginji was on the ground, tied up, his laser sitting by a wall. "Nani…?" There was a note beside him, which one of the guards picked up.

You're welcome for that. I took his Deck as well. He ain't gonna need it, heh heh! - 48

"48?" The guard wondered. The other guards shrugged, then the lead guard pulled out a D-Gazer. "Disaster averted, Ace. Someone tied the kid up."


"Uh-huh… All righty." Ace said, hanging up his D-Gazer. "No need to worry, folks! That little dude's been caught, so we won't have any more problems! Let's keep this tournament going!"

*Duel 14: Rio Kamishiro VS Mizumi*

Rio's field: Abyss Soldier affected by Aqua Jet, no facedowns

Mizumi's field: Umbral Soul, one facedown

Abyss Soldier: Lv.4 WATER Aqua ATK:2800(originally 1800)/DEF:1300

Umbral Soul: Lv.7 DARK Reptile ATK:2000/DEF:1500

"Move in, Abyss Soldier! Take out that lizard!" Rio declared. The monster, a dark blue and white humanoid shark-like creature wielding a dual-ended trident, charged forward through the Aqua Jet on its back, thrusting its trident right through the target, a lizard-like creature made fully out of purple flames, and evaporating it, sending Mizumi to the floor.

Rio LP:600

Mizumi LP:0 – LOSER

"Yatta!" Rio cried, jumping up before twirling once, striking a victory pose as the crowd cheered. Marcus whistled for her up in the stands while he was clapping.

*Duel 15: Kyorei VS Kuronazo*

Kyorei's field: No monsters, one facedown

Kuronazo's field: Des Feral Imp, Vylon Disigma (control switched by and equipped with Brain Jacker)

Des Feral Imp: Lv.4 DARK Reptile ATK:1600/DEF:1800

Vylon Disigma: Rank 4 LIGHT Fairy/Xyz ATK:2500/DEF:2100 3 Overlay Units

"Your power is admirable, but against me, it can't be realized." Kuronazo, who was wearing a dark purple cloak with a mask, said, his voice altered. He was rather short, almost like a kid. "Des Feral Imp and Vylon Disigma, double attack!" His two monsters, Kyorei's stolen Xyz Monster and a bipedal dark blue-skinned fiend/reptile creature, charged forward. Disigma fired a powerful laser beam from the face on its front while Des Feral Imp slashed at Kyorei with its claws. The combined force sent the Terminal Gang's leader onto the floor.

Kuronazo LP:4000

Kyorei LP:0 – LOSER

The crowd cheered for his victory, but the Terminal Gang in the crowd, mainly Megami, didn't look pleased. "A short yet satisfying win." Kuronazo said. "Who will be my next target?"

Meanwhile, in the stands, Hikaya looked around worriedly. "Where did Toku-kun go?"

*Duel 16: Marizu VS Ray White*

Marizu's field: Mainspring Aircraft Carrier Zenmighty (TCG: Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity), Mainspring Knight, both monsters affected by Limiter Removal, no facedowns

Ray's field: Empty

Mainspring Aircraft Carrier Zenmighty: Rank 3 WATER Machine/Xyz ATK:3000(originally 1500)/DEF:1500 1 Overlay Unit

Mainspring Knight: Lv.4 LIGHT Warrior ATK:3600(originally 1800)/DEF:1200

"You didn't stand a chance against me! Mainspring Knight, deal the end blow!" Marizu claimed. Her monster, a humanoid toy clad in silver and gold armor, making it look eerily similar to Kibou Ou Hope, leapt forward and slashed with the sword it was holding, causing a shockwave that knocked Ray back onto the ground.

Marizu LP:4000

Ray LP:0 – LOSER

The crowd cheered for Marizu's victory. The pastel-haired girl did a twirl before looking up into the stands and winking at specifically Yuma, Shark, Kaito, and Yamoto, making all four of them sweatdrop. Meanwhile, almost all the boys outside of their group gained hearts in their eyes. "Ugh… Such an idiot." Kaito said with a facepalm. The other boys in their group nodded.

"She'd better not think she can still our guys." Jenaveve said, getting nods from the girls.

*After the Duels*

"Round 1 is over, folks! We've had some epic talent!" Ace called out on the mic. "We started with 32 Duelists, and we're down to 16! Let's see the line-up for Round 2!" The match-ups appeared on-screen.

*A Block*

Duel 1: Kaito Tenjo VS Thunder Spark

Duel 2: Raio Ruda VS Taichi

*B Block*

Duel 3: Karaan VS Anna Kozuki

Duel 4: Yuma Tsukumo VS Shirotora

*C Block*

Duel 5: Droite VS Yamoto Kazamuki

Duel 6: Ryo VS Keegan Arclight

*D Block*

Duel 7: Ryoga Kamishiro VS Rio Kamishiro

Duel 8: Kuronazo VS Marizu

"We'll get back to the action after a well-deserved break, so I'll see you then, folks!" Ace told everyone. "You won't wanna miss it!"

Author-Made Cards

Dark Weasel
Level 4 DARK Beast
This card can attack other monsters you control. If it does so by this effect: No Battle Damage is calculated. Once per turn: Destroy 1 Level 2 monster you control OR discard 1 Level 2 monster: This card gains 500 ATK until your opponent's End Phase.

Underwater Dreadnought - Terror Shark (TCG: Submersible Destroyer - Terror Shark)
Rank 3 WATER Fish/Xyz
3 Level 3 Fish or Sea Serpent-Type monsters
Once per turn, detach 1 Xyz Material and discard any number of cards from your hand: Destroy 1 card on the field for each discarded card. (OCG/TCG: Banish any number of Fish, Aqua, or Sea Serpent-Type monsters from your Graveyard: Destroy 1 card on the field for each banished monster.)

Infestation Vector (Y-Tak's card)
Normal Spell Card
Special Summon 1 Level 4 or below DARK monster from your hand.

Tidal Draw
Normal Spell Card
Add the Levels of all Level 4 or lower WATER monsters on the field, then divide the result by 3. Draw cards from your Deck equal to the result (rounded down).

Y-Tak: _ That was all she got? Come on, man!

Vile: Dude, calm down! It's only Round 1! Plus, she didn't even lose a single Life Point! You wanted a Mary-Sue, which I suck at making!

Y-Tak: Oh please! You could make any of the characters Mary-Sues if you want-*gag stuffed in mouth* *muffled voice*

Vile: Anyway... sorry, he can get rather wild. If you guys liked this chapter, leave a review for me! Now that I have everyone's Decks known, I should be able to get this done quicker. Ja ne for now!

Computer Voice: Vile, logging out.